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    Exactly this. He's been an excellent servant for this club, and I'd love him to stay, but he's not from the area and his only real ties here are his job. If he can get a better paid job down south, in one of the best cities in the world, I wouldn't hold it against him. He hasn't forced a move, and there's nothing bad about leaving when your contract is up.
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    Let’s not try and spin it in saying that Ayala is now wanting to leave. Obviously I don’t know, but I’d imagine if we offered him a decent contract he’d be happy to stay. He could probably double his salary at say Fulham, compared to the rumoured contract he’d be getting here.
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    If as looks likely that Clayton leaves am hoping one of Liddle/Malley/Wearne can breakthrough next season and replace him. We look strong in terms of numbers in middle of park with Paddy Wing Tav Howson and Saville. Hopefully one of the above 3 youngsters can replace Clayton. Full backs with Spence & Dijksteel and Coulson & Bola is good too. Focus will be on two CBs, some attacking midfielders/wide players and a striker to replace Rudy. Or two strikers if Britt goes. Sorry, transfer window only shut 6 days ago and I am already planning for August.
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    To be fair that is a misperception. As i said other day, bar PL season his average appearances record for us is around the 35 odd games a season. Yeah its not ideal on average he misses 10-12 games a season but if he guaranteed me 30+ appearances a season for next few seasons i would be buzzing if he signed up
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    It is said in the early 90's you had to walk the centre of the Reeperbahn for fear of being dragged in by the larger african ladies on show, so a friend tells me !!!
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    Club Secretary is Karen Nelson so I would assume it is her?
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    An interesting mini documentary this, also contains loads of clips of Morrison from various clubs he's been at. It would be amazing if we could unlock him, I for one would love to work with him. Sounds daft, but where we are now as a club, he's our only chance of having a world class player on our books. We've needed a real star since Adama left.
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    You can critizise Woodgate for a lot of things, and I have done that too over the season, but I don't think you can lay into him for throwing people around in positions they are not used to. I appreciate the fact that he has played McNair and Howson on defence, but due to injuries his hands have been a bit tied there. Not much he could have done other than throwing a very young Wood in there (which he ended up doing when our final defender got injured). Apart from that I think he is trying to play players in position where they are best. Tav has been moved more centrally with a license to move forward, Saville and Wing as box-to-box and then Fletcher centrally. Spence and Coulson have been employed as wingbacks which is probably their best positions due to their speed and lack of defensive experience. He is in no way like Pulis putting players in weird postitions. I'd like us to move back to 4 at the back now that we have Fry and Moukoudi and then try and teach Coulson and Spence to play traditional full backs with a bit more emphasis on defensive responsibilities. I reckon Spence could do with a bit more limited responsibility. Think he's looked a bit lost in recent games as there is an awful lot of expectation on his inexperienced shoulders. Get Howson and McNair into midfield too along Wing and Tav and play a diamond with McNair or Howson as the deep lying midfielder and then two strikers up top.
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    What an idiot. Red is rescindet and he only gets a yellow. The comes on a immediatly gets into an argument and get's his second yellow before the ball is kicked. Whan an absolute moron. Bonus: Stuani scored in the match 🙂
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    Yeah I'm holding out for a magical top half finish in a couple of years 👍🏻
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    Ayala isn't signing I'm led to believe.

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