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    Pears made WhoScored team of the week, so he must have been good statistically at the very least.
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    I think it's a lie, mate. I'm not sure how you can think otherwise even with the rest of your analysis there? There are 20 Premier League clubs and then after that we'd have been viewed probably as somewhere in the next 10 best clubs. Are you seriously saying that we couldn't do better than Woodgate on that basis? The club weren't looking to do better than him, that's the problem, and suggesting that he was the best candidate is a lie because of this. I don't believe for a second that they looked around with any real interest in appointing anyone else (after the actual first choice, Pulis, knocked it back). As for the desire for attacking football, it's a load of *** that they came out with to try and justify appointing Woodgate. Inexperienced Head Coach, new philosophy, how exciting, blah blah blah. Lasted all of about two weeks didn't it because it has absolutely no foundations. I don't think Gibson cares about any of that at all, everything was simply about doing things as cheaply as possible, the rest is just window dressing.
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    QPR V Middlesbrough Sky Bet Championship Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium Saturday 9th November, KO 15:00 Middlesbrough travel to QPR on the back of a horrendous winless run which has seen us drop into the bottom three with no real sense of where our next point, let alone three points will come from. QPR sit in 9th but they've lost their last two games so could be there for the taking if Jonathan Woodgate can somehow manage to convince our players that scoring goals is both cool and good. Hey lads, it's a goal! Remember them? Our opposition are already talking about us here. Talking points: Score Prediction? Formation and lineup? Will Britt Assombalonga score another goal this year? Will we see Rudy Gestede in a Boro shirt ever again? Brexit or Biscuits?
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    It frustrates the life out of me that we refuse to look at europe at the moment. If they're using the premier league season as a reason not to, it's so so foolish. Theyd be better advised to look at what came in the couple of seasons before - nsue, kike, vossen, stuani were top quality players at this level for a lot less than youd pay for domestic players of similar quality. I also think we dont look at the youth teams of top half prem teams enough. There are a lot of players in there that arent good enough for them but could be really great in the championship- there are a lot of players who go this route and get back to premier league level and we never seem to manage to spot them.
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    I certainly agree with you that we have had much worse squads in recent times and survived in the Championship so Woodgate shoulders some blame why he can't get this set of players to be were we realistically see ourselves - Mid-table.
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    Perhaps we have exposed an affair.
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    What we really, desperately need is a long-term plan. Even if it means relegation to L1 while it's implemented, we need to stop the boom-and-bust cycle of spunking future earnings on unnecessary and disinterested mercenaries, before selling off the family silver and signing players for £100K under a manager whose main selling point is a few years as a Boro defender. I am completely unconvinced that Woodgate is developing a long-term plan. I think he had a plan for about a month, ripped it up in panic, and now has no idea how to fix our problems. And TBH, it's unfair to expect a rookie manager to solve problems as deep-rooted as Boro's. We need a Director of Football or someone similar, who can develop an identity and ensure players/managers adhere to it. Karanka tried to do that by himself, and the results were some of the most successful years we've had since Steve McClaren's time (even if the football wasn't always pretty).
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    This topic got exactly the right amount of replies 😉
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    I don’t post on here usually. More of a longtime lurker .. I much prefer to watch what goes on and enjoy decent sensible debate. However I have to say that what is going on currently and the running of the club since the Karanka hissy fit ,in the promotion season , has been and is absolutely woeful. the club is currently in the worst position in terms of Short and medium term prospects, league position, squad, aptitude and attitude ,that I can remember since the season we had to beat Newcastle to stay up, but , that said, even that team had a enough grit and ability to pull a result out when it was needed. I don’t feel this team even have that in them. We have wasted our best chance in a decade to reestablish ourselves as a top table team and it all goes back to the decisions made both financially and strategically by our chairman. The buck stops with him and him alone. We are very nearly in the same position now as when he came on board in 1986. He needs to refocus , stop deflecting attention with his crusades and petty grievances with other clubs , and start making the right calls in relation to our club..if you get something wrong , don’t stubbornly stand by it until the damage is too deep, take steps to fix it the minute you can see it’s broken. Nearly every club in the division seems to have a board of directors who are more adept at working in the current football league landscape than ours. The only golden thread I see running through the club at the moment is ineptitude.
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    Relegation is never a blessing in disguise and hopefully no one would ever think that. How could it be?
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    Are they poo? Or are they just struggling under a manager who can’t get the best out of them - much the same to the rest of the squad, which are mostly “better” players. I don’t know because I’ve not seen enough of them in action.
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    yes please....then I can finally say "Rhodes.....where we're going we won't need Rhodes"...........
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    I honestly think Gibson thought Woodgate would do a poundland version of Mowbray. Basically man the ship while the club gets rid of all the high earners. I don't think Gibson will accept Woodgate taking us down and I don't think its something he'll have expected either. A defeat on Saturday is probably what everyone expects given our current form, however I think the next 2 home games might be make or break for JW.
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    Exactly mate... Relegation is very rarely the 'blessing in disguise' some fans think it's gong to be. There's no chance we'll fly straight back up as an all conquering attacking side. Leeds have still never got back after their relegation. Would be a disaster and I can see us sleepwalking towards it like we've done in past Premier League seasons.
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    2 million for Dijksteel on 1 year left for Boro at RB is premium come on. Who beats that price in our history for a RB? Reizeger? Barragan barely? Bola was 900k on 1 year left besides Franck and Fabio we've not had many more expensive LBs. We aren't make a wish, we don't have McManus and Bikey at CB we're Middlesbrough Football Club assets in tact for now the fact our managers got us points adrift of relegation in November with the squad he has is so inexcusable it can't be defended so everyone reverts to strange defense's like the Gazette saying it's finances or it's Britt I don't recall Mowbray given the same grace when Juke was missing sitters as he put his squad of frees, flops and a couple of 1 mill signings to the task of keeping us competitive restoring lost pride. He's either a Middlesbrough Football Club manager with a 50 million pound squad or he's a special boy living his dream for the season I'm not comfortable with the capitulation that's happened we have a football club we've all invested years and thousands into we differ on managers/players it's whatever but what do we have if people like Paylor and co run around screaming BAD HAND and the SQUADS AWFUL when it seems in such bad faith we had genuinely awful squads in the past we still were never as bad as Woodgate's managed. I don't know anymore it's not like we had high expectations, I feel like we gave Woodgate grace months ago but at every turn I've seen someone unworthy to manage the club in the present and especially in the future I don't want to see us in League 1 but does anyone seem to care if we do go down? It's past apathy with people it just seems accepted we're a worthless club, in a inhabitable area, with an empty stadium so we can't sign anyone can't do better than an amateur coach and history began at Garry Monk that's become consensus and I've just always challenged it not because 'mighty Boro' but because I genuinely don't accept the assertion we're just infinitely garbage and the area stuff has always been such a *** cliche.
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    I'd just ignore the Gazette to be honest, their writers have zero credibility. The likes of Vickers and Tallantire will right whatever the club want them to right. I'm surprised so many people fell for the clubs/ Gazettes propaganda in the summer because it was just rehashing the same stories they wrote during the Southgate era.
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    Erimus where are you? we need some nostalgia to cheer us old supporters up.
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    Oh I wasn't arguing that Pulis was the right man for the job at that time...I was just saying the type of manager he is. I agree that, sadly, Gibson has fallen prey to the common disease of knee jerk reactions...pretty much ever since McLaren left. I honestly would've liked to see him keep faith in Karanka after we got relegated, try to keep the squad together (or make whatever changes were deemed necessary) and bounce straight back. After all he was another rookie manager, but one who did a hell of a lot better than we had any right to expect. Actually I still don't understand why he got rid of Southgate when he did. Did the fan reactions get to him? Was it the dressing room bust-ups? Whatever, I think we were on to a good thing and that we should have given them time to grow and improve as managers. I can see why he got rid of Monk. We may have been just outside the play-offs, but his record read P23 W10 D5 L8. If we'd kept up those kind of stats, we would have finished top 10 at best. Not bad, but not the return you expect after splashing £50m and stating you're going to "smash the league". Interesting comparison of the managers we've had since McLaren. Their records during the seasons they were sacked (minus Karanka and Pulis who left at the end of the season) read as follows: 2009-10....Southgate P13 W7 D2 L4 (WR 54%) 2010-11....Strachan P12 W3 D2 L7 (WR 25%) 2013-14....Mowbray P12 W2 D6 L4 (WR 16%) 2017-18....Monk P23 W10 D5 L8 (WR 43%) ...and now we have... 2019-20....Woodgate P15 W2 D6 L7 (WR 13%) ...will he survive the season?
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    I think most fans accept the PL gravy train days are over for the foreseeable future. We had our chance at re-establishing ourselves in the top flight and - unlike Burnley - we stuffed it completely. Right now, I'd settle for exciting attacking football in the upper reaches of the Championship, but even that seems hopelessly unattainable at present. Without a billionaire buyer coming in and turning us into a new Bournemouth, I think we're in real risk of becoming the next Nottingham Forest, Ipswich, et al. "They were good once, weren't they? Didn't they play in Europe?"
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    There is literally no reason why we should entertain the idea of dropping down to League 1 for even one minute. We just finished 5th and 7th, and are historically a good second division club. We're playing s*** and have a s*** manager but our team is plenty good enough for mid table. It would be disastrous to be relegated. And anyone who thinks we'll fly back up as the next Sheff Utd... remember when we just popped down to the Championship for a rebuilding season with Southgate? That went brilliantly didn't it.
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    I'd like to say Talking Heads - Road to nowhere but sadly we know where Boro are likely to be going, down, so... As the table apparently lies I'll go for The Hollies - Can't tell the bottom from the top. For a feel good factor how about just cranking the volume up on Pigbag - Papa's got a brand new pigbag, feeling good and not giving a flying :D
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    I don't think anyone was suggesting Crosby and Clark were coming in, staying at Rockliffe isn't exclusive to future MFC employees. 😂
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    Given the way the club has been run recently, The Idiots Are Taking Over by NoFX seems very appropriate. Some of the lyrics are bob on as well: "It's not the right time to be sober, now the idiots have taken over." "Insensitivity is standard and faith is being fancied over reason." "Now everything seems to be reversing, and it's worsening." "Now angry mob mentality's no longer the exception, it's the rule, and I'm starting to feel a lot like Charlton Heston, stranded on a primate planet. Apes and orangutans that ran it to the ground, with generals and the armies that obeyed them. Followers following fables, philosophies that enable them to rule without regard." If that's too cerebral, can I also suggest a good song title for our current predicament would be Everything's F**ked by Pitchshifter?
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    Britt thinking about big chances, listening to Puff Daddy - I'll be missing you ♫
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    What a sad state of affairs. I used to be a car nut but I knew when a job was too big and when to call in a professional. I do wish the owner could do likewise but maybe that's a comment for another thread. Reading your comments in this thread guys just makes me think Boro are in a very sorry state.
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    Wow this could be the start of a new era! 🙄
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    So it's a baseless accusation then, because he's not in the squad very often he must be faking injury, well done on making that jump. I'd love to understand the link between him and Rodwell here, Rodwell is currently without a club, he's hardly 'doing OK now'. The only link is that nobody else would pay him what he was earning and that's not down to either player, that's down to ridiculous spending from both us and Sunderland respectively. As far as I can tell, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the lad's personal motivation to get in the team. He keeps getting injured and keeps coming back into the squad around the right time you'd expect. But hey, considering the lad gets booed onto a pitch when he does turn up, God knows why he would want to fight to get back for anything other than his wage. It could even be that not all of his injuries are physical conditions and that actually, it's pretty depressing to come to work and get shouted at non-stop and get called a donkey and all-sorts. By all accounts I've seen from him, he's a good human being and I think some of the treatment he gets is beyond ridiculous. He slipped up at Newport but again, you give someone that level abuse over a long time and the credit is with the guy who doesn't absolutely flip, it doesn't immediately make them a wrong-un.
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    What sane attacking/wide player would want to come here after van la Parra's wretched experience, or the very public collapse of Britt's confidence? Who would want to risk being paired up front with Gestede, or endure being serviced by makeweights like Johnson? And that's assuming we're still in trouble, which means anyone joining us faces the very real prospect of playing in the third tier of English football. And we'd be trying to sign them on the cheap, so it's not even like we can tempt them with good wages.
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    Says it all... They were hoping not to recruit in January 😂 totally trying to wing this season ain't we boro!?
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    But did Pulis steady the ship .. When he took over, we were just outside the play off spots and had a still happy Braithwaite and other quality players ... If a Jockanowich type of manager had been given that half a season .. we might have been promoted, which would have fixed a lot of economic trouble for the club.. Gibson has a tendency of pulling the hand break at the wrong times .. The January window when we were a prem team .. And when Monk turned out a failure .. Karanka should have had the 50m, not Monk. But when Monk had splashed the cash .. we shouldn't have pulled the hand break with Pulis .. We should have hired a quality offensive manager who would have taken us up! If that failed .. then we could pull the handbreak .. 10-20 m more that season .. on a quality manager and maybe a winger, wouldn't have been worse than giving Pulis the most expensive salary in the history of Boro!
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    I don't want Woody sacked .. But I really want an experienced head to take control an be a mentor for Woody, who might come good with a little help.
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    Steve Round was on Boro's coaching staff. I seem to remember it being reported that he applied for the Boro job when Mac got the England job. I think he went to Everton after that
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    Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now - The Smiths Its Grim Up North - The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu Down In A Hole - Alice In Chains Nothing Ever Happens (for 90 minutes) - Del Amitri Can't Buy A Thrill Goal - UFO No-one Knows (what they're doing) - Queens Of The Stone Age Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming - Deep Purple SOS - ABBA / Fozzy This Is the New S**t (same as the old s**t?) - Marilyn Manson Or instead of getting all angsty and depressed, you could lay your hands on some ganja and a packet of Rizlas and let your cares drift away with: Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin
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    Not that it's something I'd ever listen to but this sounds pretty apt: Fall Out Boy - "Sugar, We're Goin Down"
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    Sheffield Utd were in League One for six seasons. We have been down to the Third Tier twice and come straight back up on both occasions. Unless Gibson sorts things out in January, it's looking like we will be visiting League One for an extended period.
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    Randolph is 100% injured. Not that I have a problem with playing Pears over Mejias. He's been good and will only improve. For me Fry, Saville, Tav and Assombalonga are playing awful. I'd be looking at every-way possible to get them out the starting line up. Changing the shape, playing more youth lads, whatever it takes. Fry is costing us so many goals. He loses his man, gets pushed off the ball and has an awful first touch. Saville has literally no positives. He's like a lead weight around the teams neck. Slow, can't pass, can't tackle, weak. Play Malley - he couldn't do worse. Tav gives the ball away all the time, can't tackle for a midfielder and lacks any sort of composure. Assombalonga is beyond out-of-form. I hate seeing him fall down all the *** time, either diving or over his own feet. He ruins so many forward movements with lazy lazy play.
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    I posted a few days ago that I believe the club are looking to sell Randolph which is why Pears has been thrown in instead of Mejias, to get him used to being #1 choice as he's got a bright future here. I'm not saying Randolph's injury is a cover....but we have seen the club do this before.

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