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    Roberts was back in training 3 months ago, he might not be sharp, but he'll be fit, I fully expect him to be playing. I'd not be shocked if some of the out of contracts don't play, but I don't believe for a second that the club are struggling to scrape together 11 players.
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    With respect your Roberts example makes little sense as City extended his loan with us 3 weeks ago. If he or city did not want him risking any further injury then they would have not extended his loan.
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    Braithwaite thought we'd won the league when he signed, he was already portraying himself as a hero. Don't get me wrong, I liked that he was sending positive vibes from the moment he joined and that he was trying to fit in publicly. But at the same time, there was an air of one inevitability in his mindset; we were going up and he was gonna be a big part of that. Was he mismanaged? Of course he was. We spent so much money that summer to give our manager the squad he needed to get us promoted. Yet between the club and Monk, there always seemed to be some different expectations of the team. Monk wanted time to mould the team, his interviews about how things will take time were not in line with the 'smash the league' comments of Gibson. Our investment into his team didn't match that of a team that was gonna take some time to get right. Monk tinkered and managed to change his mind about what he wanted before the transfer window had even closed, after spending more than £40m already at that stage. Were Braithwaite's ambitions being met in terms of the manager we brought in? Easier to say in hindsight but absolutely not. But we were still paying him a significant Premier League wage. And he downed tools whilst we were still doing that. In his desperate attempt to force a move to appear, he turned up and looked like the best player at the start of the next season. But it soon became clear what the motivation was, you can believe what Pulis said or not, I don't think it really matters. What happened on the pitch and off it was enough to prove beyond doubt that this was a man playing for a move and stopped caring when the window closed. On a PREMIER LEAGUE salary. That's unacceptable. He should have been leading by example, not taking our payment for granted in the way that he did. Imagine being anyone else in that team who worked hard and took home significantly less than he did. Showcases that once a deal is signed, a club has no power any more. We tried to drag him through the mud and look where he is now; Barcelona. The stars may have had to align for it to happen but that's where he is nonetheless. All parties take a share of the blame. But Braithwaite is no angel in comparison to the rest of them.
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    Braithwaite started and scored for Barcelona tonight. Definitely his fault that he didnt do anything here, nothing to do with how he was managed ...
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    I had a friend who was a Rangers season ticket holder in the 90s so I watched quite a few games at Ibrox. Brian Laudrup is one of the best players I've ever seen live, the league wasnt great in Scotland but even still he was unbelievable. It's a shame he was a bit past his best when he came to England.
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    If we've got enough players to fill 135 minutes with multiple line-ups, we shouldn't have issue putting together a coherent 11.
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    Can't see any reason why the loanees wouldn't feature, barring a lack of fitness or injuries. If they were unwilling to play for us, they wouldn't have been loaned back by their clubs.
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    Yeah he played 45minutes
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    Arguably, that probably suits us.
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    Err. Current world para basketball world champions and err snooker 🤔
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    You are probably more or less right in everything you write. In hindsight I would have liked to see a 4-4-2 with Braithwaite and Bamford up top and spending the Britt/fletcher money on a decent left winger and fullbacks
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    Regarding Braithwaite, hope everytime he scores for Barca or gets an assist, its not a stick to beat the club with. When Barca signed him the whole world was shocked and rightly so. However now he there its important to remember he is playing as a forward for one of the best attscking teams in the world alongside the greatest player most of us have seen. Therefore the chances of him scoring and assisting at barca are much greater than they would be at Boro. They would be even for anyone, even us folk who are not pro footballers. And lets not forgot even before Pulis arrived, Braithwaite was flattering to deceive under Monk. The championship was a lot harder than he anticipated and he by his own admission came to play in PL with expectation of 1 season in championship. When it became apparent that it might be more than one season i think he lost a bit of interest. Even if he scores 20 goals for Barca I am not going to say we mismanaged him. We paid about £8m and got £7m back for him. I think we did well. Martin Braithwaite and MFC was a relationship that commenced at the wrong time under the wrong circumstances. It was never destined to survive long term imo.
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    I think you should keep telling yourself that as you are absolutley correct in that friendlies are literally just for fitness and for management to try things. No points are awarded for them and there no progress towards anyone final. If we lose v Swansea and thereafter then you are well within your rights to criticise and moan. But i would advice not to waste that type of energy over friendlies.
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    Sorry @trekkers, as I have officially taken over, my first official act will be to declare myself the winner of the league this year!
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    GK - Jussi Jaaskelainen DF - Sami Hyppia DF - Herman Hreidarsson DF - Gudni Bergsson DF - Ivar Ingirmarsson MD - Gylfi Sigurdsson MD - Johann Berg Gudmundsson MD - Teemu Tainio FW - Jari Litmanen FW - Eidur Gudjohnsson FW - Teemu Pukki The best Scandinavian team that Premier League money could buy ✊
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    They might have not had much choice in the matter. Take Roberts for example, Coming off an injury not fully fit and certain to be playing for a different club next season. You can see why he wont feature
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    From what Ive heard is we are struggling to put together a coherant 11. Theres a lot of players who wont feature despite training and its not just the out of contacts and loanees. The club are being too soft imo

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