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    I'm sure that'll just reinforce Gibsons wish to sue them ?
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    I'm in the 'too early to tell, but I'm confident in the direction of travel' camp. To be honest he is unlucky not to be a in play off spot, and that would be over achieving with the squad we have. We have the 8th highest squad value (according to transfermrkt) in the championship, but it's very unbalanced, he inherited almost all of it from a manager with a different philosophy and a large chunk of that squad value is tied up in one bog standard championship player and a midfield misfit. With the learning curve he is on, I think he has done fairly well.
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    Good post @SmogDane and I’m sure @Downsouth will be pleased with the #forteddy as well ?
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    In this post Pulis-apocalyptic state our players were delivered in, I do believe that Woody is doing a good job... It's looking better and this seasons games (7) has been more exciting than the whole 46 games last season. I love Woody's honesty and enthusiasm and a full season is the least amount of time he should have the chairman's faith... unless we flirt with relegation late on, which I doubt. If we get that good feeling going and keep getting 2 points a game, like the last 4 games, then we can for sure compete for the 6 top spots. Add a player or two i January and we will be fine. Game for game: Luton: We probably should have been flying high with 3 points in the opener, shouldn't we? Brentford: Here we should have at least had the draw. 2 perfect good goals ruled out. Blackburn: Our worst game so far and this one we deserved to lose. Wigan: We won against a very weak opponent. Small victory but the first blood was drawn! Millwall: Well, could have been more than the draw it was... But wasn't our day. Bristol City: If we could hold on to a lead, that'd be great - Good spells and bad spells during the game Reading: If you only look at the stats, Reading must feel disappointed, but overall, even without red glasses, I think we were the better team and deserved the win. The tactics start to look better and better. At least the attacking intent looks better. Defense needs to be sorted out, but it's going in the right direction. Good to see Shotton stepping up and show some sort of quality. His blocking is quite good. He has had a lot of stick recently, but when he does good, he deserves some nice words too! #forteddy Let us judge Woody and his team, when the January window closes, cause now it's early days and a head coach with that kind of enthusiasm (even without the financial backing needed) deserves some space to sort things out his way... I believe this season will be alright, do you?
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    Exactly! I don't think anyone is realistically expecting us to get promoted with this squad but we should all be sticking by him at this early stage, he has a very long and probably difficult road ahead of him as manager. It's sad to hear some people in the crowd are already on his back!
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    I haven't voted because I don't know which one to pick. The squad isn't brilliant and very thin but that's not down to Woodgate. He's kinda been thrown in at the deep end when the club are struggling for money, which, without being disrespectful, is down to Gibson and co and their poor choices.
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    I’m also looking at the running of the club more than woodgate at the moment. The squad is desperately in need of a fix and the jury is still out imo wether they will actually be able to do it. However... A worry I have about Woodgate is how good he is at getting the best out of players. Looking at games this season only fletcher and McNair seem to have ‘stepped up’ where as the rest seem to be almost on auto pilot.
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    Lewis Holtby to Blackburn
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