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    • The fixtures are abit unfair on Boro how QPR have had 2 extra days to prepare for this. Then after this we play Millwall who are playing tonight Friday so they have extra recovery before us. But regarding the game we simply have to turn up and win I don't care how just get the win any means possible!
    • I don't think well be in danger of going bust either way. Our wage bill will be drastically reduced - apart from britt I cant think of anyone who will break the 15k mark next year and he will have plenty of suiters. When you look at Sunderland, they were in a far worse position expenditure wise.  In addition, gibson is an extremely financially responsible owner. 3 times in recent memory he has risked the wrath of the fans by stripping back everything to secure the clubs future (southgate, Mogga, woodgate eras). I have no concerns about our financial security while we have him in charge.  
    • There is no positives and relegation  will mean the club may well fall into administration. 
    • we3 need a full rebuild in defense id only keep spence wood and shotton as squad fillers maybe cash inon fry and pears, ayala looks to have played his last game anyway , the rest arent fit for purpose. weve no good keepers at alll either.  midfield id onlly want to keep howson ,tav and coulson and id bin all our forwards except fletcher. so possibly up to 12 signings required plus 3 or 4 loansand thats not even going into the coaching, management and technicaland scouting areas.
    • I personally think that if we stay up the timing couldnt be better. Clubs all across Europe will be trying to shed wages and let people go for under market value fees. Players who would have been offered new contracts 6 months ago will now be free agents. If we pick our moves right we could make a team that can challenge at the right end of the table.  Do I have faith that we will do that? Absolutely not. 
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