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    You can lead a horse to water you can't make it drink, if the rumour is right and Gibson didn't want to go to Watford then that's his personal choice. Gibson cost £15 million, but your hardly going to re coup anywhere near that from a player who has hardly played a competitive game for Burnley since his move. Burnley took a risk with Gibson it didn't pay off, it would also be a risk for Watford. With regard to the cheap Boro loan deal I honestly can't comment since I'm not in a position to know what the club actually offered. As for your comment on the homeboy, Gibson was superb for us in the Championship, and one of the top CB's in the championship and also our stand out player in our poor season in the PL, I'd have had him here in a heartbeat, he walks into the 1st 11, its all about opinion.
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    Don't Panic Live footage from Rockliffe Park: Harold Moukoudi undergoes intense shooting practice: Assombalonga practices penalties: Meanwhile Woody and Leo work on discipline: But it's going to be fine, right? Surely there's no way the mighty Middlesbrough FC can be dragged into a relegation battle? Up next are bottom of the table dwellers Luton Town. Let's be frank, we should be beating these, but this is a transitional Middlesbrough FC side so who knows what will happen. A loss here and you'd have to expect the dreaded relegation fight, but a win could boost confidence, something we're sorely lacking at the moment. Talking points: Score prediction? Formation? Will Moukoudi make it three own goals in as many games? Has Ravel Morrison been to the Bongo yet? Could the return of Shotton and *ahem* George Friend save our season? When do we panic and bring back Browne and Bola?
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    Here's some good ones I read on here about Fry: Fry doesn't win headers, he's not good in the air. In actual fact he's won more headers per game than any Boro player, including Ayala. Fry gives the ball away a lot. Actually he's ranked 15th in our squad for inaccurate long passes. Ayala, Shotton, Howson, Moukoudi and McNair are all ahead of him and thus give the ball away more in these circumstances. He's 17th for inaccurate short passes, only Ayala and Moukoudi are below him out of the defenders I believe. He's ranked 19th for unsuccessful touches and also for being dispossessed. Ayala and Howson are slightly better than him in that regard but Fry takes the ball out more than Ayala and Howson is a midfielder who should be more comfortable in possession. The difference is something like 0.1 - 0.5 incidents per 90 mins so it's not like there's a significant difference either. He makes more clearances than anyone other than Ayala and given that Ayala is the spare man in the middle that's exactly what I'd expect. Only Ayala gets dribbled past fewer times per game of the regulars - Moukoudi hasn't been dribbled past so far though. Only Shotton and Friend make more blocks than him per game. He also rarely gives away freekicks, something I'd say is at least kinda useful. He doesn't intercept as many passes as I think he should and I believe this is an area of weakness for him and probably where a lot of the stuff about him being crap comes from. I believe this is something that will develop with age however and is one of the reasons I still see the potential in him. He's 22 years old. Ayala is 29, Shotton 31, Friend 32, Howson 31. He's far less experienced than the rest of the defenders. Ayala was 24 when he first signed for us wasn't he? Even Gibson made his debut at an older age than Fry I believe. He's already played a few positions for us and he's playing in a team that isn't exactly playing well at the moment. For some reason though he seems to get more grief than most, maybe it's because he sometimes looks awkward on the ball over on that left hand side? Maybe we should look to play out to our right more often instead of asking him to do it? Statistically, he's probably our best defender overall, it would be between him and Ayala anyway. People might not like that but that's how it is. Perhaps look at the good things he does game after game instead of looking out for bad things whilst also ignoring other defenders making similar or worse mistakes? Moukoudi made a major mistake in the first half against Wigan when the ball got played down their left along the touchline and he tried to see it out or shield it only for their player to get in there first and knock it past him. If Fry had done that he would have been getting pelters but nobody even mentioned it in the match thread from what I could see. We were lucky they couldn't craft a chance from it because it was no better than what happened to Fry against Derby except that they scored from a fluked cross after it in that instance. Not only that but after two own goals, nearly getting himself sent off and other basic mistakes in just two games, people are already on about signing Moukoudi! There's a reason that Fry is being played where he is and Ayala, Moukoudi, Howson, McNair and the rest aren't being asked to play there. It's not because Fry is terrible, it's because Woodgate believes he can better deal with playing there than the others. I think it would be interesting to see Ayala playing as the left sided defender in a three and having to cover Coulson or Johnson. I reckon he'd get shredded more often than not if he had to do the same things Fry is having to do there. I think maybe Moukoudi could do it though because of his athleticism. Could be worth a shot between now and the end of the season.
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    Blackburn got relegated with 51 points the season we were in the Prem. 4 of the last 5 seasons, 42 points has been enough. Comparing both 16/17, 18/19 and this season after ~32 games, the bottom 5 looks like this. 16/17 (Blackburn, Wigan, and Rotherham relegated) 18/19 (Rotherham, Bolton, Ipswich relegated) 19/20 The fact Blackburn managed to claw 21 points from their final 14 games, averaging 1.5 points per game, and still got relegated is quite something. But it does show how difficult it is to drag yourself out of the bottom 3 at this point in the season that 14 out of 15 teams in the bottom 3 after ~32 games have gone down in the last 5 seasons, Rotherham 15/16 the only team to avoid it after getting 23 points from their final 14 games to add to the 29 they already had, nearly doubling their points tally. EDIT - It's also worth adding that Rotherham only pulled down MK Dons into the relegation places, the team who was sat just one position outside the relegation places at 32 games played. It will take something recently unprecedented to drag us down into the bottom 3.
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    Maybe it's because people have/had a higher opinion of Fry than most of our players? His level has dropped this season but I don't think he's been our worst defender... playing on the left sided is probably good for his development to be honest, it might do him well for the rest of his career being challenged in a tough situation and being forced to develop both feet. Moukoudi looked very good in that Wigan game to be fair to him, I think everyone in the stadium thought that ball was going straight out of play before the wind took it. Similar with his own goal, it looked like an awful game to try and defend in for both teams. A game that probably would've ended 0-0 or 1-0 ended up being a 2-2 because of the conditions.
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    I think Saville has been our best player since October. Fans expect more because they thought he was brought in to score goals from midfield, but he offers so much more than that and it's good to see us playing him a bit deeper and breaking and linking up play.
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    No excuses. We're playing the worst team in the league at home. If Woodgate can't put out a team with a coherent game plan to get a win (barring extreme bad luck)... then he really should just give up at this point.
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    Lots of stuff going around ref Gibbo... fell out with Dyche when no transfer materialised and then was sent into U23s but then fell out with the coach there who said he was lazy in training and no wonder he wont make it at Burnley was what I have been told has gone down.
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    I think so but then we signed Fischer and then Ajax signed Ziyech to replace him if I remember rightly.
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    With so many winnable draws I have not a clue which BORO will turn up. Statistically the money would be on a BORO win, but who among us would wager a bet? Of course we are good enough to win and I believe we will, but we are well capable of dramatics that we could shoot ourselves in the foot again, so a good bet would be on a BORO own goal or a sending off.
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    Interesting input from Jon Walters: https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/burnley-middlesbrough-ben-gibson-news-17740954
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    i agree with that @p_mards. I thought Saville was easily the pick off the bunch and none of the other players covered themselves in any great glory. I thought Saville did well in that deeper role and what I like about him there is when he gets the ball his first thought was to look up and try move ball forward. Hope it continues to get better. Paddy been off the boil lately but hoping he can put in a more dominating performance v Luton.
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    Yeah, as paradoxical as it sounds, he was awful aside from him scoring two 25 yarders. Our central midfielders don’t do the basics of the role we’ll enough. Well, other than Saville who has been brilliant lately.
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    I agree with you, but Barnsley are now the worst team. We need to be beating both.
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    1. Let's say 3-2 to us. We're basically the same team we were when we played Luton in August, so we'll score some decent goals and concede some howlers. 2. Who the f**k knows any more. Probably a 2-3-1-2-2 (be honest, you counted them to make sure they added up to ten, didn't you?) 3. I hope not. He could potentially become a really dynamic CB, commanding the box and breaking forwards with pace to launch counter-attacks, but his confidence doesn't need more knocks. 4. When it's time to party, he will party hard. So probably, yes. 5. No. 6. Never. You don't cure a migraine by cutting your own head off. Well, technically you do cure the migraine, but the price you pay is unnecessarily steep.
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    As a LB you need to make a better attempt to stop the cross and as a free roaming CB as Moukoudi was marking Kiefer Moore it's your job to cover the space across the front post. That's just my opinion and then If Moukoudi doesn't go for the header and leaves it as Fry did , Moore scores a tap in.
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    We don't do very well against teams who aren't confident, either. Basically, we don't do very well full stop. Luton's players must be licking their lips after watching us last night.
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    were deffo in a position of having to beware of getting relegated for me, that comes as no real suprise given the choice of manager the top man made. woodgate is a boy in a mans world and the way things have materialised adds smoke to that fire. its almost like woodgate recieves a special gift from a rich uncle but being not the brightest star in the sky and having a destructive nature ,he is way too thick and clumsy to work out how to operate the gift, how to look after it and how to understand how it even works in the first place. the first three months after getting it he coulnt get his brain round how it works and how to assemble it properlythen he resorts to just pressing every button blindly to see what happens amd miraculously he stumbles upon a setting that provides a good performance ,but then being both thick and destructively inclined he fiddles once again thus breaking it . how many children have had to be told in the past.....dont keep fiddling about with it ,youll break it. it was a breakage waiting to happen and maybe the issue of blame lies with the gift being given to the wrong person in the first place so the rich uncle carries the can on that maybe he is just a bad judge of people and thier abilities to succeed. having said all that theres other problems within the club ,notably the recruitment and scouting personnel , the coaching staffand the players themselves. to single out a few players i,d mention firstly the midfielders , we have plenty to choose from but amazingly there all ,at present completely devoid of both affectin our attack and preventing teams attacking us . Clayton was argueably the best defensive midfielder in this division under Karanka but these days hes slow across the ground ,offers nothing offensively (or anything beyond half way) and seems to have completely forgotten how to cover for othersand spot danger, which were his top attributes. Mc nairand Saville were bought when not needed and never seem to do any thing of note Howson ,this season has proved to be a valuable player but not in the way many hoped or even envisaged with midfielder abilities. he slots in quite adequately as a makeshift defender and im not sure anyone saw that coming, unfortunately and blaming nobody ,we lost our first choice goalkeeper and again possibly the best in this division but PEARS and Mejijas cant have filled anyone with confidence as replacements defenders, in a season littered with doom and gloom what a welcome plus point or at least something to give a modicum of optomism is the emergence of Spence and Coulson, flint leaving was also a positive in my eyes. so that leaves AYALA who by default of Randolph leaving and the sheer inadequcies of the others ,still may walk away easily with player of the season , hes had off days, but escapes ridicule imo. FRY on the other hand has suddenly become poor in every dept defensively and his value has possibly nosedived in many poeples minds. i still think theres a good player there and would put his drop in performance down to having to operate on the left side of the CD rather than his obviously preferred right . up front theres always been a problem but surely its time to put Britt and us fans out of misery and try someone new. Fletcher unsuprisingly to me has got a teeny weeny bit better of the remaing players Tav and Wing come out with a little bit of praise as they have showed a will to move forwards rather than sideways or backwards at odd times. Shotton i can cope with either keeping or letting go. anyone else not mentioned as yet doesnt warrant a mention.
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    I feel if i dont share this next stat i am jinxing us to lose at home so here goes. If my research is correct Luton have played 16 away games. Losing 14 and winning 2. They not won (or drew a game for that fact) away from home since end of Sept. We not lost at home since mid Oct. There. I said it. I could not bear the burden of carrying that stat with me for next 3 nights. By sharing it i hope the stat continues.
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    Is Nmecha a scizo? 😄
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    😗 Oh good the threads getting interesting.
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    What are we transitioning to? That's my question.
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    The defense is far from blameless, but the main problem is the midfield, if you keep losing the ball, and stray passing you end up putting the defense under unnecessary pressure, its exactly the same when we sit far too deep and invite pressure, that again is either down to the midfield or poor instructions coming from the touchline
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    I'm concerned about relegation this season and also next season even if we keep up this season. The amount of soft goals that we have conceded this season is pathetic. The reason we can't string a consistent run of form or even a consistent 90 minutes is because we aren't organised enough to keep clean sheets, especially with the protection that our defence gets from midfield. It's amateur stuff. There's no way that we'd have conceded the goals against Wigan under a high quality coach like Karanka. Gibson has essentially given his mate Woodgate the job for the foreseeable future unless we're looking in serious danger of relegation. We're not a serious club that is striving for promotion. It's like your boss as work leaving and being replaced by the apprentice, who will need several years to POSSIBLY get up to an adequate standard. We simply don't have years to let drift away in the hope that Woodgate turns out to be good enough.
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    This Gibson thing could be simply that Burnley are gone on their winter break for warm weather training and Ben wasn’t invited along so he has permission to train with Boro for the week rather than the Burnley youngsters? There might be no conspiracy at all
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    I agree but given the squad and a rookie manager in charge, its the type of bet a bookie laps up, they slip up now and again but they love the mug punter, its why they're billionaires.
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    As far as bets on daft things go, you could have had plenty of laughs on the 5000/1 on Leicester at the time too. But that's the risk, those are the odds and if you're to win off it, someone has to beat the odds. There's a reason we were 33/1 and why he'd have won a wonderful £1.7k back from it if it had come off. Because it wasn't impossible to happen, just improbable.
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    Sat 15:00 Cardiff, Derby, Middlesbrough, Nottm Forest & Sheff Wed all to finish in the top half @ 16/1 Had this bet Jan Come on Boro 😁
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    Nice opening post. I'm proud of you, son 😢
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    Pizza delivery to the Boro dressing room... Woody giving a press briefing outside the Riverside...
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    Luton Town's first visit to the Riverside Stadium almost 25 years since being the last team to play Ayresome Park!
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    Over the last ten years 42/43 points has been enough although there has been two occasions of teams going down on 51 & 54. So there is a chance we may only need another 6 or 7 points, it would take a disastrous run not to achieve this! Get some results and end this talk!!
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    Boro flashback - This day 7th February 1987 Boro 1 Bristol Rovers 0 Paul Kerr, our 1st cash signing after liquidation which was £50k, made his league home debut this afternoon wearing the No9 shirt & his 3rd game for the mighty Boro, which included an FAC debut in our home defeat to Preston, a 3-0 win at Bury the week previous & this day If it was a good day for Paul Kerr it wasn't for Brian Laws, as the game was goalless Boro were awarded a penalty at the holgate end, Lawsy took the spot kick & put the ball wide of the goal & at that moment went down clutching his knee, after medical attention in the Bristol goalmouth Brian Laws was taken from the field & replaced with sub Alan Kernaghan, Lawsy was to play no part in the remainder of the 3rd division campaigne The Boro were finding it hard to break down Rovers stubborn defence until Colin Cooper chased a lost cause & put the ball across for Stuart Ripley to score the only goal of the game & 3 points in the bag & 3 wins on the bounce Bruce's team Stephen Pears Brian Laws Colin Cooper Tony Mowbray Gary Parkinson Gary Pallister Bernie Slaven Archie Stephens Paul Kerr Gary Gill Stuart Ripley Sub Alan Kernaghan
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    Luton won which will give them confidence going into the weekend and lord knows we don't like teams with confidence!

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