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    I mean I don't agree for a start that Southgate had a better pedigree than Woodgate. He's also been involved outside the playing side of the game longer than Southgate was. Monk had plenty more experience than Woodgate, £50m more to spend and also promised an attractive style of play and some on here think he wasn't given long enough. Well Woodgate is definitely not in the same bracket of experience and money and some want rid of him already? Sorry but why was anyone expecting a rookie manager and coaching staff to implement a promise of playing the exact opposite way of the way we've been playing for the large majority of the past 6 years in a matter of 2-3 months? If anyone's struggling to see what we're trying to achieve still too, I'm not even sure I agree with that. Just because it's not happening from start to finish, doesn't mean we can't see examples of moves that we absolutely have not been doing until this season. Not everyone (including yourself) will have access to it but I can see what we're trying to achieve just in the pre-match passing drills as some of our best moves in the game come from similar moments to what the pre-match training encompasses. Passing between tight spaces, 1 touch max before releasing the ball. Keane is practicing a few different finishing opportunities pre-match and I think that's why Britt's finishing was even more disappointing in the Wednesday game, as he was so cool pre-match and not blasting the ball. Leo is giving the back 4 their own passing training where they bounce off a Clayton-esque midfielder and get more comfortable with passing the ball. Everyone keeps saying about how the players aren't pressing, it's like Woodgate's 'smash the league' comment, even though what he has actually said from the start is more like 'high pressing and more importantly, knowing when to press'. And why give him a chance? Never mind that you should look to give pretty much any manager a chance (otherwise what's the point?), the reason he's got the job is not on Woodgate. The club is in a *** situation that it's got itself in and not one iota of that is on Woodgate. If you've got a problem with his past, whatever, keep your grudges and I'm not going to hold that against you. If you've got a problem with a rookie manager being in charge, how he should be managing a lower league club, then you're pointing the finger in entirely the wrong direction. Woodgate is a rookie manager and if it is ever going to work out, he needs to be backed by the fans until it's ultimately clear he's lost the plot. There's not one part of me that makes me think Woodgate and his team aren't trying their damnedest to make something of this opportunity. So sure, don't give the club your money, don't buy a ticket, don't pay to watch it online, point the fingers at the boardroom and expect better from the club as a whole but don't immediately jump on Woodgate and make him the scapegoat of our current failures because things on the pitch aren't going well right now, a good manager would struggle to make the play-offs in this environment. Not only is making him a scapegoat poor form for a rookie manager only a few months in, it entirely betrays the message the fans surely want to send; that Gibson is the problem and not who he hires.
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    No rest for the wicked as they say as the marathon of the Championship season continues along it's merry way giving teams very little time to recover and reflect upon their previous performances (well it seems that way for Boro supporters). Tuesday 1st October 2019 MFC welcomes Preston North End to the Riverside for yet another battle of team spirits, skills and Managerial ethos with a kick off of 1945hrs (7.45pm for those who prefer). Introduction As it stands at this moment Boro are in 18th spot in the division and our visitors are in 5th spot and are on a current run of 4 wins and 2 draws in their last 6 games whereas we have won 2 drawn 2 and lost 2 so on paper we will be playing one of the "better" teams of the division and a team that can score plenty of goals but can conceded goals as well. Last game was a 3-3 home draw to Bristol City but I would imagine PNE fans must be pretty pleased with how things stand so far. As for Boro and all of us who follow, support or just interested in how we are doing it is not a good time at the moment and having been thrashed at home by Sheffield Wednesday 1-4 with possibly the worst performance under Jonathon Woodgate's leadership so far this game does not bode well in terms of allowing us some respite and playing good football. Home Support Will those in attendance get fully behind the team and roar them on to victory or will the mass exodus seen on Saturday see many fans decide to use the red button facility on Sky and watch the game from the comfort of their homes? We do need good home support and the players need that but we also need to see far better than what we have watched of late. What will/should JW do? A real dilemma for Woody and all the support staff because attention is now on them and honeymoon periods are over. Does he make wholesale changes in both defence and attack, where should the priorities be to ensure that we simply do not lose again at home for the second game in four days? And how sad that is when the goal could be to ensure we are not beaten again. What is your team? I ask because no-one has a clue anymore and what formations will work best? Injury News Not aware of any knocks been reported after the SW game but Friend, Coulson, Gestedde still not available, though the sooner we see Coulson back the better. Other games of interest Jen made a point in her last match day thread about one step forward and two steps back and because of this and where we are instead of looking up and trying to gain points on possible top 6 spots we now have to look down and hope those teams below us do not catch up with us and those below us do have home games coming up at the same time. Wigan V Brum Reading V Fulham Stoke V Huddersfield Barnsley V Derby (Wed) Barnsley playing today so a 1 point difference might be in place Brentford V Bristol City (Wed). With at least 3 teams only one point behind us the midweek fixtures for all are important in terms of results wise. A view from Downsouth I really do apologise to everyone because reading back through the contents everything is so negative and I am trying to be positive. However the truth hurts and we are in a real mess at the moment and if those in whom we trust do not get their act together then we are in real trouble and are heading towards a relegation battle and I am afraid that our displays and points tally does show that we are already in that battle. The game on Tuesday will show the mettle of our players and all the support staff because if we show the same as Saturday and crash out at home again then where will the shoots of recovery be witnessed. To all going very well done your support is crucial and needed I hope you are rewarded for your time.
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    I think after the Blackburn game he has REALLY taken Mowbrays comments to heart about having to play ugly to win sometimes. He even has said himself since (although I can't find the quote right now) that he hasn't given up on his style of football but sometimes you have to shelve it while you dig in. I think - I HOPE - we're just in a period where he's trying to sort out certain things and we might go back to the all out attack in future. you're right though, I am being optimistic. But after 2 years of Pulis, I'll take this all day long, quite honestly.
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    IMO he's been one of the best players on the pitch man, not really his fault he keeps getting hacked down.
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    Nice to ser Fisher finally scoring for us ?
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    Well Teddy's happy that the Boro are being shown on the box but I wonder what his reasons are? Staying up late on a school night for a 6 year old is appealing or simply because he gets the watch the red and white? Either way let's hope he goes to bed happy instead of being bored to sleep
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    GAME DAY (wish it wasn't) C'MON BORO
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    I think Dijksteel is definitely growing into it, looks more and more confident. Can tell he's not naturally an attacking player though - needs to get out on the practice field and practice crossing regularly!
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    We were alright tonight, we could have won that one but a point isn't unfair. Browne and Tavernier looked constant threats, even if Tav is lacking any pace, and far more solid from crosses. Ref was shocking, linesmen poor and they took their cues from him, and Preston got surprisingly dirty at the end 3 days till the next match, not sure I'd change anything.
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    After the reports from Saturday I was pleased with what I saw tonight. I like Browne, he is feisty and I like that in a player. We are definitely a better team than what we have been showing so far. I think we will be alright.
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    I thought that game was far better than anything we've seen recently and the second half had some clear shape to it. Yes, granted we're still going long too often from the back but I think that's just something that will phase out slowly. He wants to use the width and get balls into the box. Howson split out left to assist Browne/Johnson will McNair was out wide right often (partly cause Tav drifted inside so often). We had some very decent spells in that game. I honestly think if we can just open the floodgates one game everything will calm down and goals will start going in. We need to make the right decisions at the critical moments and at the minute we're not doing that. EDIT: Also to add I feel we saw more of the high press today, but I think we saw his idea of "pressing when the time is right" rather than "pressing literally every second" like against Luton. A bunch of times today we won the ball up high thanks to putting them under pressure. Also lets not forget this is a good Preston team!
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    At the end of the day much better performance from Boro some pride restored and hopefully built upon.
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    A good game of football being ruined by total inept refereeing
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    I haven't posted much on here lately, because I became a dad for the first time a few weeks ago. However, the wee one is in bed asleep, and I'm watching on the Sky red button. While the goal was welcome, we look like 11 strangers in a skins-vs-shirts knockabout. The formation is unfathomable, the defence is chaotic, and the players don't seem to know where to find each other, bar the odd decent through ball. The Sky commentator keeps talking about this mythical project Woodgate is supposedly embarking on, but all I can see is players running around with no real idea what they're doing. If there's a game plan, it's lost on me. As it stands at half time, a draw would be a good result, which just underlines how far we've fallen in three seasons.
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    I've not lost my excitement for going yet this season, I'm looking forward to it again. Come on Woody and the lads, let's show some intent from the kick-off.
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    I can easily stomach another loss, if the players give their all! All I want is MEN on the pitch... Players who believe they have to fight, who know they can bring something to the team... NOT cowards who play with an alibi... Regarding Woodgate . he still has my backing very much - I won't be judging his style untill the January window closes. It's Tuesday, I have MFC TV subscription, I am home alone, I have 2 cold pale ales in the fridge and a bag of crisps and I support my team the best I can, not only when we play good. UTFB
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    For some reason I think we will win tonight. No idea why, probably just gone insane.
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    Not sure what Fletcher did wrong to be honest. I'd say what was more the problem was that we looked more like 5 at the back and let them back into the game when we made the changes. Tonight was the first game this season where I genuinely thought we could make changes and we could be stronger going to the end of the match with something a bit different and somehow we got it wrong and it made us worse, if anything we allowed them back into the game when they'd had very little of it all of the second half. We may well have been better off not changing a thing. Overall, once again the first half paled in comparison to the second for me. I thought even McNair had a relatively poor first half compared to his usual. He was great second half though. Real 'engine' of a player. Pulis said Saville will be a future captain of Boro whilst keeping McNair on the sidelines or a scapegoat at right back. I think McNair could be a future captain, really setting an example right now. Tav and Browne gave a good account of themselves, you could see what we were trying to do, shape to cross and cut it back and better finishing could have seen us win the game from a couple of those chances. Browne really often got the better of his man one way or another, he mixed it up quite a bit so they couldn't quite get a grip on him until they physically got hold of him. Shotton didn't look overly out of place at left back but it was a severe hindrance first half when he simply couldn't use his left foot. I don't know if it was tactical but neither him not Dijksteel really stretched the pitch on the counter, Dijksteel was almost always a bit off the pace on the overlap. Other than that he had a really good game. Ayala was often good when needed and Fry had a much easier game as a result. The goals, well first half Preston had more of the game than in the second but I think they got a slice of luck with their goal. The way the ball bounced completely caught us out and the lad couldn't miss. We got a similarly jammy goal from a decent move. Last but not least, I'm not gonna complain about the ref in the respect of denying us any clear chance today. I didn't think much to any of our penalty shouts as much as sheer desperation to score saw me shouting for one at the end when McNair threw himself to the ground. However, he was rubbish and the linesmen were similarly rubbish. There was that moment in the first half when Ayala cleared and it seemed like the ref gave a decision that the ball went out when the linesman didn't see it go out. There was the injury to the Preston player who seemed to think that because the physio was close enough to talk to him, he didn't need to leave the pitch and the ref didn't look like he gave a *** for far too long. There were 2 or 3 occasions where he gave decisions from our players being dragged to the floor the other way, Britt on the edge of the area and McNair racing down the right wing in the second half. The first one in particular was during us picking Preston apart and Britt was simply trying to hold up the ball, played it on and then the ref blew for sweet *** all as far as I could see, it ruined our momentum in the move and gave them a chance to run the clock down a bit more.
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    I thought the same regarding his hold up play but he makes the wrong decision time and time again for example when to release the ball, dribble or pass. He could be different with a player like Steven Fletcher alongside him but unfortunately we don't play that way. I'd like to see Johnson Clarke Harris type striker come in for cheap and put pressure on Britt and Fletch until the end of season until we rebuild again.
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    You beat me too it ... Mostly same vews!
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    Completely 100% agree. For me this is one of our better performances this season.
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    Weird how different football can be seen ... I think it was a good game and we had some nice moves, good counter play, a lot of times where we nicked the ball high up the pitch... Good direct play at times.. We just need better descisions in the final third.. And Keane needs to teach some of our players how to shoot..How to place a ball in the goal and not just shoot with power!
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    I have no idea what Woodgates tactics are. I don’t think we are showing anything particular good to watch and I’d hazard a guess that we are making the same number of long balls as under Pulis. Early season pressing is also completely gone
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    Do we just enjoy wasting set pieces?
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    What is this referee doing for *** sake. Awful stuff.
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    Far better than Saturday. Unlucky to go behind, great fight back to equalise with our best move of the game. We've shown some good stuff. The problem with this team is going to be consistency on a bigger scale and decision making on a smaller scale. If we can play like this every game we'll be fine, so long as we can start making the right choices.
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    I think in this division especially he would have been really good.
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    I would have loved to see Fischer play more for us. Always seemed to play well when he was subbed on
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    Howson is actually playing a high press. We've missed that.
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    As I say that we press a little higher and force a mistake. more of that please.
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    Britt misses 2 sitters. Fletcher dropped. Sorted.
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    Come on Boro! Give us something to be excited about, please! We really need it... A good game and points on the board, that'd be nice. A good performance from Dijk, Browne, Tav and mainly Ass-man could do us good .. The rest I think will do ok or at least standard... But those 4 mentioned really need some confidence from playing good and scoring...
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    He'll be asleep by half time. My 5 year old got to 60 mins of the Cardiff game before turning to me and saying, "Daddy, this is really boring!".. I could only agree!
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    Heading to the game tonight, just hope we can get a win. Im more confident of a result than I was before the Sheff Wed's game. 2-0 boro. Mcnair x2
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    And I stick by what I said, I don't think Woodgate hasn't had much criticism in the grand scheme of things. I think the overriding narrative is that Gibson is to blame and Woodgate has got an impossible job. I think we've got to a point in the season where we are entitled to point out technical and tactical things which are going wrong on the pitch. I think there's more to discuss than just blaming the chairman.
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    I'm not shouting for Woodgate's head (was anyone on here?) I just said I think he's getting away with very little criticism because he's inexperienced. Ok fair enough it's a difficult job trying to play like Liverpool with Pulis players I get that, but although teams like Liverpool look great going forward they also don't neglect learning how to defend set pieces and keeping a shape at the back. It's pretty obvious so far that we are poor defending crosses into the box, wasn't it obvious what Sheffield Wednesday's tactics were going to be? With that in mind shouldn't Ayala have started the game? We clearly haven't got the flair players going forward so let's at least try and get things right at the other end of the pitch. Playing one touch stuff in the warm ups must be nice to see but I want to see some signs of Woodgate building something on the pitch as well. I don't expect miracles, I just want to see some small improvements somewhere on the pitch because at the moment it feels like we are regressing from the way we played earlier in the season.
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    Well said Joe, we have to cling on to some hope later on today can we really perform so badly again at home within a few days. PNE will hope so and to be honest if we get a point at this stage I will be ok with that
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    I have to add my agreement with the above. I always thought that employing Woodgate as manager was a very risky undertaking. It has been said that Boro has a history of rookie managers but let us not forget that Robson, Southgate and Karanka all had far better pedigrees than Woody. What he does have in spadefuls is an indisputable talent for making the right noises. He promised attractive, pressing football, which is exactly what everyone wanted to hear. But he has largely failed to deliver on this promise. And you can’t blame the players for tactics and playing style. So we hear the mantra ‘he’s new to it – give him a chance’. Why? Why give him a chance? If Woodgate were a player with a comparable level of inexperience, he’d have been loaned out to a lower league club. That’s where Woody should be now – managing the likes of Mansfield Town (with no disrespect for them). Mind you, if left in charge to manage Boro for a few more seasons, he will be managing the ‘likes of Mansfield Town’ anyway. And he’ll still be Boro manager.
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    Boro flashback - This day 15 years ago James Morrison made Boro history When, on the 30th September 2004, in the 1st round, 2nd leg of our debut UEFA cup competition season, at the Stadion na Bazalech, JM scored our 1st away UEFA goal when notching the equaliser on the night, bringing the Boro level & leading 4-1 on the night & eventual 4-1 winners on aggregate That historic team line up Mark Schwarzer Colin Cooper Gareth Southgate Stuart Parnaby Franck Queudrue George Boateng Doriva Stewart Downing James Morrison Bolo Zenden Szilard Nemeth Sub Malcolm Christie, who came on for Szilard Nemeth in the 83rd minute
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    He's playing in almost every U23 game.
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    I think your OP pretty much summed up the feelings of most Boro fans at the moment DS. There is not a lot to be positive about. It is only hope that keeps us going. Hope Woodgate can get the formation and tactics right. Hope the players will dig themselves out of the rut that they are in. Hope the team turn up and get a result. We badly need a win for the sake of points on the board and confidence. So I am HOPING for a 2-1 win.
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    Whilst i'm no longer an active part of this forum, this has really got on my goat. Who is Chris Joseph to request that OneBoro justify itself to him? What credentials does he have? The purpose of the supporters forum is to represent the fans voice as a whole. It's not a boys club.

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