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    What to do? How to prepare ? Put a cold shower in the tunnel and has the Boro players walk out they will get drenched and this should wake the buggers up so that we get a decent first half from them. If this works repeat for the second half. Perfect tactics..
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    Yes, hiring a manager who's just been sacked by a team no better than us when we're already in the *** sounds like a great idea.
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    I'm reading The Mixer by Michael Cox at the moment, I highly recommend it. Anyway, there is a section on Ruud Van Nistelrooy, maybe the last great premier league goal hanger. He didn't have much pace, wasn't technical, didn't link play. Even playing for a very attacking united he managed less than 3 assists a season and barely did a thing outside of 8 yards (just 1 goal outside the box in 5 years). Anyway, prior to his arrival United had won the 3 consecutive titles. With RVN a natural goal poacher, they won 1 in 5. Again when he left they immediately won 3 titles again. That's a great example of how a natural goalscorer banging goals in can actually be a hinderance to a team. Now Britt might be a poor mans RVN but it's the same thing, his greed and lack of all round game hinders the side. Fergie learnt from this and only ever bought goal hangers as reserve strikers, plan Bs
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    I said earlier in the season that we need to stop comparing things with Pulis, that was when people were celebrating about how much better the style was. Now things are not going well the same thing stands. It's totally pointless, he's not coming back and the majority of fans wouldn't want him back. He did ok at collecting points but the style was dreadful and in terms of entertainment the benchmark couldn't be much lower. Woodgate should be judged on his own merit, if he is trying to implement a more expansive style then he probably does need time to do that. However if he's compromising his philosophy for short term results by using a more pragmatic style then he has to start getting results it's as simple as that. I expect us to get drubbed against WBA and Fulham at home and probably struggle to pick up points against Huddersfield and Derby away. After that we've got a better run of fixtures where we need to start winning a few games. I don't expect miracles and instant results which is the current criticism of the fans, but if we are being more pragmatic in the short term then Woodgate needs to go back to basics and get the team defending better, get us in a good shape and make us hard to beat. If he can't do those things then I'll wonder whether he is the right man for the job. The defence of Woodgate is that he doesn't have the players to play his preferred style, if that's the case then pick a style to suit the players.
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    I think that there was never a chance we would get promoted but its important that we don't do a Sunderland so the pragmatism is based on getting the balance right. Its generally accepted that we have been worth a few points more this season (only a few mind) but in the Sheffield and Birmingham games we have looked directionless. I am quite prepared to write this season off as long as we stay up and even at this stage I don't think we are that bad that we will go down. Think talk of changing managers though is barmy and the sudden resurrection of Pulis just odd. Woodgate will be learning a lot about his players and who he can trust going forward so whilst it will be a long and bumpy road I think he deserves time (and a few windows) to get things right.
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    Was at that game at Old Trafford, Erimus..........a very long 90 minutes.......wish we had scored three minutes from the end instead of the kick-off....weird how elastic time can be in those situations......good ride home on the coach though....listening to sports reporters trying to explain MU had been unlucky rather than outplayed, .......some things don't change.....thanks for the memories....
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    In a Sliding Doors moment, I dont think we are in this situation if Britt bags that penalty at Luton. We carry confidence out of there, carry on with the high press and do OK. Now it feels like theres 2 things to do to stop the rot - go all out attack or set up just to avoid defeats. McClaren and AK both came in and immediately tried to make.us hard to beat. Rigid structure, congest the centre, stop balls coming into the box. This probably has the higher probability of working but wont win Woodgate much support after we were promised attacking football. So for me the only way is to just try and attack our way out of it. Stick to high press, high back line and just go for it Randolph Marv LB until Coulson is back Fry CB Ayala CB Howson RB Tav LM Wing CM McNair CM Browne RM Fletcher ST Britt ST Disregarding points earned, would people see greater progress if we drew our next 5 games, or if we won 2 lost 3?
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    I got berated on here last season for saying Pulis was making the best of a bad situation... the only solace I can take from the current situation is knowing that I was right ?
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    Ah look here’s Wilson again, font of all footballing knowledge, sees what others don’t and will even tell you what you’re thinking. I’m guessing I’m one of them with ‘warped thinking’ because I dared to disagree that we are apparently ‘making progress’, now I’ve been enlightened that my desire is to go back to unattractive football, well that’s news to me tbh. How very condescending of you, but please continue to tell us all what we want and how we’re thinking, keep us on the right path and guide us to the light of our improvements.
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    Absolutely fantastic stuff. Fair play E74. I love these articles. Keep up the good work.

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