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  1. Hope everyone's doing well and keeping healthy! Haven't posted for a few months due to being busy and the lack of football, but had a gradual read through this thread. Crazy looking back at the first few pages in early March where everyone was thinking it would be nothing, but it's easy to say that now with hindsight. I'm sure no-one probably cares or has been affected really, but if anyone's experiencing any dental problems throughout lockdown feel free to get in touch with me if you're after advice. The government forced the closure of practices nationwide, other than f
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  2. Ugo for me there was a period where he and Southgate were arguably the best pairing behind Hyypia and Henchoz. It's amazing to think what would have happened if we had him and Southgate in the 96/97 season.
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  3. I think you should stick with this one and run a pre 1995 one, once this one is done.
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