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    "So what did you do on Boxing Day, Adam?" "Oh, not much. Just watched some goat porn and drank creme de menthe." "Anything else, Adam? Were you spamming those Middlesbrough forums again?" "No, mum, I promised I wouldn't do that any more."
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    Last 5 games have been promotion form for us 😛 10 points 😁
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    Our wing backs are great .. Spence scored Fletcher is poor although he had the assist Johnson and Fry are poor too .. Huddersfield have 60 % posession but do absolutely no harm .. Berlinfan is sticking his nose to far out ... And we all have too much food in our fridges
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    So just gonna relay what I'm told this morning... club hoping for around 25k... woody told players they wont have a better opportunity to take a game to a team and get fans onside... let's see... need 3 points and hoping for a progressive performance.. UTB
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    Oh and special shout out to me managing to scare my nan and auntie by cheering like a loon when we scored the second... Only to have it ruled out 😬
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    I’m more pleased with our performance than the win, we actually look like a football team trying to win a game. Loved the energy and the passing, may not have been the most fluid but it was direct, quick and positive.
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    Well Pleased that Huddersfield are loosing.
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    To be fair, part of the new setup was essentially to bring through young players on the cheap and become profitable through making money on them. Selling Coulson and Spence would hurt us right now but selling them for good fees would represent half of the task we need to do. It's the reinvesting of the money that is the worrying part more than the selling for big fees.
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    Yeah TBF it's pretty rammed today. Could be more than 25k.
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    Massive herry xmas and how ya doing coming up to everyone in 2020. Also, if anyone needs anything, feel free to give me a shout, I am more than willing to lend an ear if people need someone to talk to
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    Click below for the Match Day Thread Click Me
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    Us and Derby have identical records this season, down to goals scored & conceded. W6 D9 L9 GF22 GA32 -10GD 27 points. We were expecting a difficult season and have still had somewhat of a melt down over results/performances. I can't imagine what the Derby forum must be like right now.
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    Credit to the players AND Woodgate screw philosophy talk we needed a strong couple of home games and 2 clean sheets 6 points I couldn't be happier. Have to say on Djed I'm really glad he's starting to keep his concentration the only slight he ever had against him was he was prone to switching off but the past 2 games he's really done well. Interested to see how Dijksteel and Bola react in the next few weeks I'd peg neither as first choice but it was always in/out now i think they're Spence/Coulsons shirts now. Well chuffed with the past week's efforts by the team and young lads getting better by the game.
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    Just to get things straight ... I am SD! 😛 If you are referring to sanddancer, it should be SAD .. that would fit his view on the Boro 😛
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    You can keep taking the credit if it keeps working Alan 👍
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    eye we've turned a corner alright SD, we are winning games now, even when not being on form. its a knack we completely lost at one point lol. we can only get better with so many players unavailable, i'd expect our actual form to improve withthe likes of mcnair back playing. get on or two in jan window like MM and we might well push into a higher mid table position by the end of the season.
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    Will be good to see that offside goal again, from the one replay I got it looked awfully close. Great job by Fletcher after the original block to realise it was staying in and get it back across goal though. All in all, not a classic. Only really gave up 2 dangerous chances all game, both of which were kind of self inflicted. A game between two teams struggling and you could tell. Thought both wingbacks were good, Wing had a good game controlling the midfield and Tav was involved everywhere. Fletch grew more into the game and had a much better 2nd half. His first 30 or so minutes were pure pap but he was one of the brighter players 2nd half I felt. Win is a win and I'll take them all right now.
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    The table should make more comfortable viewing tonight. And that's four home wins on the bounce. Spurs will be getting worried!* * - no they won't
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    Yeah I realised that after I’d already posted it 😂
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    Hmmm. Sounds like a former member.
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    Of course you have. VID-20191031-WA0024.mp4
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    Hopefully the club's league position will mean they can stay under the radar for a while yet. I'd hope we put fairly hefty (without being utterly stupid) price tags on them, if any clubs do come sniffing around. While we obviously need money, we also need to cultivate & retain talent, if we are to progress on the pitch.
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    So you edited what you said .. I wont.. I stand by what i said .. Yes I would bring on Rudy .. He would give our other players so much space in this game .. just by being there .. It's a game where he could be effective .. @Blanco you might be right, Sir 😄
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    433? 532? 523? 541? Who knows. Hopefully we start well rather than waiting to concede before we wake up.
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    . Love this. Woody offered Djed round for Christmas dinner lol
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    He was there wasn’t he? I’m sure it was said on the radio that woodgate and Keane hugged after the goal
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    Oh dear what's Keane been up to? Does it involve goalkeeper gloves a la wing?
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    Well, in fairness, by "goal fest" I meant just double our tally. 😁
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    Two wins on the spin got to be pleased with that and I am! Christmas slump no chance Christmas revival indeed. Actually me referring our last 3 as tmigots seems to be working!
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    Well I was expecting a bit more of a goal-fest, but its another 3 points on the board and thats the main thing. Think Woodgate is going to need to drag better performances out of the players, if we're to have any joy in our upcoming games. But we're 6 points clear of the relegation zone for now and thats something to be happy about.
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    Delighted for spence. What a moment. These lot remind me of us last season. Happy to play ball around defence and choke a game but all at sea when actually put under pressure
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    Why not be utterly stupid haha other teams are when we come sniffing. I think we will get at least another season from them yet, definately the major positives of the season so far. And to think we blew most of our budget on a rb who isn’t as good!
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    Okay...so far, so good. A repeat performance 2nd half would be most welcome...although without it taking 15-20 minutes for our players to get going.
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    Well said @SmogDane I detect adamboro. Do you?
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    Fletchers best pass of the afternoon too for the goal! encouraging!
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    Djed Spence 1-0 get in. What a moment for the young man
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    He washed his feet and can't do a thing with them.
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    I would put on Rudy for Fletcher in the 2nd half
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    Maybe we'll have to wait for the 2nd half before we start seeing some "crackers"? 😁
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    The boro community group on Facebook is rubbish now. No streams at all but it's available on the ifollow? In all seriousness I'd pay money for someone for this group to set up a dedicated stream if they live abroad so we have it. Who's in?
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    I'm watching SSN on a laptop, so might be a minute behind the action. I think we can easily win this, but only if we start positively. We absolutely cannot afford to start as we did against Stoke (i.e. not at all in the first half).
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    I will be your commentator today, sir.
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    Currently sat in the Valley to Charlton v Bristol city do will be getting all my updates from here. Don’t let me down lads/lasses UTB
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    I’m not sure it is ‘good news’ if Randolph stays, he’s a great keeper for us yes but imo the absolute biggest difference he can make to the club rn is to bring in £5m and hope we get a bit of it to spend. Bringing in Clark and Maddison will be far more beneficial to us than having Randolph in goal and ste walker playing.

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