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    The 'spend more money' thing is weaponized by people like Vickers and the club it's just a popular generalization used by alot of Boro fans the past 5 years that they love to face imo, going forward the best way to voice the dissent needs to be done without giving them that particular straw man we watched Karanka build a decent side on a 5 million a summer budget Woodgate got 3 league 1 players he himself identified as crucial to his project Karanka piecemealed a side with Chelsea loans, couple of frees and a couple of 1-2 mill signings that spend more stuff is almost irrelevant they use that as a get out 'well we spent money on Saville last summer' it's a merry-go-round with them there's 10s of other issues of mismanagement from Woodgate/Gibson I can point to before we get to finances. Bare in mind the club made conscious deliberate decisions in the summer to keep Britt/McNair/Randolph we'll be lucky to get 5-7 million for Britt now and these reckless financial decisions will get a throwaway 'things are easier with hindsight' in the Gazette apologia piece when this debacle's over it's infuriating.
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    What more is there to say. It's absolutely miserable being a Boro fan right now. We're abject and appalling, and all the signs suggest it's going to stay that way for some time. Gibson spent so much time chasing the EFL and our opponents today over FFP matters it seeks like he's forgotten he runs a football club. Fans still sing his name, and say how much of a king he is, yet the disdain shown to the fans is miserable. As for Woodgate, what improvements are there? We don't score, we don't defend we don't do anything. We've got a back room full of inexperience, and a circus clown for good measure. We're so tactically inept it's unreal. The fans of Derby will be taking great pleasure in tonights result that's for sure. So so horrible given how far eve managed to sink from the promotion season
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    I hate them excuses and cliches they come out with, ‘you can’t just pick strikers off the shelf’, ‘nobody wants to play in the north east’. well when we got relegated we had bamford already at the club, did fans demand Gibson splash another £20m on strikers? No we didn’t, even the fans knew we needed wide players and a better midfield and full backs. As for players not wanting to come here did we not have vossen, stuani, kalas, nsue, adomah? All internationals, all putting their all in for us, maybe I just imagined it. Its almost as if when you employ a good manager these players DO want to come here. Yes we might have to pay more in wages but surely there is a sensible way of doing it? Burnley have showed us how it’s done. To many excuses, we aren’t in this position due to circumstance but absolutely awful incompetence, there’s no other way of putting it.
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    I would rather have the 3 points especially in the state where in at the moment but 4 cans and a family tandoori gratis will soften the blow 😉
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    I’d be straight in for Stendel whilst he is still jobless
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    4 cans? What would that do for you? Forget about feeding the family and get yourself 12 cans man 😜
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    Lots of people on here seemed to be quite happy with the coaching staff we put together in the summer.
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    I can't see any point in prolonging this. Woodgate is completely out of his depth. We can't score and can't defend.
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    Stop Brunners you are giving out our team for when we play Fleetwood!
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    I don't even think a change of manager would help us, this crop of players are absolutely ***.
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    Are people now pointing the finger at players spending the big wages they're on? How dare Ryan Shotton spend tons on a wedding and a new car. Unbelievable. If Gibson starts pointing fingers at them for not falling in line with the new financial structure, some of you will lap it right up. Also, if Gibson is cutting the wages of people who need it most to accommodate the wages of those who need it least then at least I can understand why he fell into bed with Simon Clarke.
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    Keeping the peace 😁
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    If he was my boss and I had *** up.. I would for sure not take it personally.. I would try to do better
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    I don’t advocate sitting tight and doing nothing when there is something fundamentally wrong. Woody needs replacing, fact.
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    He probably is concerned about the performances, results and the club's position...but he's not going to say that publicly...and very few managers would. The problems will be dealt with (hopefully) in private. Fans are notoriously fickle anyway... 😉
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    Why? Should he go around with a scared attitude? He has to feel confident, to get the players to feel confident .. If he believes that what he sees on the training pitch will eventually take us out of the bottom fight, then that should his carrot to aim for.. Not fear of fans opinions..
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    The gap between the championship and league one is huge. Bigger than the championship to the premiership imo ( maybe besides the top six prem). Look at all the clubs who have freefalled into L1 over the past decade. The vast majority have easily stabilized there and been challenging for top 6 positions instantly.
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    If he wanted a cheap, youngish and relatively new manager manager then they are definitely better options than Woodgate was. Like you say we definitely need that experience now. I'd happily have Allardyce, I'd even try getting Warnock at this rate (Not Gibsons MO though) anything's better than this mess.
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    Yep - looking on the bright side, its impossible to slump if you've already hit rock bottom. 😆
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    Obviously it's your choice, and you're far from the only one to do it. But I've always found it bizarre to bet against your own team, winning a bit of money wouldn't really dull a defeat for me, and I'd be annoyed to lose the money if the result I actually wanted came about.
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    Woody beginning to be honest with his interviews now and clearly sound like a beaten man. Maybe his time is up now he has taken a pop at the players
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    . i went from concerned to worried then apathetic followed by that stage youve reached DS of actually laughing at the sheer ineptitude , now im just pure angry with how the situation has been allowed to develop. this charade has to end now Mr G. Admit the gross misjudgement you made and releave JW of his post. He clearly isnt up to the job . i guess you get what you pay for like many bargain bucket purchases.
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    I believe Gibson missed an opportunity to stay up thinking we may just survive, but also thinking we had enough to go back up. Remember it was at little cost having the parachute payments. As season by season past by, he became more desperate and gambled £60 million on a last ditch promotional push and failed miserably.
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    I wonder if our "smash the league" season was Gibson's last-ditch gamble? Maybe getting back into the PL was the club's only shot at financial stability? When that failed, maybe we were doomed to the drop?
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    Just see the mike bassett clip above. thats basically it
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    So he's fitting in nicely, then?
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    Look at it this way the only players he's made look better are Coulson/Johnson who we never really saw play before and McNair he's somehow managed to send every other players development/form backwards from a Pulis baseline it is shocking.
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    Hey do not give Woodgate any ammo for his interview and allowing him to justify that it is harder to play against 10 men
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    What I would do to have bamford and Traore back
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    i think woodgate should probably go, but i dont think hes the problem. years of a pragmatic defense orientated playing style are gonna take more than 1/4 of a season to undo. also were stuck with a bunch of terrible players, assombalonga clearly dosent want to be here and fletcher is just is bad. then theres guestede backing them up. id like to see any manager get goals of these clueless strikers.
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    There was a lot of managers named who would have been interesting appointments for us. Gibson has either lost interest or decided to give up the push.
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    What's the point in sacking Woodgate, what self respecting manager would want to come to us?
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    Shocking tackle. Obviously not woodys fault be he really has made us a shocking team. I see absolutely nothing to suggest he is going to turn us around. The sooner he is sacked the better.
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    Pears would be lucky to get a loan to a League 2 team use that as a measuring stick when assessing his ability, how he's been thrown in like this is crazy. Let's be honest the lineup is a joke our best midfielder's at CB and we're playing Saville in a role he's proven to be awful at what was Woodgate expecting? Our club's ran by invertebrates and cowards they deserve everything they're getting and will get in the next few months I'm past caring whether we're 21st or losing millions no one cared enough in the summer to address any of it they just sold Woodgate and his 'presentation' as cure to all woes.
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    Didn't look a hard stop really.
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    Is it just me or should pears really be saving that?
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    And that is why this position we are in really hurts because we have seen some better football of late from Boro. Still believe we have to be the team that scores first though
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    Anyone who claims that our squad should doing better than it is just has to look at that lineup. This is around the correct level. And it's going to get worse before it gets better over the next two windows. Scary.
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    This is the kind of investment I can see Gibson tolerating but then again he might want them to have 49% and him to have 51%
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    For some reason I fancy us today. I think the whole negative atmosphere of this week's shenanigans around Richard Keogh will work in our favour today. I would like to see us really be positive and start with this : Pears Shotton fry ayala Dijksteel Coulson Wing Howson. McNair Britt. Fletch
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    Indeed. Lets hope Boro aren't as bad as England were... 🙏
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    Such a shame the Sinckler ko so early on was such a massive thing in the game. The scrum won the psychological battle and that essentially won the game. South Africa were outstanding and ruthless whereas too many of our players I think the occasion got to them with so many silly errors happening.
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    Just had a rub, so satisfying. Hope it works!
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    I was actually thinking the other day about whether we should try Gestede and Britt up front together. With almost zero creativity in the team it might have been an option to go route one and I think it would suit Britt's game to play off a target man. But to answer your question, yeah he's been an awful signing. I'd watched him a few times before we signed him and I knew he was never a Premier league player in a million years. To be fair to him the fact that he's a poor footballer, massively overpaid and permanently injured is not really his fault. I would question who thought 7m plus big wages on him was a good idea.
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    The problem is Steve Gibson continues to seek advice from guys that have lead him to poor decisions but he now views them like family or part of the clubs furniture. As why does he continue to employ Neil Bauser CEO, Gary Gill head of recuritment it's created a culture of crusing through it as their jobs are not on the line if it goes wrong. It seems the manager gets the blame but when Woodgate was appointed he was made Head Coach not manager therefore means Woodgate has little say in transfers. So I believe a director of football needs to be employed who will be allowed control to bring reform as at the moment everyone is just continuing with the status quo and it's not a business relationship staff have now it's an emotional one. This is never successful in business so why will it be successful in running a football club!
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    Desperate times lead to desperate measures! Its the return of the Magic Lamp! I urge everyone to give it a rub and wish for a Boro win, it worked before, it can work again!
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    The opening paragraph of the Gazette match ratings article sounds like they've given up even trying to offer any insight or hope any more. It simply says: "Boro's search for a win goes on after they were beaten at Derby County." I mean Ceefax was more descriptive than that. Perhaps they've run out of ways to try and spin things on behalf of the club. Or maybe they just can't be arsed anymore?
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    Heard some things that have concerned me from the bbc tees lot 1) players arguing with eachother, never a good sight 2) crowded technical areas with lots of coaches debating instructions. What's the saying about too many cooks and broth? 3) players AGAIN being confused about instructions. Absolutely amateur.

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