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    Match-day Thread - Middlesbrough V's Reading View from the other side: Match day Thread not open yet but the Prediction Page for this game is active - https://hobnob.royals.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=186266 Questions: 1) Result? 2) Preferred back 4 to start this game? 3) Do you consider Reading to be relegation candidates this year? 4) Favourite Royal?
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    They play each of their divisional rivals home and away. So for example the Steelers will play the Ravens, the Browns and the Bengals twice each for a total of 6 divisional games. They then play 4 games against all of the teams from the one of the other 3 divisions in their conference and a further 4 games against all of the teams from one of the 4 divisions in the other conference. A total of 14 games so far. They then have 2 games against teams from the same conference as them that finished the last season in the same place in their division as them. If that hasn’t cleared it up this might help: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/how-nfl-schedule-created-formula-2018-4
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    Paddy Reading should at least be on the bench ? Nice OP! My favourite royal is a Classic
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    Think we might do em 2-1 Dijksteele-Ayala-Fry-Bola No, think they will be 5th-12th Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - The Royal Society
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    Of course we will SD. We are not silly enough to waste all our goals in one game. Put Ireland down for a 1-0 win ?
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    Is selling one of our best potential players at an offer relatively lower than that we've received for the other 2 lads in his same position the kind of progress we want to see? And what benefit does selling Wood for £9m now have over waiting 2-3 years before thinking about accepting an offer for him? Does raising money to buy new attackers this season seem like a lot of sense right now? Those glaring holes you mention, are we in desperate need of filling them? Given the front 3 we have right now has been relatively effective too. I thought a lot of us had accepted that promotion was a bit of a pipe dream and unless we come to January in a great position, there's very little point in making any rash transfer decisions. Selling someone we don't need to sell to raise money for anything is a hugely rash decision, more rash than say, selling Britt because we don't think we'll be able to afford his wages after next summer.
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    Think I am still recovering from my meltdown week 1! Just need one brilliant week to catapult you up the table, as @Raf smog proved
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    Just read a crazy story from a Danish player who was at a Turkish club last season. After they were relegated the club president wanted the player out, but when the player didn't want to be pressured out as he'd only been there for 6 months the president threatened him with a huge salary reduction and said he couldn't guarantee the players safety. When the player replied that he'd manage to live with it the president continued by saying he couldn't guarantee the safety of his young son who they provided kindergarten service for. The most bizarre thing was, that when the player found a new club in Norway the president said that he was certain they would win promotion next season and that he would call the player as soon as they were back in the top flight? I can never understand the foreign players that go to small Turkish clubs. There never seem to be anything but trouble with payment of salary etc. Exactly like you often hear in Greece too.

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