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    I loved Doriva, but it was between Tuncay & Ziege for me. I gave Tuncay the vote in the end because while Ziege was awesome, the way he left still leaves a sour taste in my mouth, while I will love Tuncay as a player forever.
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    Had to go Townsend too. Excellent player
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    Not recently, I posted last time that Howson has agreed 2year reduced contract depending on we survive relegation and that's still the case and that Ayala had rejected contract and informed us he wanted to move elsewhere. Gibson is a done deal - loan to buy. Burnley still owe us a quite significant money from original sale as they were paying in installments so the deal has been agreed with that in mind. I hadn't heard anything regarding Friend, however good of a captain/character he is around the place, I just feel it's best that it's time he moves on and we start a fresh completely (not even coaching role). I'd keep his contract extending till the end of the current season but I wouldn't be offering a deal for next season.
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    I thought this was class https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/may/14/harry-kane-donates-leyton-orient-shirt-sponsorship-to-good-causes
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    Interesting news coming out today regardless players expiring contracts for the remaining of the season (if it goes ahead). I can only see Boro offering contracts extensions beyond 30th June to Howson and possibly Friend.
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    What player is going to leave a £20K+ bench job in the prem to take £10k in the Championship? this will lead to massive loyalty & promotion bonuses etc. to hide the figures. and a bigger gap between the premiership and Championship than the chasm that already exists
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    Aye, seems he's another Boro midfielder who's been undervalued and underappreciated! Was always a fan of Townsend, even before he came to Boro.
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    • The official FA guidelines are here... https://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/policies/player-registration/points-based-system It is the "GBE Mens Player Criteria Jan 2021" document. I used it to work out if Zinkernagel would it the 15 points required (when we were supposedly linked with him), my rough sums had him on 10 points. Not sure if Watford got his WP before this came into effect, or if they got an exemption or if I had completely miss calculated.  
    • Not just Roberts (x2) we have had Nmecha, Van le parra, Batth and Morrison all with very few appearances for us. I guess it will depend on whether the player is a youngster looking for experience, a lad looking to put himself in the shop window or someone they just want off the books.
    • That’s what I meant. It’s the same rules now for EU and non EU players. The rules for non EU players have been relaxed in line with the rules for EU players 
    • Redcar R I don't think it is down to the boots.  Browne stuck his leg well into the turf with an apparent intention of creating a "solid hip " to lever the player away.  We've all done it ! I was quite surprised that he got injured and tended to assume that it was because he'd used his inside leg to make it less obvious. I've seen a knee go back in again on its own but it is an odd and very upsetting sight to see a knee cap next to where is should be  
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