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    I'm 58 years old and have supported Boro for over 50 years. During those years there has been some terrible times and some average times but also some amazing times,during those years the passion was always there,looking forward with great anticipation to every single game. However this season and some of last season the anticipation of the game, the feeling of excitement has completely gone, I live away from the area now but manage some games each season but don't really care about going anymore,it fact I get more enjoyment from Fantasy football, Super 6 and the Predictions League than I do from watching my beloved Boro. II feel extremely sad to feel like this, I haven't in the past and not for one moment did I ever think I would. The club is so poorly managed these day's, some of the decisions made and the PR spin are beyond believe, make sure you take a look at Erimus posts they are fantastic and very nostalgic and sum up the real Boro. Unfortunately Woodgate is a train wreck in the making, he doesn't have the authoriky tactical ability or man management skills to be successful in his current role, it's a shame he's been promoted beyond his capabilities, I hope I'm proved wrong but the way things are going well will be in for a sorRyanair period in the clubs history. Well I've depressed myself even more writing this and hope that soon I will be able to feel the passion and excitement again because this is rubbish both the way I currently feel towads the Boro and the current state of play the club find themselves in due to the gross mis management over the past few seasons and like it or not that comes down to one person and onew person only. Apologies for the rant folks,just so utterly disillusioned with the dross we have to watch and the pathetic state the club are in when it could have all been so very different.
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    As most people have said, this is just the kind of game we'll win. We beat West Brom last year at home with a great performance. Fingers crossed we do the same tomorrow. 1-0 Boro. Fletcher to score
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    Are our reasons for hiring all those rookie managers aligned? I think the first 3 you've mentioned are a mix of name/status in the game and genuine potential. Southgate, I seem to recall us appointing after not being able to get Martin O'Neill, not on his potential. His playing days were coming to an end and he's still the best captain I've seen play for this club so I can see how he got the job but I don't think it aligns with the 3 (McClaren, Robson and Karanka) in terms of 'hiring a rookie'. Woodgate probably aligns mostly with Southgate but I'd suggest that Woodgate represents more of a necessity than any of them. We had to hire cheap, we had to hire someone with potential who was happy to work with a shoestring budget. One of the reasons I can't back any idea to sack Woodgate is I just don't see how we replace him without in some way compromising financially on a manager who also won't lead us to any success at the top end of the division, thus represent an even bigger loss and one we can't afford. To fans who think we should sack Woodgate because he's not good enough, how do we negotiate ourselves around the financial barriers we are working within to make a successful replacement? Do you trust the top end to be capable of doing that considering how crap they've been? It just doesn't make sense to me.
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    I'm sad you feel that way Macca and I'm sure you're not alone there. All I can say as someone who feels much better this season than last is that if you can't feel good about the club as a whole (I don't really), try to disconnect from the club as run by Steve Gibson and focus on the team run by Woodgate. We've all had our say on the top end of the club, we're pretty much all unhappy with it but we do ourselves no good to dwell on that if we can't take any further action to change it. To some that will sound daft because they feel just as bad about Woodgate but I strongly believe that if you focus on him, you can at least appreciate the battle for what it is, appreciate that the players are going to have struggles as much as him and his staff are and try to live with the belief that we shall overcome as a team. This isn't a problem of his making but one he seems desperate to prove himself in. Try as best you can to back him, give him time and space to stretch into the role, ultimately do not scapegoat him as being the problem because right now, he certainly isn't. In my eyes, he's doing the best he can with his limited knowledge and resources.
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    Just how involved would you be in a team, knowing at the end of season six of the players contracts run out. If you were one of the better players, just how much effort would you invest. The point being I can’t see how individuals will commit to a club knowing, either they have a vested interest in leaving or a group will be leaving. How is any manager supposed to build a team when players themselves can’t pledge a future. The club is in serious problems due to mismanagement, which I worry we may not recover from.
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    I think we might upset the odds and only get a mild pasting
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    Would you bet your house on it?
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    I think someone is forgetting that this is Boro we support! We will win this to build up false hope, before losing the next 6
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    To be fair, it could just be a hoop that everyone has to jump through to prove they're serious about taking part.
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    It's the most official line to the club, MM. If the members of this forum can be represented in a meeting that leads as close to the top as you get as fans, I think it will be useful to be a part of that. It's not just so we can communicate with other fans.
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    He's now a small fish in a large pond with the amount of Billionaires in the Championship and the distorted price of keeping a Championship club afloat. He'll continue to back the managers as best he can and we know that we'll always have a football team as long as he's in charge. Would we be better with a super rich foreign owner in charge? Maybe, but attracting them to invest in a club situated in a run down area in the north east could be difficult. There's also no guarantee of success from extra investment, just look at the basket cases that some clubs have become: Forest, QPR, Birmingham, Hull, Sheff Wed.

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