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    I wouldn’t say it’s a farce. It demonstrates a flexible approach. They don’t have all the answers and are reacting to new data that is arriving daily. They had to push a statement out when they did as to hold back would have drawn widespread criticism about inactivity and gambling on the public’s health. Yesterday saw the single biggest increase of confirmed cases and the first death in Scotland, so the goal posts had moved again. We as a country and a world are all making it up as we go along as we’ve never faced anything like this before. Yes we’ve historic examples of epidemics/pandemics before but not coupled with problems and conditions that today adds, over population, an ageing population and the ability to travel the distances we can. The fragile state of the NHS also needs to considered. A cut in funding needs to take it’s part of the blame, but also the massive misuse and burden the public have bestowed upon it. Using it for a drop in centre for routine non emergency treatment when they could have tried other means rather than A&E as a first port of call for example. Economical protective measures need to be put in place also as if we cripple that all issues will be further exasperated. Do I think the government have got everything right? No I don’t but I don’t think any party would have. One thing I am pretty certain of, is that it’s going to get worse before it gets better and they are going to be a lot of scared people. The media both conventional and social will have a huge part to play so I hope they conduct themselves professionally and responsibly rather than the sensationalist agenda they tend to portray in recent years. Im not religious but try to find reassurance or comfort in whatever medium that works for you and look for positive, effective measures rather than blame All in all I hope everyone in the oneBoro community (and wider of course) stay safe. Look after your loved ones and maybe keep a eye out for the more vulnerable who may be out on a limb so to speak. (NB this post started as a reply to your post but quickly evolved into a message to all. Don’t take it personally 👍)
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    There was a danish scientist yesterday who explained fairly well why they are doing it the way they are in Britain. In short there is a “text book” plan on pandemic that describes what to do at what stages. Doing things too early won’t help and currently Britain are following that line and there is nothing wrong with the way they are doing it. You can’t just compare with a country that is at a different level. The public needs to stop whipping up a frenzy. There are experts in the area advising the government on how to go about it and are also taking advice from the international community of scientists.
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    The uk strategy is different from everywhere else which is a risk but I think it makes more sense. Other countries are trying to entirely shut down and hope the virus goes away but in all likelihood once they relax this it will come back and they are back at square 1. We seem to be trying to get mass immunity by allowing it to spread slowly at a rate the nhs can cope with, then over a period of time the country gets herd immunity protection and it doesn’t come back in a big way. Risky but potentially smart.
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    Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, I have finally had some time to have a really good look at our financial accounts for the period upto June 2019 (The 2018-2019 season). As a word of warning this will be a post that is very number heavy. I apprieciate this will not be a thread that is everyone's cup of tea, but as far as I am aware, no-one has a gun to your head making you read this. The Facts: Turnover: In the latest figures released for the 2018/2019 season turnover was £55,643,000. Compare that to the 2017/2018 season's figure of £61,996,000, we have a decrease of 10.25%. *Cost of Sales: Our figures for the 2018/2019 season haven't really changed all that much compared to the 2017/2018 season (they actually increased by less than 1%). This is a little concerning as you'd expect a business to cut costs to fall in line with a reduction in turnover. I'll look at the wages aspect of this in more detail, but because there is not breakdown in expenses (like the turnover), it would be pure guess work as to why our cost of sales has remained high. Admin Expenses (Including **Amortisation): For the 2018/2019 season total admin expense was £34,233,000. Compare that to the 2017/2018 season's figure of £30,982,000, we have a increase in admin expenses of 10.49%. So turnover has dropped by 10% and admin expenses have increased by 10%, so far things aren't looking great. Profit on Sale of Registrations: This is effectively the profit we have made on selling players, but it is a little more complicated. At the time of sale a player will have a net book value - NBV for short (this is going back to amortisation). If a player has a NBV of £1,000,000 and we sell him for £2,000,000, we will record this as £1,000,000 and then wipe the NBV off the accounts (I'll look at this later on). For the 2018/2019 season this figure was £33,225,000, compare that to the 2017/2018 season's figure of £15,335,000, and we have doubled the money made. This £17,890,000 increase from last year has more than made up for the £6,353,000 drop in turnover and £3,251,000 increase in admin expenses. Profit/(Loss) before Taxation: All the above factors including a few of the omitted items (Other operating income and interest payable) lead us to ending up with a profit for the year of £2,012,000. Compared to last year's figures of a loss of £6,396,000, this is a good result financially. Further Breakdown of Figures: Turnover (Detailed): Looking at the turnover breakdown for the 2018/19 season, all areas of turnover decreased compare to the 2017/18 season (with exception of Sponsorship and Competition money, which actually increased). Income from gate receipts dropped by 14.89% (Probably due to not having a play-off game, like the season before, and also the attendances dropping) and merchandising was down by 11% also. Broadcasting income was down by 12.21% (£5,652,000), this was mainly due to our parachute payments reducing from £41,600,000 in the 2017/18 season to £34,900,000 for the 2018/19 season. Wages and Salaries: Wages and Salaries are included in the cost of sales figure, but I think it is important to seperate them out. In the 2017/18 season our Staff costs (Including Social Security and pension costs) were £48,707,000. For the 2018/19 season they were reduced by 17.62% to a figure of £40,125,000. Between the beginning of July 2018 and the end of June 2019 we saw the following first teamers leave; Barrangan, Cranie, Mejias, Fabio, Bamford, Gibson, Traore, De Sart, Ripley and Leadbitter. We also brought in the following first teamers; Flint, McNair, Saville, Mikel, Hugill, Besic, Batth, Mcqueen and La Parra. Those player movements allowed us to reduce the wage bill by £8,582,000. *Cost of Sales - This figure will normally include any cost that is directly contributed to making a "sale". In a manufactoring business this will include, direct labour and raw materials. For us management staff and player wages will be included in this figure. **Amortisation in this sense is the original transfer fee for a player split evenly over the years of their contract. For example Saville was signed for £8,000,000 on a 4 year deal. Each accounting year will include £2,000,000 (£8,000,000 / 4) worth of amortisation for him. Saville's NBV will decrease for each passing year. Analysis: Turnover: For the 2019/2020 season our turnover is going to drop by a huge amount. We will no longer have any parachute payments, so we are looking at taking away £34,900,000 from the turnover for 2018/2019. Plus if our average attendance drops this season we are going to see a drop in gate receipts. This is before we factor in the relatively new prospect of the rest of this season being postponed and or scrapped entirely. As an estimate I'm expecting to see us with a turnover of between £20,000,000 - £25,000,000. Cost of Sales (Wages): With our transfer activity and our player turnover, I would expect that our wage bill will drop off considerably in the 2019/2020 season. I wouldn't be surprised to see it drop down to a similar level to our (estimate 2019/20) turnover. Between July 2019 and June 2020 we have seen the following first team players leave; Downing, Dimi, Braithwaite, Randolph, Flint, Mikel, Hugill, Besic, Batth, Mcqueen and La Parra. Plus any players that leave this summer will also reduce the wage costs, but that won't be fully reflected until the set of accounts that covers the 2020/2021 season. Admin Expenses (Including **Amortisation): I would, like the wages, expect this figure to also drop in the next set of accounts due to us being able to remove amortisation for players we no longer have. This will help to reduce our expenses in the accounts and thus will have a direct impact the end profit/(loss) figure in the next set of accounts. Profit on Sale of Registrations: This figure is also something that has a big impact on our profit/(loss) figure for the end of the year. I expect in the next set of accounts that this figure is considerably lower than the current figure. Mainly due to us not getting 8 figure fees for players like we did in the 2018/2019 season, but also due to certain players having a similar NBV to what we sold them for (Flint and Braitwaite IMO). Compare this to us selling Gibson for £15,000,000 with him having no NBV in return (due to us not paying any transfer fee for him). His transfer would contribute £15,000,000 in profit. What does this mean for FFP (Profit and Sustainability)? FFP is judged on a 3 year rolling basis, so the 2017/2018, 2018/2019 and the 2019/2020 seasons, will all be included in the 3 year rolling assessment. So in the 2017/2018 we made a lost of £6,396,000, but then in 2018/2019 we made a profit of £2,012,000, so we have a net loss of £4,384,000. This looks good for the first 2 seasons in the assessment as we are permitted to lose upto £39,000,000 over the 3 seasons. As it stands we can afford to post a loss of £34,616,000 for the 2019/2020 season, without running the risk of being punished. But remember FFP is a rolling assessment, so once the new season 2020/2021 starts we will be judged on the results from 2018/2019 (Profit of £2,012,000), the 2019/2020 season (loss of upto £34,616,000) and the 2020/2021 season. We would only be allowed to lose upto £6,396,000 in the 2020/2021 season, before hitting the £39,000,000 limit. This is where in my opinion the club will potentially struggle, we are really trying to cut costs this season so that we have some leeway (in terms of profit/(loss)) so that in future assessments we are able to post losses without the risk of punishment. Just to add to this, those figures i've posted in regards to the FFP section, will change as there are exemptions to certain expenses in the FFP rules. So potentially the profit that is stated in the accounts, will be a higher figure when used for FFP as we can remove certain expenses (like academy costs) for FFP, but we can't remove them for accounting practices. Anyone that reads this far well done. Took me a little time to compose, but if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. ❤️
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    It's tough for the elderly, and also those that are at higher risk (immuno-compromised, or underlying health conditions) as it completely destroys the fabric of their social existence. Just remember to reach out and call people, even use video calling if its an option. And spare a thought for the parents trapped with small children for the foreseeable future!
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    Thing is, I'm not too fussed as I never expected us to beat Swansea. Doesn't make the subs look any better, though his hands were a bit tied when we were forced to bring Leo on for Stojanovic. It was enough of a shock to see him on the bench, and that he'd chosen the #69 to wear. Did anyone else notice Mark Page have a bit of a giggle when he read the subs out?
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    I actually think we will be far better next season. Robert's will be massive, Gibson and Moukoudi at the back solid. All the youngsters coming through with another years experience.
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    Or alternatively should Erimus just take the sole blame for the suspension of all sport in the world?
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    Given that there won't be any football, for a little while at least, I wondered if a thread like this could be worthwhile for those who still want their Boro fix? It's not to be confused with the Erimus on this day thread. It's just a thread to talk about things in Boro's past, get some vids up and that kind of thing. It can be anything, favourite seasons, favourite games, worst seasons/games, memorable games for you personally, great games in Boro's history, whatever really. If it's a daft idea or nobody is interested then feel free to delete the thread mods 👍
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    Boro v Swansea is another massive game & another vital 3 points as the mighty Boro try & drag themselves away from the wrong end of the championship, after the magnificent away result at Charlton last week, a win that enabled us to jump out of the botom 3, leapfrogging Charlton, Hull & Wigan & within touching distance of Huddersfield & Stopke above us, the Championship looks a lot more friendlier than a few weeks back Swansea, sitting in 11th place on 53 points are winless in the last 3 games & pushing for playoff points, the Boro & Woodgate will still be bouncing after last weeks away win have good news on the injury front with the possible return of Dael Fry & Patrick Roberts from injury, both could be included in the match day squad v Swansea on Saturday The 1st home fixture v Swansea City was on the 26th August 1926, Boro losing 3-0 This will be the 22nd Boro v Swansea fixture on Teesside, with the following record:- Won - 12 Drew - 5 Lost - 4 Goals scored - 57 Goals against - 27 Did you know: 17th January 1995 FAC 3rd round replay - Boro 1 Swansea 2 the last FAC fixture at Ayresome Park -13,940 18th December 1926 Boro 7 Swansea 1 - George Camsell scored 4 goals 21st March 1959 Boro 6 Swansea 2 - Brian Clough scored 4 goals After signing for Middlesbrough on a wage of £25 a week, Mel Nurse made his debut against Grimsby Town in a 4–3 victory. Within a week of joining the Boro he was made captain, during a night out in his time at the Boro, Mel Nurse was once mistaken for train robber Ronnie Biggs, he was pulled over by police & questioned before his real identity was established We've played Swansea in the 1st divison, PL, 2nd divison, 3rd divison, FAC & LC, only the 4th divison we not played Swansea Some players who played for both clubs: Bill Harris - Born in Swansea, signed but never made any appearances, signed for Middlesbrough & between 1954 - 65 played 378 games, scoring 72 goals Mel Nurse - 256 appearances for Boro scoring 19 goals, 113 for Swansea scoring 8 goals Phil Boersma - One time Boro's record signing made 47 appearances for the Boro scoring 3 goals, 18 for Swansea scoring one goal John Mahoney One time Boro's record signing made 77 appearances for the Boro scoring 2 goals, 110 for Swansea scoring one goal Dimi Konstantopoulos - Played 4 games on loan in season 2008-09, played 98 games for the Boro between 2013-2019 Danny Graham - 33 appearances for the Boro, scoring 7 goals, 54 appearances for Swansea scoring 15 goals Leroy Lita - 78 appearances for the Boro scoring 20 goals, 18 for Swansea scoring 2 goals Marvin Emnes - 141 appearances for the Boro, scoring 24 goals , 11 appearances over 2 different seasons scoring 3 goals, one being a match winner v Cardiff Kyle Naughton - 15 appearances on loan for the Boro, no goals, 151 for Swansea scoring 3 goals Connor Roberts - A season long loan from Swansea last only one loan appearance for the Boro, his contract was terminated & he returned to Swansea, 66 games for Swansea, scoring 5 goals Last time we beat Swansea at home was on the 17th december 2-16 a 3-0 PL win, too long ago, lets put it right & lets get our 1st back to back win of 2020
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    The happiest moment of my life right there
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    I think Forshaws goal was the goal that got us promoted as dropped points could have given Brighton the advantage for the rest of the season. It's probably the most I have celebrated a Boro goal bar the Basel/Steaua games. It's just a shame we managed to Boro up the next few seasons and find ourselves where we are.
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    I don't know. I quite like the 9-0-1 formation. Credit to woody for trying something new
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    In terms of time frame BU, Erimus74 should beat your winning run! How thrilling...……….not! What a pity this has happened because in my fantasy game Clayton scored a brace!
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    From a purely epidemiological point of view, it is a sensible approach. Time will tell whether it is a smart move in reality. The approach is dependent on the virus staying largely the same (enough for our immune systems to recognise that they have antibodies against it and for those antibodies to work correctly) and on our being able to keep those who are most vulnerable away from the virus until herd immunity has developed. If the virus mutates significantly (it is a coronavirus which is the same family as the common cold and the cold virus mutates a lot) then when other countries lift restrictions and get a second peak the new version could re-enter here and we'd be back to square one. If that happened, the countries with a second peak and mutated version of the virus would be totally screwed as it would go round everyone again if it was significantly different. The approach being taken also depends on people being willing to do things like reducing their contact with those who are most vulnerable to serious complications from the virus. I fear the old 'family first' motto may put paid to that if people are unwilling to stop visiting vulnerable relatives in care homes etc because they have a right to do what they want with their relatives and seeing them is more important in their eyes than protecting them from this unknown thing they haven't understood.
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    Shame your effort has gone to waste @Erimus74. Hope we can revive the thread later in the year when the game happens
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    A picture says a thousand words Oldman 😂
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    I think this one is already finished. But no idea when the next one will start. Could be next year.
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    It's not Woody i'm bothered about, it's our recruitment team.
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    I have 5 MM as I had Ighalo for first goal scorer in the man utd game and he scored the first goal
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    Thanks for the explanation, I didn't know when they would put those expenses in. Cheers for taking the time to go through the accounts!
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    Cyprusboro.. 2 h Istanbul Basaksehir 1v0 Copenhagen...( Visca) 1 d Olympiakos 1v1 Wolves........................( Jimenez) 0 d Rangers 1v3 Bayer Leverkusen............( Morelos) 0 h Wolfsburg v Shakhtar Donetsk...........( Brekalo) p h Inter Milan v Getafe............................( Mata) p h Sevilla v Roma...................................( Munir El Haddadi) 0 h Eintracht Frankfurt v FC Basel...............................( Kamada) 1 a LASK v Manchester United..............( Fernandes) Total.. 4 ++++++++++++++ Blanco. 1 H Istanbul B 1v0 Copenhagen (Cornelius) 0 A Olympiakos v Wolves (Jota) 2 A Rangers v Bauer Leverkusen (Havertz) 0 H Wolfsburg v Shaktar Donetsk (Weghorst) p H Inter Milan v Getafe (Lukaku) p H Sevilla v Roma (De Jong) 0 H Eintracht Frankfurt 0v3 Basel (Andre Silva) 2 A LASK 0v5 Man Utd (Ighalo) Total.. 5 ++++++++++ Yes well I was just checking to see if you were awake Blanco.. 😄 Well done by the way at least now I only have the final to sort out. Has you will see there are no fixtures just yet in the Europa or the Champions League. Another Cup Final bloody hell mate you should be going into the OneBoro records books if you are no careful. Any chance you could apply for the Boro managers job once Woody gets the tintac at the end of the season.
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    Must have took time to put that together. Very well expained. Great job. So we are not totally broke (yet) but certainly cannot afford anymore flop signings.
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    From a football impact, the season is over guys, time to face this. There is simply no scope to continue the season beyond its current boundary without compromising it. Player contracts run until June 1st, as do loan agreements. If the season were to be extended over the summer months, the integrity of the competition is gone because the squads will be different. You couldn't force any club to loan a player through an extended season and you couldn't force players to stay with a club once the contract has run out. From a club perspective, they will all lose income, which may tip some teams over FFP, and it may push some teams into financial meltdown. Even when the season restarts, it's likely to have an impact on the gates, people may be adverse to large crowds. From a player perspective, they will lose money, lack of appearance money may impact some players down the ladder and put their homes at risk. It's a mess
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    Sending my best wishes to your good lady then 👍
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    They can try...I doubt they will get much joy. As long as the Leagues work work out a plan to finish the season, there won't need to be any legal challenges. Will likely require a lot of re-scheduling, but I think it could still be done...unless they decide to postpone all fixtures until June/July, in which case it'll probably be too late. But given a global pandemic is something that is beyond everyone's control, if the season ends now, clubs will just have to suck it up and deal with it.
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    No issues here Joe however in your introduction you have pretty much stated what most Boro fans have known throughout their supporting lives. Recall marching bands, but that does not count! However rumour has it that we were going to play "the dance of the sugar plumb fairies" because so many of our players seemed to be dancing on tippy toes In answer to your question when "pigbag" first became the music of choice my son had got himself a CD with maybe four different versions of the song which would be constantly played throughout a 240 drive to Middlesbrough and depending on result the journey back. Many times I wished we would play "the bongo song"
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    I’m not convinced that it has been under funded but more like badly run and over abused

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