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    I think we might upset the odds and only get a mild pasting
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    Middlesbrough v West Bromwich Albion Saturday - 3pm - Riverside Stadium. Good afternoon folks. Sorry for the late thread, it's been a bit of a weird couple of weeks. Let's jump right in with a bit of an update on where Saturday's two teams left off before the international break: The Form: Boro - Winning 1,drawing 2, and losing 3 in their last 6, Boro are currently languishing in 20th place in the Championship in Woody's first season in management. Scoring 11 and conceding 16 in their first 11 games of the season, the free flowing football that was promised during pre-season has only been seen in mere flashes, whereas the defence Pulis built his strategy around seems to have been forgotten altogether. Britt Assombalonga, a truly marmite player amongst some of our fanbase, is current top scorer with 4 goals. West Brom - Top of the league West Brom have won 4, drew 1 and lost one of their last 6 games. Scoring 21 and conceding 13 so far this season, their current top scorer is Diangana, who has also scored 4 and weighed in with 3 assists. Boro fans will remember Diangana as we were linked with a loan for him in the summer, before opting for his West Ham team mate, Marcus Browne on a permanent transfer. The Line Up: Randolph Dijksteel Ayala Fry Bola Wing McNair Saville Tav Fletcher Browne I think this is the line up I would like to see play the next game. Youth being given a chance, seeing if we can survive without Assombalonga given his current contract and the fact he probably won't be here after the summer, and hopefully Saville showing what he can do in a box to box role alongside Wing with McNair sitting further back, while still giving license to press when required. Coulsen is back playing with the U23s after his injury, so it is also time for Bola to step up, as Shotton's future is as uncertain as Britt's. Woody-Vision: How The Other Half Live: You can find the West Bromwich fans discussing the game here: http://westbrom.com/forum/index.php?topic=23790.0
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    Nations league I believe. We would be in the playoffs due to our wonderful ability to come last in the group. But, because Denmark would qualify via the Euros Ireland would take their place in the nation’s league playoffs. Or something ridiculously similar to that......
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    Indeed I think both Saturday games are tough to call. Ireland have a fully fit team and probably had the wake up call after Japan. That game will come down to whether Ireland score regularly when on the attack. New Zealand show time and time again they can score at any point whether on top or under the cosh. I'm going to go for a shock here for Ireland. England should be favourites based on past games against them and I think they will edge Australia but will be who has the bottle. I'm thinking under a 5 point margin. But think South Africa and Wales will win their quarter finals on Sunday. That said Japan have been a joy to watch and would have hurt most teams in that 40 odd minute spell they had against Scotland. I think they must be banging on the door for regular top tier test matches. My semi finalists are Ireland England South Africa and Wales.
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    Some incredibly exciting looking quarter finals in the Rugby world cup, Saturday and Sunday! England vs Australia first up, then New Zealand vs Ireland afterwards!
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    i will do a Blanco and say that we will surprise big time and WBA will not win!
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    Wing back system getting worked on in training - I expect us to start with that against West Brom. I also expect us to get absolutely hammered too!
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    I disagree. They have lots of money therefore they should all be rounded up and shot
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    Well, pleased to report that Jen did attend the meeting which in her words was "good" I am sure that she will be adding a post soon regarding contents of interest for our members. Whilst she is positive in her feelings about it we now await a vote on whether or not we will be a equal member with those already involved, hopefully we will find out sooner rather than later but in either event I know that Jen will have presented oneBoro in a very capable manner and would like to thank her on all of our behalf for her time and effort last night. Thanks Jen
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    Assume you mean Georgia @boroie? Yes I did unfortunately and I thought it was dire from us. I did say if we could “fluke” a win against the Swiss we would be through along with Denmark (taking it for granted they will beat Gibraltar). Stranger things have happened in sport before and will happen again. I’m just hoping it is our turn to defy all logic tomorrow evening. I always look on the positive side with both Ireland and Boro.

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    • Wing and Tav's shooting last season was excellent from outside the box, not saying they shouldn't be in the box supporting the strikers, but you don't shoot you don't score, you hit the ball well enough and on target the keeper has to do something about it. Its down to confidence Wing and Tav have the ability to cause problems from outside the box, its just one option of many.
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