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    Well played fellas. Draw a fair result. No complaints. See you at our place. Any one need any advice give me a shout.
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    Its mad how everything seems rosier when your club is riding a good wave. I've just said hello to the wife for the first time in months
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    Just to add that Randolph has waivered and remaining contract or loyalty payments from boro from his transfer... perhaps some footballers do care
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    I know he's not hugely popular among many Boro fans, but surely Meijas's performance today means we're less desperate for a keeper if Randolph leaves? He did pretty well against Spurs, and it'll do his confidence the world of good to make saves and carry out sweeper-keeper clearances against Champions League regulars. I'd be happy for Meijas to come into the starting XI if Pears gets injured or has a prolonged dip in form, which would allow us to sign a cheaper third choice keeper instead of a high-wage first choice signing.
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    Woodgate met with him before the West Brom match. Made a big effort to get him since as well. Should be done in the next couple of days.
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    Everyone brace for the Spurs response...
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    Erm we're gonna win the playoffs mate
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    Just arrived home and certainly for 3 generations of my family it was well worth the trip. Good game, good football and I get to go to the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Lads did us proud and the work ethics was first class. MOM for me was Howson but the new lads certainly looked a step up from what we have been used to. Joe (Blanco) was really good seeing you again with your family sorry I could not spend more time with you. Teddy very irked that he will not be going to the replay!
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    We have said we will pay all the wages with no loan fee depending on Randolph going that's what I was told, but we are long long way off on that one. Clarke was very close to been done but we just need to sort out some details like loan length - he was and is our number 1 target and Woody absolutely loves him as much as Jonny Howson.
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    Sean dyche hates the boro, he always has done
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    Randolph is defo going... not sure why its dragging... Clarke still confident hence allowing Browne to leave...Jose Impressed with us helps.. Gibson - Boro have to pay 80% wages and rough loan fee of 1 million for 6 months so I'm told... yikes
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    Thought once or twice he looked a bit shaky in the first half (see Eriksen's effort) but second half in particular he was good, nearly got a hand to Lucas' header too. Great save from Lucas' curving strike.
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    Ashley fletcher is turning into an incredible asset. Obviously his goals and assists are fantastic but his work off the ball and link up play is exceptional. Well done that man!
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    Good performance from the team and flair play to Woodgate again. Thought McNair and Howson were excellent at the back, Saville's pass for the goal was superb and Fletcher looks like our best striker at the moment. If you'd told me that I was going to post all of the above comments a couple of months ago I would have thought you were mad. Spurs look a pale shadow of the team they were under Poch but take nothing away from us, we played really well.
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    Went a lot better than most of us would have hoped or expected. Boro were under the cosh for a lot of the game (no surprise) but defended resolutely most of the time, when needed and managed a few decent attacks of their own. Overall a draw is a fair result I feel. Spurs always looked dangerous when in possession, but seemed to share our lack of quality with the final ball & finishing. The return trip to London will add some much needed funds into the club's coffers, but I fully expect Spurs to end up in the next round. But credit to our lads for putting in a performance that in no way embarrassed them.
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    Woodgate got his tactics absolutely dead on. We were organised, patient, attacked at the right times, defended at the right times. Just about a perfect performance when considering the status of the two teams, just a pity they got their goal.
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    VS Champions League finalist Give your head a shake
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    'Alexa, what are the ingredients for humble pie?'
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    Not me. I knew it would go in. Mainly due to the spoilers on the previous page of this thread... damn slow stream
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    I think we're playing pretty well. Howson is some man isn't he
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    I'm telling you now If they offered 10million we would charter a private helicopter to the West Ham training ground. It's that simple I promise you.
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    I fancy a trip to Spurs new £1 billion stadium like
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    VAR is supposed to correct obvious errors. If it takes you minutes drawing lines on a frozen screen from people's armpits to try and figure out if some part of someone's body is a millimetre ahead of someone else then you aren't correcting for obvious errors, you're over analysing it completely and that was never the intent of VAR. VAR replays should be by sight only and it should take no longer than a few seconds to figure it out, if it takes longer then you stick with the decision on the field. In terms of offsides, you freeze the picture and just look if the player in question actually appears to be offside. If he doesn't then the goal is given, if he does then it's disallowed. If it's too close to call then the decision on the field stands. Again, it should take no longer than a few seconds to figure it out, there are no graphics on the screen, it's just another set of eyes with the benefit of slow motion or freeze frame. The system is fine, it's just being misused, either deliberately or because of a lack of common sense.
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    I know that I'm in the minority here, but I'm not sure that Gibbo returning would be good for either him or us. Yes, he needs to get his career going again, but I think he could achieve that elsewhere. Gibbo has played very few matches for Burnley and is currently out injured. It will take time to regain match fitness and sharpness. Some of our fans will be understanding, but there will be quite a few who will expect the same player we had before. It could take months to return to his previous level, if he manages to do so. I would rather remember Gibson for the great player he was for us, rather than as a shadow of what he was. If he went elsewhere then there would be fewer comparisonsand expectations for him to need to live up to.
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    Enjoyable game...goal taken well by Fletch, I have a lot more confidence when he is in a one-on-one than some others, seems to keep his composure a little bit longer..might be just gaining more confidence but I think that he is beginning to look like a player worth the fee we paid...Fry had a good game and for a goalkeeper making a first appearance in team this season, Tomas hardly put a foot wrong..loved the way Rudy's face lit up when he was cheered during his touchline running and all in all thought we were well worth the draw.....Fingers crossed for Liverpool to give them a hard match at the weekend but whatever happens, if we play that well in London, then a decent outcome is possible..especially if Ayala recovers and Roberts gets some more game time
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    Agreed, you will never get a complete understanding of the setup from a pre or post match interview. However if you think back to the first half of the first half of the season, it was rare to see any sort of real plan in place. We looked clueless, and the biggest turnaround is that we now seem to approach games with a plan. Now you could potentially say that plan was there all the time and now the players are buying into it, or that Woodgate and team are becoming more savvy about how they are preparing the team for matches. I took it as a positive that he talked about a specific aspect of pre-match planning that they had worked on, and that paid off.
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    Lastly as mentioned above, the BT commentary were very complimentary about the club, fans, area and history. It showed that to neutrals we are not the down and out club and area that some of our fans think we are. If we are run properly behind the scenes we are a town that can sustain a Premier league club again. Its frustrated me this season hearing our own fans accepting a relegation battle and suggesting no one would ever want to invest in the club.
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    And if Dijksteel had have been fit? Just confirms what a shocking summer transfer window we had.
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    Pretty incredible result looking at the teams at kickoff I worried but well proud of that display against one of the stronger XIs you'll find in the Prem. Mejias made a couple of brilliant saves, Mcnair/Fry/Howson were outstanding and Roberts/Nmecha showed glimpses of what they're about it's pretty exciting even if we didn't quite click it consistently on the ball today I thought we held our line well again and on to Derby hopefully we carry the confidence through again and get ourselves 4/5 off the playoffs.
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    Cracking performance the player's are working their socks of and looking forward to hopefully getting tickets for the replay. As wanna see this £1 billion stadium 🤩
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    Well played Boro, outstanding performances from McNair, Fry and Howson, we really are starting to look like a proper team
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    Brilliant performance, especially from McNair and Howson. Proud to be a Boro fan today. The performance might encourage potential signings to view joining us more favourably. And the revenue from the replay might help our FFP!
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    We'll done Boro. Shame we couldn't have half on for the win, but happy we certainly didn't embarrass ourselves
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    I really should see a doctor about it. 😟
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    I think we've done really well. They have played the strongest team they had available, not their reserves. We had held our own. Even if we lose, it has been a very respectable performance. We could easily have lost by 5 or 6.
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    Roberts looking good now too, could be a quality addition
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    Boro doing what they need to do and doing it well. We are toothless without Kane.
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    I liked it when the west country farmer one pronouced Karankas name 'ay-ee-tor'
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    This is why I think howson must be offered a new contract. Playing as expected, never gonna control the possession but if we can get a couple of chances we could snatch this.
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    Playing well. For a young inexperienced team, with only one recognised CB I think we’re doing great. Just can’t see us scoring in open play though. Good to see Howson as captain.
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    We always play our 2nd choice keeper in the cup. It looks like Randz is off, so that makes it Meijas. Nothing to see here
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    Delighted to be in Middlesbrough right now. Really looking forward to the match. Heading to the 6 Medals shortly to meet @Downsouth UTB
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    100%.. No midweek game.. Perfect opportunity.
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    If Randolph is 5...no one is going to spend 10 million on Assombalonga
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    Good luck fellas. Hope we see a good game with no VAR nonsense and a few goals.

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