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    Looking at both. Loan initially, permanent in the summer.
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    Fulham enquired about Britt before, I know he's a different type of player but could see them coming back in for him if Mitrovic's injury is as bad as it seems.
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    It's Hotspur 😉 We played well yesterday and should have had a point. They should have been down to 10 men but for some 'Liverpool' refereeing. Top tip. There are two bars in the away section. The lower concourse does get very crowded. Make your way upstairs for a better experience. Away pubs. The Elmhurst is usually the designated away pub. However, the Irish Centre by White Hart Lane station is also away friendly. Personally I would go to the Antwerp Arms or the Beehive which also allow away fans. The Beehive is halfway on the long walk from Seven Sisters underground (25 mins). Getting there. Liverpool Street to WHL is 22 mins and then a 5 min walk. Or Liverpool Street to Northumberland Park is 15 mins and a 10 min walk. If you get the tube to Seven Sisters you can get any bus ending in 9 to the ground or you can pick up the overground for the 2 stops to WHL. Our squad is so depleted the team Mourinho puts out picks itself and should be pretty strong. We need to win to keep our season alive. Good luck.
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    🤣 sounds like a Boro medical. “Can he kick a ball?” “Yeah” “sound, get him signed”.
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    Sounds like a cop out but one of those things where I can't really say as it would put someone's job at risk. But I would be massively surprised if he isn't here really soon Edit.... Not someone working for the club. I have no inside info from the club. Just someone who knows something in this particular case
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    Can I be first to ask if Parrott deal is dead....or just resting
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    I really can't say any more than I have, but the reason I suggest he will be signing is genuine. And the person that told me I would absolutely stake my life on. After my parents and wife this person is the person I trust the most with anything Edit... On a separate note, Lawrence shankland being scouted by qpr. Scored 25 goals this season (granted for Dundee) so he knows where the goal is. Should be relatively cheap replacement if britt was to leave.
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    No clue on that side. But he isn't short of a Bob or two. Maybe Mr Gibson could buy 10000 season tickets at the new revised price of a thousand pound each. That would inject 10 million into the club of his own money. Seems more plausible than selling the stadium to himself!! Not likely to do this though given how much he has ploughed into his new house.
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    That'll be the poor movement that Boromart was talking about 🙃
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    I don't care about the result from this match as long as the lads have a go. I realised yesterday that, for the first time since Karanka left, I am excited about our games again. That is what I care about. I don't mind our having dropped points yesterday when we probably should have been out of sight at half time - I care that they worked as a team and kept trying even when Derby were on top and when Derby scored from that cross. Even though last year's results were better on paper, I dreaded the games. It felt like there was no heart or identity to the team. Somehow it just wasn't OUR team - it was like watching another club's players playing in our stadium and kit. We seem to be finding an identity again.
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    You arent factoring in that Prem TV money when we go up through the playoffs. We can increase the wage cap slightly that way
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    Come on man we’d won 4 in a row before this game and clearly deserved to win, who is settling for lower mid table? If we keep playing like that we will only go one way and will no way finish bottom half. Got to say I enjoyed that game so much, it’s great to see the team really attack as a team and not 2 or 3 isolated players. We had so many players in support. Big shout out to Coulson, what a game he had.
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    Just back from the game today. The last game I was at was Huddersfield away. What a difference! My ambitions at the start of the season were not promotion or playoffs. All I wanted this season was to first of all not get relegated, and after that I just wanted to see progression. Progression in terms of style of play and progression in terms of some of the youth coming through. I am not ashamed to admit that this time last month I was calling for Woodgate to go. As much as I wanted him to succeed, I just couldn’t see, from our play, what he was trying to implement or what he was trying to do and we were dancing very close to the the relegation zone. What a difference a month makes, eh? We look like a completely different team. The pressing, the intensity, the confidence, the intent. It was so refreshing to watch. It, honestly, was the most enjoyable Boro performance I’ve witnessed for quite a while (until the 91st minute that was). We may not have ended up with the 3 points (which was a crime to say the least) but as I said, the progress of our style and identity is, to me, more important than points right now. The whole team were excellent today, but the emergence of Coulson, Spence and Tav have ultimately made the difference. Their energy, their youthfulness and their willingness to get at the opposition is something we have been crying out for for years. And, although it’s early days, it looks like Roberts is going to add to that. He looked excellent today. Man of the match today has to be Coulson! Their poor right back couldn’t live with him. All the talk recently has been about Spence. And yes Spence has been great but Coulson has been even better in my opinion. Final word is on Woody. It’s still very early days but the signs are encouraging. And fair play to him. Their were a lot of calls for his head this i time last month, and he’s come out the other end. Delighted for him. But this is just the start of it. Let’s hope it continues! UTB!
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    really felt the adrenaline watching that game today, it's been a while! not the result we wanted but well done Boro!
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    Thank you. I think Woodgate in his press conference after yesterdays game said both Ayala and Britt are travelling to London tomorrow with rest of squad. He added Britt could be fit for Fulham. I guess picture will be clearer by end of the week in regards to Britt.
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    Correct Blanco 26 members officially in the league so thats 25 home and 25 away games. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get the full seasons fixtures played but I know it will be tight,thanks to the International friendly in March. Sorry I never got back to you Macca computer problems with my keyboard I could see your question but could not reply. But you may like to know I am a proper computer engineer now after I Googled my problem and fixed it tonight. 😁
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    Great posts Erimus 👍 one of my early games but I remember the thud when Baxter headed that in the Holgate end! Disappointed I have never found footage of this game anywhere
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    I think hes the best all round midfielder the premier league has ever seen. He has everything and theres not a better chance creator in world football.
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    Wouldn’t trust signing a striker called shankland xD
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    Hi first game 1983 Cambridge at home got beat 0-1! all I remember was we played with an Adidas Tango! Season ticket holder since 1991, travelled loads but not as much now UTB
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    No but let's say inside 18 months he's no longer a regular in the side and ideally we'd like to move him on but we can't. That three year deal, if it is a three year deal, won't look as clever. Howson has had a few decent months, I still think he isn't that good defensively but for whatever reason people seem to ignore his mistakes, I guess because he's not a defender. I doubt anyone would be that happy seeing him playing in midfield as people seem to be fairly critical of him when he plays there. Finally, we don't have to give a contract like that to anyone, we're choosing to, which is fair enough, but it's longer than I'd be handing out to him.
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    I think if a loophole as obvious as this one existed, it would have been exploited by most clubs by now.
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    Thank you @Tudders80. appreciate the info.
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    Ben Gibson's day to day activities will be football related and therefore we would be unable to show he is a genuine employer of Bulkhaul, whose day to day activities are not football related.
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    I bet @SmogDane has coverage of this kind of shenanigans 😂😂😂
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    I'm not sure how soon the deal could be done but Ben is making plans. If he isn't here by the end of the window it'll be a major shock to me and the bloke who has spoken to Ben
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    Boro flashback - This day the 12th January 1907 Our 1st FAC match on this day was a 1st round home match, Ayresome Park, to Northampton Town The mighty Boro winning 4-2 with 2 goals from Steve Bloomer, one from Alf Common & Willie Brawn in front of 15,000 fans
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    Considering our packed fixture list I wouldn’t be surprised to see Woodgate start a few more academy lads like Wood and Liddle. Woodgate has apparently said that Meijas and Clayton will be starting, and I’m imagining the likes of Johnson, Gestede and Nchema could start also. I would happily see us field a weakened team so that we can be fresh for the Fulham game on Friday night. Roberts needs to build up game time so he should start. Nchema could do with the same.
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    3-4-3 I would say given how high Tav and Roberts played.
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    “West Ham. Want signing target Darren Randolph to have a ‘medical’ at Middlesbrough to test his thigh injury before signing him. Worry over whether he is able to lick properly. Want it done on Boro premises.” - Alan Nixon. God knows what they’re planning to do with poor Darren.
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    Fair play TBWAH. Good info for the travelling fans
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    This draw felt like a loss, which is testament to the way we have been playing lately. I wake up on game days genuinely excited again, something that hasnt really happened since Karanka was here
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    Duvel I agree. Earlier in the season we had a great deal of draws and lost a few we really should have taken points but recently results have changed in our favour and more importantly, we look better. That said I think we can agree improvement can be seen in results and play but that does not mean we should settle for a mid/bottom of the table, although personally I had predicted a season mid table finish and would judge it a fair season. I’ll say one thing and that is, it would be a boring forum if we all agree with each other, so as long as it’s club related, not personnel or profanity laden then we take it or leave it.
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    Regarding howson I definitely think that he is going to get a lesser contract which is probably why he’s getting an extra year. A three year deal is going to see him turn 35 so a two year deal would have been ideal for us. That said he is the kind of professional and with a near perfect injury history I don’t expect him to decline very much. also if we keep such a young squad he is the kind of guy you want around.
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    NO! Stick to the prevailing consensus or get the eff off my forum!
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    I've said repeatedly that I enjoyed the game and it's a big improvement. I'm not happy to be in the bottom half and I still think there's more room for improvement. It's as simple as that, I'm allowed my own opinion aren't I?
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    Surely if your nana had a penis she/he wouldn’t have been able to copulate with your grandad to make your mam/dad? Therefore you wouldn’t be here. What that has to do with not achieving the playoffs I haven’t the foggiest but we should probably think about it, at least for a while anyway
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    I honestly don't mind people getting a bit carried away right now. It's far better than people *** and moaning about how he hasn't been sacked yet. There was a fella I heard on the way back who was saying it just shows you what can happen when you give someone time and I'm with him on this. Woodgate might end up being a good manager for us, he might not. But one thing is for certain, we haven't changed manager between changing the kind of performances we've been putting in. If that's not proof that sometimes a manager just needs time and a rub of the green before you think about getting the guillotine out, I don't know what is.
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    Today was a vast improvement since early December, just wish we has a clinical finisher. Would still play Fletcher over Britt. Would be glad to see us move Britt on and us the funds to get a better option in.
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    Exciting news bar the Ayala stuff. Is the Clarke deal still on or is that petering out. It's still early days but Robert's looks like how I remember him at Celtic. If he can keep injury free what a player he is going to be. I wonder why Norwich didnt give him a chance.
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    Sorry I just needed to see kids as off to London tomorrow until saturday. Randolph - West Ham tried to renegotiate with us and wanted a loa as they couldn't be sure with injury... woody said buy or do one basically. Ayala - Injury doesn't look great, ankle still swollen but heads south with squad on Monday. Spence - Negotiations moving forward , all looks positive. 4 prem teams have asked to kept informed of any changes. Howson - pretty much all agreed ... 3yr deal. Britt - lots of loan interest but everyone told the same 10mil or not interested. Robert's - Boro keen to do perm , city open to it , Roberts open to it , prem I test kn summer could be an issue. Transfers in.. Woody and club desperate to get Ben back , player keen even looking at a buy Swiss keeper all agreed apart from medical if Randz goes. Woody wants 2 on top of that if we can do it.
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    I think perhaps it's the difference between playing well and dropping points and playing poorly and getting a point. We've done more of the latter this season than the former. You still have a sense of frustration perhaps but you at least can see that you played well.
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    I agree. Pears needs to work on his flatulence
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    Woodgate confirms post game we're staying down in London for the whole week, and that multiple clubs rejected us when we asked for somewhere to train. We will train at Crystal Palace for the week.
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    Sorry but that’s very harsh. He played well and has done the last few games imo. All over the pitch. What are you expecting from him?
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    Not a bad game. Gutting about the last minute goal though. It's great to have some pace in the team and players willing to run at the opposition, rather than the endless passing backwards. Thought Wing as everywhere today - great goal for him as well. We also discovered what the 'FGS' from the derby forum meant - Fat Granny Snogger... think that was the chant 😉
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    If you'd suggested a 2-2 draw against them a few weeks ago, I wouldn't have believed you. All the wins have made me gready now!
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    Boro flashback - This day 7th January 1984 One of the great cup ties from a dark era Boro 3 Arsenal 2 After going out to Arsenal 3-2 in a 5th round replay the previous season at Highbury after drawing 1-1 at Ayresome Park, we were again drawn at home to Arsenal & Charlie Nicholas, IIRC his 1st FAC game The mighty Boro had beaten Arsenal's London rivals Chelsea 2-1 a few days before in a 2nd division clash & were up for this 3rd cup match Boro gained sweet revenge for last season cup exit in North London running out 3-2 winners in an exciting cup tie that had everything Gary MacDonald scored his 3rd of the season & 5th of his Boro career, MOTM Paul Sugrue, scored his 1st of the season & 4th for the Boro to date & a fantastic bullet header & winner from the late Mick Baxter Boro were awarded a corner at the famous holgate end, I can still see it to this day from my position in the chicken run, Mick Baxter made his way in to the box & waited for the corner to make his move, Paul Sugrue swung in a corner from the right & Mick Baxter rose above everyone & thundered a header in the roof of the Arsenal net to score our 3rd & the winning goal, it was Micks 6th Boro career goal, his 1st of the season, he scored his 1st home goal against Arsenal in 1982 & scored his final home goal against Arsenal For all 3 Boro players who scored this day back in 1984 it was their 1st FAC goal for the mighty Boro I loved the shirt they wore that season Big Mals team Kelham O'Hanlon Darren Wood Tony Mowbray Heine Otto Mick Baxter Irving Nattrass Gary Hamilton Mick Kennedy Gary Macdonald Paul Sugrue Dave Currie Sub Stephen Bell

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