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    • the defeat never bothered me so much, what did bother me was the gaping holes between the defense and midfield again. teams have a free run on the back 3 like last season. wilder isnt all that tactically. he built a system/style and is very rigid is that system. hes like the bully coach on waterboy. he stole the real tactical genius's play book because he is unable to create any tactics himself.
    • Shouldve been after Panzo who went to Cov, looked class vs Sunlun  Wonder if Massengo from Bristol would fit the clubs new recruitment policy and be a viable DM option? Was very highly rated and signed for big money but has been pretty up and down for them, contract up next year too AFAIK they're trying to get him to commit to a new one as well so they must still rate him, plus still only 21
    • There's definitely confidence on the Hull end and I'm not shocked really. He is by all accounts their equivalent of Dael Fry. If we were in the Prem then it's potentially a different story but at 21, he might well be willing to be patient and not pre-emptively throw away his chances at a Hull promotion. Definitely looks a player, like, would like him here but hopefully we're quickly willing to move on.
    • For me xG is kind of like possession. You can dominate possession and still lose a game...just like you can have a high xG and still lose. I'd rather we just actually won games. 🤷‍♂️ Would be interesting to see what QPR's xG was, for comparison.
    • Maybe yeah. Oddly, this headline on the Echo homepage suggests the talks are a bit further along, but then you click on the link and it's a different headline, and basically the same article as the Hull paper https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/football/middlesbrough/

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