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    Just tuned in .. Hoping for a comeback ūüėĄ Overtime coming up.. ( I hope ) Enjoy, Mate!
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    settling down ready for the game at Tottenham. Me vs Smog Dane supporter wise. tbh both teams are doing better than expected thus far. Wasnt too confident without Cam this season but Allen has filled in well and MacCaffrey has been immense lately. I Predict a high scoring close game. Panthers to nick it .
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    I'm not sure it's that level but then I'm also not sure how comparable the situations are. The problems at Sunderland almost entirely derived from their owner's disappearing act. It had built up from years of just financially approving anything and then walking away and wanting out when it went tits up. A lack of stable management but consistent investment in rubbish. Gibson has made similarly poor financial decisions in recent years but not at the point of wanting to walk away from them. Of course you can argue nobody is really taking responsibility as much as they could as very little seems to have actually changed but at least they're trying to be more responsible whilst still spending some money. Sunderland's top brass seemed to just disappear when the spending went too far, Gibson and co. are still here and by that very nature are taking more responsibility than the Sunderland owner ever did during that season. But Gibson is a Boro fan and that makes it a bit different. If Gibson didn't actually care about Boro, I suggest we'd be in a very different position right now and I'd wager it would be much worse rather than any better.

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    • Really good idea, I‚Äôll do some contacting and reaching out to some of these social media accounts. If anyone else has ideas or contacts as to how¬†to grow the community, we‚Äôre open to ideas ūüĎć
    • My point is that England didn't even look fully comfortable against an awful scratch Montenegro side. The defense has been carved apart repeatedly in these qualifiers, and I'm sure John Stones still has nightmares about throwing away that semi-final against the Netherlands. A lot of the trouble¬†come from needlessly playing it out from the back and inviting pressure. England's attack has been fantastic for a while now, I've not said any different, 33 goals in 7 games is brilliant, but if anything they look less secure defensively since the World Cup. I'd back¬†England against any team at the Euros, but they're currently never comfortable even with a solid lead. They were 5-1¬†up against Kosovo and were practically hanging on at the end.
    • As if people still think Venus signed Ayala¬†
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    • This day 15th November 1994 - Boro's young guns go down to Ancona in this Anglo-Italian compatition Boro took the lead after 10 minutes then struggled to impose themselves on the game, the youth in the team v experience they were facing proved too much in the end, with Ancona levelling on the hour mark & scoring 2 late goals in the 80th & 90th to put the game beyond Boro¬†
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