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    Clayts dad is out of his coma and out of ICU!
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    So West Brom have refunded all tickets for this season for the games which havent been played following the meeting with EFL clubs. The wage cap is 90% to be introduced from 2021/22 season but rather than 6k max it will be 10k. A bit on what I have been told about boro finances... club have paid all playing staff and coaching staff and all other staff have been furloughed at 80% and club adding 20%. The impact has been severe in terms of next season. Moukoudi may well now move on a year loan next year and then a fee in the hope the economy has improved. Gibbo being pushed out of Burnley as they could go to the wall by September apparently if nothing changes.. Britt will leave for peanuts if we get a buyer and we are looking to bring Lyle Taylor to boro on a free
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    This isn't Adam Clayton telling Middlesbrough he won't work, though. It's not like he's gone to Jonny Woodgate and/or Steve Gibson and said nah mate, not right now. That's not the way I see it anyway. It's an increasingly common message from players (and I suspect eventually the PFA) to the FA, PL, EFL and the Government of our country. Danny Rose was spot on when he said Government is wrong to want to put players back into the firing line for the morale of the country. It's not the bloody Hunger Games. I imagine players are already *** off after what Matt Hancock came out with a month or so ago so good on them for taking a stand. The real question should not be why does Adam Clayton get to say he's not going to work when others don't have that choice. It's why should anyone else not be allowed to say no to it when it's clearly a risky thing to do for both yourself and your loved ones and indeed the general long term health effects on the country. I imagine Adam Clayton himself feels exactly the same; I'm certain after what he's gone through that he's not wanting to avoid the risk to his own family whilst everyone else puts themselves at risk. It's asking why should anyone have to put themselves at risk.
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    The healthcare workers are required to keep people alive. People working to deliver necessities like food and toiletries are required to keep people alive. Footballers are not. There's also the question of testing (which our government seems to completely fail to grasp right now) that would be required in order to ensure that people don't have the virus before playing in an environment where illness travels pretty quickly. There's no chance in my eyes that footballers should be scapegoated for their fear of going back to work for what is essentially an entertainment medium. And that's what this kind of thinking is. Would we turn round to those in healthcare and food stores and take them down for not wanting to come to work right now? No, we certainly shouldn't anyway, that's why people still open their doors at 8pm on a Thursday and clap because they're the ones being brave and biting that bullet when it is not safe for everyone to be at work. It ain't safe for them either but the balance is that more people will die if our healthcare system and food supplies shut down. I'm not saying footballers should be fully paid either but there's no simple solution for that right now across the entire economy, people need money to buy necessities to live and so many can't feasibly work without putting strain on themselves by contracting the virus and thus the healthcare system as an extension to that. This follows the same lines of what Jacob Rees-Mogg is coming out with; how people shouldn't be asked to go to work if parliament doesn't do the same. And that's a completely illogical and emotional conclusion at a time when we need to approach this huge economic problem with more logic. That we should stand together and go to work together because if we don't it's horrible to those who have to work during this crisis, that's not a logical conclusion that will keep more people alive until the virus is beaten. And it is horribly unfair to those who have to work, it really is. But it is also a horrible, horrible balancing act that is gonna be required because we live in a worldwide society driven by money and one way or another, we are going to feel the brunt of this economic stopper at some point and that could just as easily kill people as a virus will. As governments like our own bleed taxpayer's money into keeping people alive and fed, the taxpayer will eventually have to pay this security back. And that's probably gonna hit us all. When that time hits is when Boris Johnson and his Tory pals will show their true colours and we will find out exactly what kind of man he is. I fear that as a result of this crisis, the austerity measures that will follow will be even more drastic than those of the Tory leaders before him. But you can guarantee if that is the case, Mr. Cummings will have a lovely plan to make sure the people of our country think the sun shines out their ***; he just needs to shout and bang his fist on the table a lot.
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    I'm gonna go for Job as he proved so important in us winning our first trophy.
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    I'd take winning over losing any day 🤣
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    No, the Tory way would be to have 10 different options in the pole who each get 1 or 2 votes, then when the Tories get 3 votes, claim they got a majority and that everyone wants them in power 😉
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    I went for the Romford Pele purely for the big nose incident.

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    • I know this seems far fetched but lets say Warnock does stay as a manager but open to been dof, Chris Hughton is unlikely to come unless hes got a team behind him that he trust and can help him out. Hughton and Warnock if memory serves me well have alot of respect for each other, i have certainly never seen a spat between them when theyve been against each other. So wouldn't a really good management team be Hughton as a manager, Warnock as Dof and Kevin Blackwell as Hughtons assistant surely that will be enough to turn the tide with the right players coming in and to get some of the players with potential playing. 
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    • Reading have nothing to play for, we have everything to play for. Just got to hope that Reading are on their beach chairs, and our defence cuts out their mistakes. Win and we're safe, lose and the agony continues.
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