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    Quote fro Reading fans' website: I'd also like to make a shout out to Middlesbrough as a much better than expected away day. Its consistently voted the worst place to live in the UK, but it's a nice walk from the station to the ground. There was also a great pub next to the station showing the cricket and early and late kick offs. Boro fans and punters very friendly and good chat. Also saw Middlesbrough were giving free advertising to Zoe's Place, a children's hospice in the area which is due to close because of funding. I'll happily be contributing a bit.
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    Two games down and two wins! Nice to enjoy being a Packer again.
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    Worth remembering our whole coaching system has changed,Those green shoots I saw Two weeks ago have got a little bigger
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    Dan Marino is getting his boots back out ?
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    Yeah really good! Great atmosphere, and they’re mad for it in Seattle.
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    The more I watch NFL redzone the more I find it crazy that the rule's haven't been changed to allow sky sport's soccer Saturday to show the goals as they go in
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    Was a Steelers fan in the eighties as my cousin sent me a pennant one year but have become a Cheesehead for the past 20 years or so with my wife US friend who lives in Wisconsin sending me Packers gear. Hence why I'm also a Brewers baseball fan!!!
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    This week will be an interesting test to see if last week was Lamar Jackson being good or Miami being really, really bad.
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    Would definitely buy that if it was Boros.
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    We are definitely improving every week that much is obvious
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    What a strange day! First I found a hat full of money... Then I was knocked unconscious by a guy with a guitar...
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    And here's a still shot of the second. This is a beautiful photo
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    He went to Scarborough later in 86 then played for another 7 teams, he had 4 seperate spells at Scarborough, where he was born & managed them too
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    Dan, its because the EFL are a bunch of lazy duds who’d rather sit on their hands than take action against a club. Isn’t it also a problem that Mel Morris is on the EFL board? Surely they should have some sort of independent division to investigate member clubs. Like the internal affairs in the police.
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    Good to see you posting elsewhere E74,I've pretty much stopped reading and posting(occasionally) on fmttm,due to the rabid pro EU posters spoiling the site and Rob only(seemingly) banning the posters that disagree with the boards left wing clique!

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    • 1.       Did Sunday’s game make you wish you’d never got into football in the first place? No, but it was the lowest I've felt after a game for a long time, probably compounded by lockdown etc  2.       Since we lost the last game, should we be expecting to win this one? Yes, NW will have them firing and I think we'll see a performance similar to the Forest game. 3.       Can you name eleven fit Boro players and put them into some semblance of a formation? 3-4-3 Bettinelli Mcnair Wood Bola Spence Howson Saville Coulson Roberts Watmore Akpom 4.       If we could resign one Boro player from the last ten years, who would it be, and why? If we could resign someone at the same age/condition we signed them initially then i'd say Leadbitter. I think he'd thrive under Warnock and bring some much needed leadership. If it's someone who's still in the game then it would have to be Traore. 5.       Have you been in an accident in the last five years that wasn’t your fault? No.
    • 1. No, but it completely ruined the match for me and I'm still angry now. 2. It's a game we absolutely should be winning, but then so was Birmingham, Sheffield Wednesday etc... 3. Bit worried about Wood likely starting after his performance yesterday, but I expect he'll be better prepared this time. 4. Traore, he'd tear this league apart. 5. I actually don't think I have!
    • It seems most January windows end with Gibson having a call to make on what he wants to do. I hope we have a Jordon Rhodes/Ramirez week rather than  a Gestede week.
    • I think I will still be in shock and disbelief about the last game till after this game, regardless of whether we win or lose. 
    • 1: No, but I was close to vomiting. 2: Yes 3: Bets, Hows, Wood, McNair, Bola -- Morsy, Saville, Watmore, Roberts, Britt, Chuba 4: Bamford - He is what we need at the moment .. Someone who can finish and make it look clever at the same time. 5: No accidents  
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