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    • I want to see creativity today and that means Morrison and Roberts both being on the pitch. It won’t happen but we looked devoid of it last time out v Hull that surely we need to vary our approach from just the wide areas?
    • Not saying he won't today, but Eze didn't torture us earlier in the season when he and QPR were actually in good form.
    • Expect a lot of changes today. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Tav, Clayton, Nmecha, Wing potentially start. The players have only had 2 days rest. Worth noting QPR players have had 4 days.  Not confident in the slightest today. Think Eze will torture whoever he’s up against. 
    • thats my thinking too, we normally dont turn up for this sort of game, im hoping today is different, i say hoping but praying is closer to the truth. we cannot concede early or first though. small extra ray of hope is the slight possibility of a points deduction for sheff wed too. we stil need things from our deduction years back evening out.
    • Is this the actual team already, or is it your guess? 
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