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    One step forward, two steps back. Its becoming a familiar pattern with Boro this season. Just when you think we're starting to make progress, we're right back at square one. There wasn't much to cheer about for the Teessiders who made the long trip to Cardiff. The game was dull as dishwater and Boro looked as though they had forgotten how to play football. Business as usual then, eh? Time to dust off the disappointment of last week and restart a unbeaten run? Or just get some points, we're a bit lacking in that department. Some points would be very nice. Standing in our way are Sheffield Wednesday, going through a period of mixed form themselves (though their earlier good results have them sitting at 9th in the table, 6 places above the Boro). Their last outing in the Champisonship was a 1-1 draw with Fulham. Onto the team. I know I never want to see a back three again, that's for damn sure. Probably unpopular with the Ayala fans but I'd drop him. Defence was doing better without him. Team prediction is: GK: Randolph LB: Bola RB: Dijksteel CB: Fry CB: Shotton DM: Clayton CM: Wing CM: McNair LF: Fletcher ST: Assombalonga RF: Johnson Of course I can't do a matchday thread without talking about the return of Garry (remember the two 'r's) Monk. That delightful man who spent a lot of money in the player sweet shop and went on to see very little for his returns. Then of course there was the side issue of him allegedly making a profit off said sales and a potential lawsuit so his return is unlikely to yield a good reception but that seems to be par for the course for Garry these days. So Predictions? Premonitions? Who knows with Boro these days. Consistently inconsistent is my verdict. Home win.
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    You could be right SD! The team in the OP is the team I would play but a fit Ayala is likely to play. Captains seemed to get played regardless of form.
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    An incredible team-building event where you break your captain. What absolute morons.
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    As a club, we cannot, and do not, condone the actions of a small group of players on Tuesday evening. The players were out as part of a scheduled team-building dinner with staff and while the majority of them acted responsibly and left at around 8pm and were not involved, a small group, including the team captain Richard Keogh, continued drinking into the night. They should have known when to stop and also ignored the opportunity to be driven home using cars laid on by the club, and chose to stay out. As a result of an alcohol-related incident, Richard Keogh has sustained a serious knee injury that will prevent him from playing until the end of the season. The players involved in the incident on Tuesday evening will be subject to a rigorous internal investigation under the club’s code of conduct and disciplinary procedures, but over and above any punishment they receive we will be expecting them to become involved with the excellent work the Community Trust does helping the communities we serve. We have been very clear about our attitude towards alcohol and the players know that at certain and specific times of the season they are permitted a drink together as a group in a controlled environment. Those involved in Tuesday’s incident know they will pay a heavy price for their actions, but also that we will support them with their rehabilitation back into the squad and team. We fully support the work of our partners at Drinkaware and the unsanctioned actions of this small group of players is totally at odds the stance that both Drinkaware and Derby County Football Club take regards alcohol. We will be using this situation to redouble our efforts in highlighting the dangers posed by alcohol. We would also like to thank the emergency services for their swift help.
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    I think signing Rooney is as good as it's going to get for Derby this season
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    To be honest I think Ireland are beginning to find their form again now. I thought they had peaked last year with New Zealand. I think the 2 Welsh results and Scotland shows they might just be coming back into form. I think squad depth is generally Irelands problem if they suffer a few injuries although that seems to have improved since the last world cup. The win over Scotland probably means they avoid New Zealand in the quarter final as well. I'm being optimistic but I think there will be 2 home nations teams in the semis possibly 3 if England and Wales win their groups.
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    Yep I always want to win obviously but this is a must win because I don't want to have to see a smug garry post game.

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