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    • The issue with Round being asked to be DoF then when he got up here for talks, being offered Assistant Manager, anyone know what happened? Was the DoF role never on the table, mixed communication or what?! Seems so odd but gives a glimmer of hope than we might try and fill that role in the summer. 
    • give your head a shake man FFS.....
    • Bielsa is employing undercover spies again!, I did wonder why derby started crumbling again. 
    • Have to start the same team surely, even thought Johnson looked slightly better than the last 2 games in that last one. In terms of a prediction, Warnocks got 2 victory's and 2 losses so far....time for his first draw with us I think, ill go 1-1 Spence power driver late on rescuing a point for us. 
    • I don't think Warnock will have any effect on our scouting or recruitment. Pulis certainly didn't and yet he was publicly declaring himself as tasked with not wasting Gibson's money, it was just as shoddy under his tenureship as it's ever been in recent years. Warnock will recruit players for his style of play and we'll be left with them when he goes. If we're going to play the way he wants us to play, we should go for that in the long-term, not for just some short-term 'rebuild' that we have to rebuild again in a year's time.
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