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    There's an air of simply, we don't have enough time to discuss the potential ramifications for taking any strategy. We have to go with the best we've got right now. The global economy isn't gonna bust overnight through delays, it's gonna need stabilising in parts for sure but I don't think there's a country in the world ready to deal with this pandemic. We seem to have some idea which direction we need to go into to be more ready for it and delaying for time to put us in that position, in my eyes, seems like a pretty good plan. If I compare that to my industry, say you're coming to crunch time on a project and final submissions are coming close but you have a catastrophe happening around you. You can either make dog-*** quick decisions or you can buy yourself some time to come up with a better plan. As it is, delaying is potentially going to allow the health service to manage emergency care requirements and allowing industry to get involved and start building more equipment and capacity needed to cope with more cases, never mind that it gives the people at the top time to think about a better, longer term strategy and put it in place, rather than just snapping their fingers at the first idea that comes forward to take the fight to the virus. Saying that by the start of June, the virus would have burned out is not a suitable justification for allowing our health service to be overrun for 2-3 months as we watch 1000s of people die. It's certainly not a judgement a political system should make overnight. Of course the virus isn't going away if we delay, that has literally never been the point. Good luck leading a country as a democratically elected representative when you tell people "We need to let people die to win this battle".
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    I've spent the last few days battling Coronavirus! Obviously I can't be definitive about that til the home testing comes out, but I have five of the seven most common symptoms according to the WHO, and my wife has six - including the top three. It's the first time in my life a dry cough has then turned productive, the first time I've felt breathless other than while walking around in really hot climates, etc. On the upside, assuming I test positive next week or the week after for the antibodies, I can honestly say it's not a patch on flu. I've been able to work from home insofar as there's still work to do, only missed a few meals, and though I feel pretty crap, I'm still functioning. The lack of sleep from all the coughing is the worst part. I'm also attempting to register as an NHS volunteer, but healthcare is devolved to Scotland and the SNP cannot bear to copy a good idea the English came up with first, so there's no opportunity to do so yet. At least I shouldn't have to worry about catching Coronavirus if I'm running in and out of chemists and supermarkets for people. When I'm not trying to catch up on sleep, I am reading a lot more. Dominic Sandbrook has just published a brilliant book called Who Dares Wins, about Thatcher's first term in office. There's loads of football references (he's a massive Wolves fan), and lots of wry humour. Highly recommended if you're interested in the history of modern Britain.
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    Speaking of Boksic, it took me years to realise why my wife always called him Canesten............
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    For those who like football documentaries. The Sir Bobby Robson one on netflix is brilliant. What a great guy he was.
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    You know why, CT is an expert at drawing people into arguments that they never wanted to be in or feel that strongly about in the first place! Its actually impressive.
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    This is my biggest struggle too, trying to organise a team remotely is a full time job, cant get anything done!
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    Good point - nobody seems to know how long the virus can live on specific surfaces, and even someone who's recovered from it could transmit new germs unwittingly. This whole thing has made me realise what manky gets some people are, like the woman a fortnight ago at soft play who kept coughing upwards all the time instead of into a hanky. I'd never really thought about how many germs may be lingering on every public surface we come into contact with. I've always been pedantic about washing my hands thoroughly whenever possible, but I could easily become totally paranoid about contagion and secondary infection if I sat down and thought about it for long enough...
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    1 ☘️🚗🚗 = Shamrock Rovers 2 🐚🔥 = Shellbourne 3 ⬇️🍖💯 = Southampton 4 ⚫️🏊‍♂️ = Blackpool 5 🎥🌌 = LA Galaxy 6 🔴⭐️🛎🅰️ = Red Star Belgrade 7 💜💜 = Hearts 8 👨🏻♟🥄🇺🇳 = Manchester United 9 🐺🚶🏻🚶🏻 = Wolverhampton Wanderers 10 🚣🏻👩‍👦‍👦 = Roma 12 🗼✝️🇩🇪 = PSG 13 👁❌ = Ajax 14 🗽🔴🐂🐂 = New York Red Bulls 15 🔮🏰 = Crystal Palace Little bit embarrassed how long it took me to get Ajax 🤦‍♂️
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    @RiseAgainst all the best mate. Hope you feel better soon. This isnt particularly aimed at you, but something i think we all need to remember: Even if you get positive antibody test results, be aware that you could still pass the virus around on your hands. E.g if you touched a door handle that had the virus on, then touched an item that you were collecting for a vulnerable neighbour who hasn't had the virus already etc.
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    Hope you get well soon @RiseAgainst and the family too. Glad to hear its not too impactful! My routine is nothing like Uwe's, I'm fully working from home so I'm at my desk in front of a computer from about 08:30 until 18:30 or so. Certainly not a holiday here! I'm busier than ever trying to manage a team remotely, sucks up so much time.
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    Thank you for sharing and hope that you and your family recover from all of this, please let us know the test results. This might encourage others in the same situation, I think many of us will get it without knowing unless they do speed up testing. Well done on the NHS situation I guess they will wait for a while taking you on
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    Someone hath posted this little quiz on fmttm. I enjoyed working my way through it. I guess it might come in handy for some of you lot who are locked away quarantining. Work out the teams 1 ☘️🚗🚗 2 🐚🔥 3 ⬇️🍖💯 4 ⚫️🏊‍♂️ 5 🎥🌌 6 🔴⭐️🛎🅰️ 7 💜💜 8 👨🏻♟🥄🇺🇳 9 🐺🚶🏻🚶🏻 10 🚣🏻👩‍👦‍👦 12 🗼✝️🇩🇪 13 👁❌ 14 🗽🔴🐂🐂 15 🔮🏰 There was an 11, but my phone wouldn't display the emoji. Enjoy. Edit - Uwe has the answers down below 👇 so don't look until you've finished if you want to kill some time with this.
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    He is Irish billy. He just speaks with a funny Scottish accent 😂
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    I’m enjoying it, time to chill out, read some books, play some guitar, discover new music and create a few playlists, catch up on some TV series I’ve missed out on. No shopping, no pressure to hang out with anyone, still got a full tank of fuel in my car. I may not be earning money at the moment, but I’m sure as hell not spending much either!
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    You’ll be telling us next that Bernie Slaven was Irish.
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    • don't see Willie Maddren's name....fairly sure he was in the team though
    • In the newspaper report  for this game the Boro team is given as:   Williams, Woodham, Jones, Stiles. Spraggon, Boam, Downing, Mills, Hickton, Vincent, Laidlaw.  Subs - Gates, McMordie, Stone. Williams and Woodham mean nothing to me. I assume that Williams is a misprint and that it was actually Whigham (especially as David Mills is also referred to as Hills) but does anyone remember Woodham?   Hibs' team was - Price, Brownlie, McKewan, Stanton, Black. Blackley, Stevenson, Hamilton, Baker, Cropley, Duncan.  Subs - Pringle, O'Rourke, Graham. A future Boro player in there!
    • (Apologies to Erimus for referencing matches he's previously referred to - we haven't played on 7 August very often!) August 7th 1971 Boro 4 Hibernian 2  (Yes, Erimus - Hibs again!) Boro looked in fine fettle a week ahead of the 1971/72 season as they swept aside Hibernian more comfortably than the scoreline suggests. New signings Stuart Boam and Nobby Stiles appeared to be settling in well. Boam bought more presence to the defence, albeit looking hesitant at times, while Stiles used his experience to control the game from the middle of the park before coming off at half time. He said that he had done so partly to give someone else a run out and partly to have a look at the team from a trainer's perspective and that having done so he had a feeling that it wouldn't be too long before he was playing at Old Trafford again. As it turned out, he was right, but only because Boro drew Manchester United in the FA Cup later in the season. Against Hibs, Boro were 4-0 up by the interval as Hibs' young goalkeeper, who was only playing because their new first choice keeper's international clearance papers hadn't arrived, was regularly left stranded by his statuesque defence. John Hickton helped himself to a hat trick and Joe Laidlaw chipped in with another. Hickton got the first after just two minutes with a glancing header from a free kick from wide on the left. It was 2-0 after five minutes after a goalmouth mix up allowed Laidlaw to score off the post. Laidlaw turned provider after 20 minutes, crossing from the right for Hickton to head home, and Big John completed his hat trick on 35 minutes with another simple header. Boro relaxed in the second half, allowing Hibs to make the score more respectable with two quick headed goals of their own. The first came from Joe Baker after 52 minutes, with second half substitute Hazel adding the second on 58 minutes. All in all though, a good performance by Boro. They now had a midweek friendly with Benfica to look forward to (which famously brought back together Stiles and Eusebio) and then it was all set for the opening league fixture at Portsmouth. (This is Boro we're talking about - you know what happened next).   In the news - 2800 shipyard workers at Swan Hunter voted by just 45 votes to remain on strike after the latest pay offer fell 25p a week below their demands, two brothers were rescued off the North Sea coast after cutting the roof off their van and paddling out to sea on it (yes, really), the crew of Apollo 15 splashed down safely in the Pacific and three soldiers were shot during rioting in Belfast. Top of the charts - Get it On by T Rex.
    • No my friend you have voluteered and your name is on the list, I appreciated the efforts made last time out
    • Downsouth, only if you run out of volunteers 👍
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