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    Never mind, he's playing and scored a cracker. Just scored a second too.
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    Yeah, that was obviously meant for all our Irish friends on here 😍
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    Great win for Denmark against the Swiss on saturday. Wasn't a great match and we had to thank Schmeichel in the end. Three world class saves Darren Randolph style ensured we won. Wasn't pretty though. Almost Pulis style but I can somewhat live with that when it comes to the national team especially against a good side. Now we need Ireland to take points off the Swiss. That would almost see Denmark and Ireland qualify for the Euros. Fingers crossed @Neverbefore
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    Is it possible to add the ability to mute/ignore threads? I'm sick of that NFL thread that I have to click into each time in order to have the boro forum show as all caught up (read). Maybe thats a tad OCD of me, but I recall a few others were also bothered by it.
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    I’ve given up with our midfield, I always think back to the wba/sheff Utd home games of last season, howson and Wing absolutely dominated, aggressively pressing the ball, winning it high up the pitch and driving forward, Clayton sat in behind and mopped up anything that got passed. It was the best I’d seen is play for ages, then we had an international break and that was that. Now I’m not really sure what any of them do/want to do other than Clayton. Howson, Wing and Tav have all turned into ‘floaters’, just generally floating around the midfield area not really defending and not really attacking. Out of those 3 I honestly couldn’t tell you their best position other than ‘CM’. Our midfield has no drive, no sense of urgency or aggression, it’s receive the ball and pass it on, receive the ball and pass it on. Basic, predictable stuff, it neither creates anything or destroys opposition attacks. Possibly the most ‘meh’ midfield I’ve seen from us since the days of Isiah osbourne and Kevin Thomson.
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    Yes indeed SD. I think if we can somehow fluke a win against the Swiss it would put us both through and make the final game in Dublin a dead rubber between us. That would be a bizarre ending to the group but a very welcome one.
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    Just hope that Jen remembers Joe! Have sent her a text wishing her well
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    Yes good luck Jen. I’m sure you will nail it.

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    • You couldn't really legislate for Hugill scoring a worldy. That said even though we were crap and sloppy, but we should've got a point out of it.
    • The last section is the exact reason Wigan won't win their appeal. The EFL simply refuse to acknowledge that their set of tests is not fit for purpose. They even then mention another case where that was evident (Bury).
    • The owners haven't massively overspent and run the club into the ground. From what I have seen Wigan is/are a fairly well run club in terms of finances (in a football sense anyway). But the owners have literally used the club for some very murky reason. They sold the club to a new owner (a fund) that the old owner was the majority shareholder in. Then immediately installed a new majority shareholder to the fund that now own Wigan. That shareholder bizarrely has no online footprint at all, other than everything related to him owning Wigan. This man then on the exact same day he has acquired the club has placed it in administration. It is that reason that Wigan are appealing the decision. All of the above of course was signed off by the EFL themselves. Which opens a whole new can of worms.
    • https://www.efl.com/news/2020/july/efl-update-wigan-athletic/   Here is the latest statement by the EFL on the Wigan situation. I agree with a lot of what they say up until they start trying to defend their fit and proper test.
    • Apologies when I said 1/4 of the creditors, I was meaning 25p out of the £. I should have made that clearer. In terms of our situation in 1986 I'm not too well versed with the details (as it was before my time). But I'm pretty sure we were going into Liquidation rather than administration.  I also imagine that the EFL regulations/rules have been updated since 1986.  
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