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    Picture is Legit... was there last night and today... let's see what next week brings... I'm told he has told Dyche and Burnley only one club he wants to join... if he cant he will stay there until the summer. Cant disclose anymore I'm afraid.
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    In that case Fry stays and Gibbo goes on loan elsewhere. I'm not sure what Dyche thinks he would gain from bullying us into selling him a player who doesn't want to go there. Does he really want to sign someone who doesn't want to play for him?
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    Bloody hell mate, is there anything you don't blame Fry for? I'm surprised you haven't suggested he was over in Wuhan a couple of weeks back working on his market stall there 🙄
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    I could be in a career with much greater prospects, financially and otherwise what most would consider more rewarding, than the career I'm in right now. I could have stayed in London doing a job I didn't find that interesting with people and money that was good that could have probably set me up nicely by now. But I'm not driven by those things. It sounds to me like Gibson isn't driven by wanting to just play at the highest level, he wants to do it with us and only us. I suspect if I was in his position, I'd feel exactly the same. Times can be up and down at your hometown club but it's your club and always will be and if you could influence the fortunes of your club, perhaps that's worth more to you than playing in the Premier League at a mid-table side or even beyond. So if you ask if it's a good move for him, it's entirely in the context of his own mindset and beliefs. If he's driven by wanting to play for this club and this club alone, and helping us achieve the things he wants to achieve as an individual, then it's the only move he should want to make. A lot of footballers pursue this mercenary-style career where success is determined by the level you play at and competitions you win but it doesn't mean his own career isn't a success in his own eyes if he doesn't want to pursue that.
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    Absolutely no way should we sell Fry to Burnley 😀
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    Its hilarious seeing all the anti-Dyche stuff. He's become a proper pantomine villain on here and I bet he doesn't give a stuff about us.
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    Imagine replacing a proven championship striker for someone who has never played at this level though. A man who has a worse goal to games record than Britt. Not gonna lie, wouldn't excite me.
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    This day the 25th January 1986 seen Eric McManus loaned from Bradford due to Stephen Pears out for 2 games, was Boro's 3rd loaned keeper, after Stephen Pears & the following season Martin Thomas, made his 2nd & final appearance for the mighty Boro away to Portsmouth in a 1-0 defeat, which was to be Willie Maddrens final away game as manage Willie's final away team as manager Eric McManus Brian Laws Tony McAndrew Tony Mowbray Don O'Riordon Gary Pallister Gary Hamilton Pat Heard Bernie Slaven Archie Stephens Gary Rowell Sub Peter Beagrie
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    I'm not convinced it's the best move for either him or us, and have said so from the start, but I'm very much in the minority. Everyone seems to be expecting things to be the same as they were before he left, and I think both Ben and fans are going to end up disappointed. Coming back will not magically solve everything for Ben, and there is a lot of expectation and therefore pressure being built up around him. It will take a while to regain match fitness and the level he was at in our promotion and premier league seasons, and there are no guarantees he will regain his former level. I would love to be proved wrong, but I think people will end up disappointed like they were after Downing and Woodgate came back as players. It will only take a couple of poor performances for the Facebook fans to turn (some of which would be anger directed at Dyche) and then the crowd gets nervy and he's under more pressure. I think he would be better rebuilding his career somewhere else out of the spotlight, rather than trying to turn back a clock which won't go back to the same place it was.
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    Yeah that's a good point, maybe a move here until the summer wouldn't be disastrous for his career. It would give him a chance to play regularly and get his form and fitness back. I just think he's capable of playing at the top level if he gets himself back to where he was a few years ago. I'm not sure if that would happen with us but maybe he's happy taking that risk if it allows him to move home.
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    He's a Boro fan too, he'll have those rose tinted glasses on as well. But taking the question at face value, I think he's got far more chance of cementing a starting place here than he does at the top of the Championship Leeds or Fulham. Burnley have completely derailed his career, he needs to be playing games week in week out whatever the future holds for him.
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    Yes. He Wants to come home, and only home. As SDS said, he has made that clear to all parties. He had his best times here. He wants that again. Im still confident it will go through just because of this desire. I wonder what the owner will think of Dyche keeping a guy that doesn't want to be there.
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    Maybe he just wants to come home; some players are like that.
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    I think we need to try and get Simpson from Bournemouth, just in case the Gibson deal does not materialise, at the end of the day we need a CB by the end of next week.
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    Why would Steve Gibson be feeling guilty? Over his nephews lack of playing time at Burnley? And why would this put us off dealing with Burnley again? A club wants the best deal it can get for one of its players. Sure that happens in every single deal.
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    Not unless his contract runs out it won't. Fairly sure you can't offer reduced terms and need to wait for the contract to expire then resign them on reduced terms.
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    Could say the same about Ashley Fletcher who is already at the club..
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    And it looks like he can actually control a ball
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    Genuinely thinks he needs to learn the Burnley way. So he paid £15m for someone and tried to change his style. And that’s the Burnley way
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    Thats disappointing, I thought he was referring to his position

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