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  1. Just tuned in .. Hoping for a comeback 😄 Overtime coming up.. ( I hope ) Enjoy, Mate!
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  2. settling down ready for the game at Tottenham. Me vs Smog Dane supporter wise. tbh both teams are doing better than expected thus far. Wasnt too confident without Cam this season but Allen has filled in well and MacCaffrey has been immense lately. I Predict a high scoring close game. Panthers to nick it .
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  3. I'm not sure it's that level but then I'm also not sure how comparable the situations are. The problems at Sunderland almost entirely derived from their owner's disappearing act. It had built up from years of just financially approving anything and then walking away and wanting out when it went tits up. A lack of stable management but consistent investment in rubbish. Gibson has made similarly poor financial decisions in recent years but not at the point of wanting to walk away from them. Of course you can argue nobody is really taking responsibility as much as they could as very little s
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    • Utterly baffling and the whole clique situation also smacks of poor player management...something Warnock was supposed to be good at. Like a few others here I decided not to bother watching when I saw the starting lineup. His decision to bring Britt on almost seems like taking the mickey. Considering our season is over, as far as achieving anything is concerned, why on Earth not blood a few youngsters, or give more fringe players game time, just to see if there are any capable of stepping up and filling the gaps? I mean he's got nothing more to learn about the players that started yesterday (Archer apart). If there are indeed cliques in the squad, surely the best way to nullify them, (in the short term, at least) is to make significant changes? Treat our remaining fixtures the way PL teams do early cup ties...  
    • Just another sticking plaster to issues that run deep within the club and we have been repeating our selves which seems like forever 
    • I think Chuba has every right to not want to play for Warnock after his comments about him a few weeks back...
    • DZ has already hinted that Fry may be off, perhaps he’s one of the players that doesn’t want to be at the club. 
    • I feel sorry for Johnson, was playing really well before Christmas, creating and scoring. Loan players come in, he doesn’t get a look in and we are worse for it. Spence and Coulson often get called out, alongside the strikers.   I wouldn’t be surprised if Brit, Johnson, Akpom, Coulson and Fletcher are all pretty peed off and want away.  I’m still supportive of Warnock but he needs to take some responsibility. The loan signings seem to have disrupted the team spirit. Too many all at once? Too many straight into the team? He clearly doesn’t rate any of our strikers and Fletcher annoyed him getting injured again when he said he was fit and not signing a new contract.  Such a disappointing end to the season 

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