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    • Yeah, it might benefit us a few seasons ahead... If we manage to steady the ship and ride the storm before others.  We are all aboard, so we might as well enjoy the ride. At least it's more "exciting" this season, with something to fight for, than being 100 % sure to finish between 10th and 15th ...  I think we will survive ofc and then the actual rebuild starts.  A lot of clubs will have to do the same sooner or later and I am actually glad we do it now, instead of being dead and "BURYed" in the future.  Maybe Gibson has a better vision of the future, than what he gets credit for. Maybe we are just spoiled kids, who no longer get what we point our fingers at... 
    • Boro flashback 12th December 1903 Our 1st  ever fixture played on this day as a football league club was way back on the 1903, our debut season at Ayresome Park On our 8th home game in our brand new stadium the Boro beat Bury 1-0 at home with a goal from ever present centre forward Alex Brown, scoring his 6th goal of the season Attendance 10,000
    • He'd be on a free as he left Forest in October so that's no surprise. He also scored against us in April...
    • Alexander Milosevic according to someone on another forum but that would be January not in the summer.
    • 7 definitely has to be the target! Have a feeling we will fluff one of the home games and get an unexpected win against Swansea or Preston.
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