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  1. That would be a great money saver for the Boro!
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  2. My view - which I know is not a popular one - is that Gibson has been extremely unprofessional and if one of our non-local players behaved in the same way then fans would be absolutely furious. I also suspect that people may be disappointed if, as is sounding possible, he rejoins us because it will take him a while to get back to the form he had before he left us - if he ever does reach the same level. He is not the magic solution to our problems which people seem to expect him to be. I don't think coming back would be a good move for him because expectations are such that he is being set u
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  3. The latest round of testing has returned 9 positive tests with no new cases at the Boro
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  4. We know Ben Gibson is capable of vice-captaining a promotion side and looked good for us in the Prem. We know Dael Fry performed poorly in a side around the relegation zone in the Champ. If the choice was between the two, it's a very easy one..
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  5. We've got a global pandemic, a looming recession, a clown as the leader of our country, a racist madman in charge of the most powerful country in the world but still the worst thing for me is having Woodgate in charge of the Boro.
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  6. I had a glance at the other teams fixtures and they are just as if not more difficult than ours. I dont attach much weight anymore.to who plays who as so many freak results but those saying we are doomed due to our remaining fixtures might gain comfort in looking at our rivals fixtures. However, for me its simple. We need 9 or 10pts so we simply need to take care of our own business. I am quietly confident we can now we got a full squad. Utb
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  7. Sounds like my kind of place, I will suggest it to the wife for when the weather is nicer again and places are safe to go to!
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    • Interesting tactic giving points for leaving. Need to revisit some of my scores 10 for Connolly: 1 for his contribution and 9 for *** off. 😂
    • It depends on who we get tho. I doubt we can think for the next 10 years we should play with wingbacks. For instance dijksteel wouldn't be as good in 2 man cb partnership. I'd imagine after wilder we may want to change that. Also then a type of cm wilder wants might not be as suitable or effective in a 2. Wilder plays a very specific system and wants players with specific qualities to play in it. If we are being cautious with spending on certain positions but still getting good quality players while we are in this league I'm happy with that. You only need to look at Sheff Utd under Jokanovic and then what happened when they reverted back to the wilder shape under Heckingbottom to see how players struggle to adapt to a new style when they don't suit it. 
    • 6 for me. 4 for the player but an extra couple of points for the structure of the deal. Under previous regimes I feel like we would've bought outright and been stuck with him. 
    • Maybe some of our (potential) loan deals will have a buy option like with Sporar. Would love that for Armstrong 
    • I don't think Payero engages enough in midfield for Wilder. He does well shadowing the opposition and tracking their movement, but if you watch him, most of the time he allows the opposition to pass it off without engaging

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