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    We got beat 1-0 away by one of the best teams in the division in our fifth game in eighteen days and fielding a team full of rookies, fringe players, midfielders playing in defence and still managed to hold our own for a decent portion of the game...I think everybody has the right to their own opinion, but some people just seem to want any excuse to criticise. We are very much a work in progress and when most of your best players are inexperienced, they are going to have off days....I remember Pallister being awful in some games, Davey Mills missing sitters and any number of kids being given the runaround by lads who knew enough to make them dive in when they shouldn't. We aren't going to beat everybody but as long as we beat the ones we should, I can live with that.... criticise them when they deserve it, but at least try and balance it by seeing things as they are and not as you would like them to be. I agree Rudy can't play lone striker role and probably is now better as an impact sub, but if sacrificing a game against a team 15 points above us by doing that and ensuring Fletcher, Nmecha and Tav aren't dead on their feet after an hour against Birmingham means we hopefully get a better result Tuesday, then I can live with that.
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    If there a chance of getting Oxford in now for around £2m I would be inclined to do it. Given his age and potential I dont think we stand to lose out with that sort of fee. I can see why fans favour him over a Chester or Gibson as ideally we want to see club slowly building for future and whilst it is good to make use of loan market, if you can add some long term building blocks along the way then great. Talking of the future i see Bola is starting for Blackpool today whilst Marcus Browne on bench for Oxford. Interestingly just noticed both Bola & Browne only turned 22 last month. They are essentially same age as Pears and Coulson who also both turn 22 in next few months. I know Bola and Browne not set the place on fire but I do hope we stick with them. I feel some of our fans, and I am sometimes guilty of this myself, show more patience towards youngsters that come through our academy than we do towards youngsters we signed from other clubs. It was good to see that despite Coulson been given the run around by Knockaert that our fans were accepting he still learning the game. Albeit I fear if that had been Bola last night there would not have been the same level of understanding. Hopefully both come back better players. Given Marvin Johnson is likely to leave in summer, Coulson and Bola as the clubs two left-backs is more than fine with me.
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    Yeah I agree. I’d be enclined to think it’s a better deal than a very expensive deal for Gibson.
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    This topic has been dealt with. Via DM with the person and the myself. It’s now closed and I for one would like to move on, I’m sure most people on here would too.
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    Just got back (found a nice pub after the game). Eerily similar to the spurs game earlier in the week. Preposterous first half full of errors, lying deep and conceding the midfield. Second half was end to end. Boro supporters in full voice, home fans mustering little. Roberts was excellent, he didn't stop running. Fulham looked dead good though, It took us a full half until we could scare them. I'd like to think a draw would have been fair but I think Fulham were just better (and so they should be). Onwards and upwards.
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    £10m? When we are already short at CB? Pull the other one. Rinse them if they are serious, cant afford to lose our only fit CB, no matter what the price. I'd be asking 15m plus Gibbo plus a large sell on fee. If it's a player we cant afford to lose, we shouldn't be giving him away for market value. We would need to replace him plus cover the wages of the new CB plus we probably need another defender on top anyway
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    If the gibson deal goes through, and I'd still be massively shocked if it doesn't, it won't be a bank breaker for the club.
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    what about Reading? IMO Howson in midfield is a waste.. never in the game, doesn't shoot, doesn't tackle.. RB and CB he's been very effective, don't see why we'd move him back up the field.
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    Bamford dives for a penalty, Bamford misses the penalty.
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    Marc Bola has "years left on his contract" in his own words, I don't understand why everyone thought we'd signed him on a 1 year contract.
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    I collected the motifs from the back of jam jars and had several lapel pins of the characters. I can remember the black and white minstrel shows as well. Today even sooty has been consigned to a locked cupboard for fear of offending someone about something.
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    The lovely new politically correct world we live in.
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    While working in Angola some four years ago, it was not uncommon to see children playing with these dolls. Strange how we see it as racist.
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    Not really one to share info but been told tonight there is definite interest in Gibson and both parties want it to happen. This information is from the same guy that told me about Ste Walker starting against Stoke which I posted about in the matchday thread a good few days before. As I say just passing on information but makes it more interesting after Woody’s BBC Tees interview.
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    Why would we get rid of one high earner to bring back another one?
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    Knockaert is one of the best wingers in the league and Coulson won't be the last full back he torments this season.
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    Been reading oneboro again... 👀👀
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    Does he ever get anything right? Half of what he reports about us is complete twaddle.
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    Been doing rehab at Rockcliffe as well... let's see what happens
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    I mean Oxford's on 20k a week with a potential 2 million pound fee at the end if it goes well the Gibson stuff is a completely different ballgame he's on minimum 40k a week plus if there was a potential fee the minimum would be 8-10 million I don't understand why Gibson gets spoke about when every other name we're linked with or are reportedly scouting are just nowhere near that level financially. Reading up on Oxford's season apparently the manager just lost complete faith in him after substituting him on vs Schalke and then late in the game Oxford misplaced a backpass causing them to score the winner and he's been cast out of the starting XI/fringes since there's definitely an interest from them in cashing out on Oxford this month. Even at 20k a week Oxford would be in an upper bracket for us that's why I'm glad it seems like a loan to buy because going forward next season I don't see us having many 20k a week subs around the squad.
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    Got no problems with what He said and how he said it. A lot of reporters tend to give the rookie managers a harder time whilst trembling in front of some of the ‘Big Name’ ones.
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    I agree, there is no point spending money on any more loanees, it would be a waste. We’re not going up, we aren’t going down, we are out of both cups, the season has pretty much ended.
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    I think he’d fair better in a midfield that’s looking to press on than the midfield under Pulis that just sits in and tries to contain. How much better i don’t know but I’d like to see him in there alongside McNair IF we persisted with 3 CBs, which I don’t think we will, even though it probably suits the personnel we’ve got. When we play a back 3 I feel like playing a CDM like clayton is a complete waste.
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    I've not seen the Birmingham interview that may have turned him against her, but I think Woodgate just comes across like a bellend there. Made worse by the fact it's on national tv. I couldn't believe it took so long to bring on Fletcher either, fair enough if the game was out of sight but it was still 1-0 and Gestede was completely useless all game. As superior as Fulham were, we could have stolen a point if his management had been more proactive.
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    Reece Oxford not in the Augsburg matchday squad at all after being involved in every matchday squad until now suggests maybe that one is moving quite quickly? If we can get the rumoured option VVV Venlo negotiated of 2.5 million euros in the summer I think it could be smart business.
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    Any excuse for thus gif 😂
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    Harsh on Saville, he's not a ball winner. His position is transition and supporting attack but his job is much harder without a dynamic ball winner which I am not sure we have in our squad
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    We need two fit central defenders ASAP. That would let McNair and Howson to play in mid field. Both would be better than Clayton and Saville. Clayton and Saville are too slow mentally and psychically to push the game forward.
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    I think if he does go it will be a last minute panic buy for someone
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    Defo will be 2 I think... though was told it's a RB and CB but could be 2 CBs and then Howson can cover RB. No more attackers. Chester on just as much as Gibbo in wages mate.
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    Watched the match, didn't feel like posting along here. We started off badly and it didn't get much better after they scored. Second half was a bit better but honestly, we just looked so tired out there. 3 games in a week will do that to you though. Coulson just had a bad game, it happens. Gestede however, is terrible, has always been terrible for us, and the sooner his contract is up, the better. Spence didn't have the greatest of games either, he looked scared to take his man on and there was a lot of sideways passing. Again, tiredness or maybe he felt a bit intimidated by Fulham, the lad is only young and breaking into the first team and we should remember that. A must win game on Tuesday night now, though.
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    I know i have no right to tell anyone if they should be offended or not but @SmogDane has made it clear what his intentions were with that post. I fully accept his explanation and i think others do too. Therefore i hope we can all move on and this thread can go back to being about tonight's game.
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    I can't honestly understand why anyone would be so bothered about people thinking about promotion. I don't think anyone thinks we'll actually get promoted. It's a possibility, just like relegation, what could possibly grind your gears so much about people thinking about a positive possibility? In what way does that hinder you? Goodness me.
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    By resigning at the end of this one? 🤭
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    I don't know whether I feel good about it because we lost and we deserved to lose. However, I'm not really sure what we are right now so I'm neither getting carried away with a few wins or on a massive downer because of a defeat. Are we a better side than we were two months ago? Yeah, I feel we can say that. Are we a good side? I really don't know. We played well and won a couple of games after playing poorly and winning a couple. But is that just some temporary good form or something more substantial? No idea but I think it needs more games before we know where we're at and I think some people, not everyone, had kind of already decided that we're now a good team, hence some of the disappointment perhaps.
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    Coulson needs some practice games playing against Roberts and Nmecha. Knockaert tied him in knots because he doesn't have enough experience against tricky wingers.
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    Gestede and Clayton are both finished, it’s extremely annoying when a player brings nothing to your team. But it’s another thing when they actually pull you backwards and cause your own side problems
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    We didn't completely suck but we were pretty poor We approached the game completely the wrong way, played rudy up front with roberts off him, that was never going to work as neither presses and rudy is way too static. Our good form has coincided with ashley fletcher being lone striker (and once playing in a 2 with rudy), as he runs well off the ball and presses very well. We were stuck lumping it forward to a static target man who you all well know is indecently bad at jumping and heading the ball. We basically sowed the seeds for our own bad result, and thats what happened. I don't think many would complain if it had been 4-0 instead of 1-0. The scoreline flattered us. I put this down to managerial inexperience, and hopefully the team and managerial team will learn from it.
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    I really hoped he'd play well, but Gestede was absolutely awful. Should have been taken off much earlier.
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    So disappointing tonight. But I guess that’s what you get playing 3 games in 7 days with a tiny squad. Fully deserved win for Fulham and it should have been much much bigger. Gestede should never start again and neither should Clayton. Just let them go in the summer.
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    Just one of those games where we looked tired and against a really good attacking team. It happens, let's regroup and go again tuesday.
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    One of them put up a pic of Steve Gibson and said "I bet the smug smog is pleased with himself now" 😂😂😂
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    Just for recency bias the brentford game and the millwall games were both awfully reffed. Historically I agree with the ones mentioned here, Ronaldo going over the leg of woody was especially frustrating. That and boateng being penalised for protecting his face.
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    Ayala’s disallowed goal away to Birmingham in our promotion season. It could have easily resulted in us missing out on promotion.

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