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    • Yes it’s still a popular sport in West Cork. I’m sure @Leesider could elaborate more being a Cork man
    • I really don't think that's true. I don't understand why Warnock would be in charge if that was the case, not why we would have appointed him, nor why he would bother being here. I certainly don't know why we'd be handing him another transfer kitty this summer if the job was just to be a stable Championship club. Any manager with an ounce of experience could keep this club stable in this division with the squad we have. Woodgate's tenure really did a number on some people's expectations and I've no idea why.
    • And I hope you are wrong 😛  The thing is that the last 5 games we have played include games v Cardiff and Reading ..  And the last 5 are ofc the most recent games .. So I hope we are on course again after a bad wobble ..   
    • The goal is to be a stable Championship club with a half-chance of sneaking promotion via the play offs. Gibson won't say that because it's not what fans want to hear.  But let's be honest, it's what most teams in this division either are or aim to be.    
    • That's a nice sample. In our last 10 games we have 11 points. Will 1.1 point per game get us into the playoffs 🙂 Fact is a lot of games will have to fall in our favour and I really struggle to see it. I hope you are right though. 
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