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    • How anyone can watch those ŕeplays and claim its a definate penalty is beyond everybody else. It was not a foul.
    • What I will say is I wish we played like we did in the 2nd half all the time because we'd be a far better team. Ball on the floor and use the technical players we have to create spaces and opportunities. Not long ball after long ball to 6ft and under forwards up against giant centre halves!  For me the play offs is a tall order now unless we go on a great run, which with our inconsistency so far this season looks unlikely. However, next season if we can retain the likes of Bolasie, Kebano, NML and add a quality goalkeeper and striker I think we'll have a great chance. 
    • Well... What a ****heap of a day... I don't get to follow much in Lockdown as I spend 7.5 hours online tutoring on saturdays - but having watched back? Jesus Christ. Our play-off hopes are diminishing. If we don't make it, I'll be rooting for Barnsley. The turnaround under Ismaël is nothing short of incredible. They're also the only other viable northern club in contention...
    • Surprised by Quest as last week they were talking about how abuse of refs isn't right. But they has to be something done want some sort of VAR  in the championship as is very much a big spotlight on it. If a ref makes a blunder it can hinder their career like the Blackburn ref he hasn't had a game since.  I don't want VAR to rule of finger nail offsides but if they could see these game defining incidents would be alot less controversy and loss in reputation for the refs. As that ref must be feeling very anxious his decisions been shared all across social media right around the world. If was VAR the spotlight wouldn't be on him he wouldn't be receiving the abuse. Its needed to protect the refs really otherwise spirals out control.  In league 1 or 2 isn't the same like spotlight on it doesn't matter as much. 
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