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  1. Is it possible to add the ability to mute/ignore threads? I'm sick of that NFL thread that I have to click into each time in order to have the boro forum show as all caught up (read). Maybe thats a tad OCD of me, but I recall a few others were also bothered by it.
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  2. As I mentioned in a post earlier the oneBoro forum is getting more and more mentions elsewhere and for your entertainment I have copied and pasted a comment from obviously a very decent chap from the fmttm forum about oneBoro, hopefully he may decide to join up as well but I do appreciate the comments he made, especially about "the gang" Agree about OneBoro Some great posts over there lately, they have some genuine ITK at times, there's less novelty account rubbish, obviously the forum software is decent but the key for me is they have 2 admins and 9 moderators to make sure things t
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  3. Well I see your point Wilson and part of me agrees with that but I still cannot understand why we cannot be excepted in our own right after some of things that this forum as done to help the club in the past. Perhaps we should have a referendum, 😉 All tongue in cheek folks.. 😊
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  4. Thanks DS but I don't really understand why we need to be elected in? isn't this a Fans forum and aren't we a fans forum? surely the 'voice' of the fans are in equal measure, why should we be any inferior to any other organization? MFC work is some very mysterious and disappointing ways
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  5. Assume you mean Georgia @boroie? Yes I did unfortunately and I thought it was dire from us. I did say if we could “fluke” a win against the Swiss we would be through along with Denmark (taking it for granted they will beat Gibraltar). Stranger things have happened in sport before and will happen again. I’m just hoping it is our turn to defy all logic tomorrow evening. I always look on the positive side with both Ireland and Boro.
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  6. Never mind, he's playing and scored a cracker. Just scored a second too.
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  7. Is he serious? Why should a large forum of Middlesbrough fans be represented on a Middlesbrough fans forum?
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    • I think Chuba has every right to not want to play for Warnock after his comments about him a few weeks back...
    • DZ has already hinted that Fry may be off, perhaps he’s one of the players that doesn’t want to be at the club. 
    • I feel sorry for Johnson, was playing really well before Christmas, creating and scoring. Loan players come in, he doesn’t get a look in and we are worse for it. Spence and Coulson often get called out, alongside the strikers.   I wouldn’t be surprised if Brit, Johnson, Akpom, Coulson and Fletcher are all pretty peed off and want away.  I’m still supportive of Warnock but he needs to take some responsibility. The loan signings seem to have disrupted the team spirit. Too many all at once? Too many straight into the team? He clearly doesn’t rate any of our strikers and Fletcher annoyed him getting injured again when he said he was fit and not signing a new contract.  Such a disappointing end to the season 
    • Just had a snoop in the Norwich club website to see if there was anything "official". Seems like it is an obligation to buy upon promotion rather than an option.
    • The last 4 years have been genuinely horrendous but I can’t agree that this is worse than it was under Pulis. I mean under Pulis there were times we played a flat back 5 of shotton, ayala, flint, friend, Saville. 4 plodders in midfield and Britt stood up top with literally no one within 50 yards of him.  At least this season Neil’s brought a bit of flair in general played people in their actual positions. Admittedly he appears to have lost his *** In this respect in the last few games. I’m not making a case for Warnock’s long term vision by the way, whatever the *** that is. Just that he is marginally less crap than Pulis.

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