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    Because where the club is at at the minute, he is what we need for the remaining fixtures: preparation and organisation. The ability to set up and grind out a point when we need it. And comes with the benefit of knowing the club. Get to the summer break and go again with someone new.
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    A long time since I posted, but had a few Covid symptoms, and mixed with my Type 1 Diabetes = a lot of fun but am much much better now! Dear me where do we start with today? Absolutely shambolic from start to finish. Was absolutely incredible how leggy we were from the off compared to Swansea who looked so much sharper and fitter than us and sharper than us. It's like we've followed the populations example an sat on our backsides scoffing junk food and drinking scary amounts of booze (not me obvs 👀) I was worried that going in to the restart of the season we'd get stuffed, and genuinely didn't expect it to be quite so had as it was. Defense absolutely shambolic, attack was about as sharp as a blunt axe, and a midfield totally devoid of any sort of creativity. Worst part is I'd normally call for Woodgate to go and take the rest of his merry band of idiots with him, but who'd come to a club in freefall especially in the middle of a pandemic? 😔
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    Woodgate is not the man for the job IMO but while he is in charge I want him to do well. We are in a good position for a complete reset and the pandemic has possibly helped us more than other teams. I know some vilify him on here but Steve Gibson will see us right financially as soon as FFP (financial unfair play) allows. He won’t destroy us unlike other club owners.
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    Not saying we will see a change but I was looking at out of work managers that we could have maybe looked at: Neil Warnock Chris Hughton Aitor Karanka Giovanni Van Bronkhurst Nigel Adkins Sam Allardyce I said on here back in October given our squad and limited funds that Gary Rowett would have been a good fit. He took over at Millwall and has taken them from near to us in league to play off contenders in a few months. The crime is not making a mistake but refusing to rectify the mistake, Mr Gibson. You stubborn fool.
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    Time to lighten up a bit folks. We’re not even in league 1 and people are worrying about how we will cope down there. We haven’t gone down and are not in the drop zone. We all knew that there would be a big turnover of players at the end of this season due to the expiry of big contracts and we should be on more stable financial footing for next season. It’s not all doom and gloom (yet).
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    If/when relegation is mathematically confirmed, I'll start a new thread called "Are we ready for League One?" I suspect the answer will still be no if Woodgate is in charge.
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    Well I think we've got a definitive answer and can close this thread!
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    It's all fair and well blaming Ayala for not having professional integrity and not wanting to fight for the club etc. but where has the professional integrity and fight been from the club? The club have been treating fans like mushrooms with pitiful spin and hype that we are supposed to swallow without question. That's hardly acting with any definition I know of integrity. What then would make anyone think that internally the players aren't being fed the same garbage? Does anyone really think that players don't see and think the same as the fans? Do we think that the Players believe Woodgate and Keane have a great future in Management and all this is just a minor blip and that there's a bigger picture and a bright new future about to dawn? If the club aren't up for it, show no drive, no passion, no ambition and happy to put up with below par coaching and management why on earth would a professional want to remain in that type of environment or indeed have any desire to fight when the club seems flatter than a six month old bottle of Lowcock's lemonade with the top left off? What would motivate a professional athlete to get up and ready for the fight week after week, month after month? They can see the standard of players departing and the ones coming in to replace them. As a professional how can you be motivated to buy into that philosophy, so bereft of control that its now desperately anchored around nepotism as a last desperate act. Some times for your own sanity and peace of mind you have to just walk away and give it up as a bad job. Watching that shower this afternoon its pretty clear that maybe Ayala has actually shown more integrity and honesty by simply walking away. Heaven knows there are plenty of fans about to do the same thing if it continues much longer.
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    Hi all, haven't posted on here for a while because my family's been having a really hard time during lockdown. Things in Scotland are finally getting a little easier as restrictions begin to lift, though any sense of collective solidarity has long since evaporated. Now we know when the Championship is restarting, I thought it'd be interesting to ask people's views on whether Boro will have used the time wisely to prepare for the upcoming relegation battle. The lockdown has given coaches a unique opportunity to review what's happened to date and refine their tactics, and it'll be interesting to see if our management team has learned any lessons about how badly our season was going, or gained any worthwhile insights. Is anyone expecting us to play more incisively/intelligently/impressively in the run-in? Or are we likely to have nine more games of thud and blunder?
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    Why bring back Pulis? - there are more than 2 managers in the world. The players have been trying to get out of the ultra defensive mindset that Pulis put them in (unsuccessfully mind). I’m not sure putting them back into it is a long term solution or if dramatically changing style (if we have one) is going to be much help/possible with a handful of games left. I still think we’ll stay up btw - our fixtures are not bad, no games vs top 8. At present, 7 of our 9 wins have come against teams 14th or lower. Also you are mistaking Pulis for a guy that will put his reputation on the line to help a club. He is not known for stepping in towards the end of a season and he isn’t going to risk his reputation to help us out! (Particularly given the “frosty” relationship with the fans) Bringing in El Tel fatally undermined Robson (Gibson just couldn’t face firing him). I don’t think Gibson would consider a repeat. We’re stuck with woody, but I’d suggest we move heaven and earth to borrow Steve round from arsenal.
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    Actually I know this has been mentioned in the past by a few ppl in passing but everyone goes on about Steve Round been a brilliant coach with a wealth of experience pretty much everywhere hes been. Is it worth a punt to try get him too see if he will manage if non of them options listed above are available? Obviously if he doesn't keep us up this season but performances start improving and the side takes on a shape then we might be a brilliant position then to bounce straight back up.
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    Hughton or Warnock would be my picks both have proven records making the most out of not much cash and getting players to fight for the cause. You dont know how well Karanka will do as every club hes been to has spent money but he does know the club so maybe thats an advantage and Allardyce just sends shivers down my spine thinking about him at our club. I am probably gonna get shouted at for even saying this but id take Pulis over Woodgate on a short term contract atm as an another alternative. Pulis isnt inept, just plays football nobody wants to watch but gets the jobs done and does save teams from relegation crucially.
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    Yep's I believe this season was a gamble by Gibson on saving money and letting our high earners leave this summer then restart building a team. The issues are can we stay up and do you really trust Woodgate to recruit players that will build a squad fit for promotion in the next 2-3 seasons?
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    I’m still fuming after Saturdays display of ineptitude.. I can not believe what a cretin we have for a manager.. he’s got to be the worst Incumbent in my life time .. he’s had the same preparation time as all the other managers and he somehow Managed to preside over a complete sh@tshow. How is he still in a job he is absolutely clueless?
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    Who are you...and what have you done with the real Blanco? 😝 We're not down yet...and may survive by the skin of our teeth. If thats the case, I really hope whoever said Gibson would be prepared to loosen the purse strings is right. But he needs to get shot of Woodgate, otherwise it'll just be money down the drain. If we do go down, he could just sack Woody and get someone in who knows how to work with young players and give a bunch of the academy lads a shot at first team football. They can't do any worse than this lot.
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    Probably nothing in it but I don't believe a word that comes out of Woody's mouth these days. Same for the club.
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    Thank you @Blanco. I always try to look at positives the following day after i have got over my own melt down and your post has provided some.
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    Sacking Karanka was the worst decision, only seconded by not backing him in the transfer market when in the Prem. Even if we had gone down, he should have remained and we would be back up. Gibson just continually makes cack decision after cack decision.
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    I am 100% convinced that a good manager is worth more than good players. And that is the hill I will die on. Other squads on paper are not as good as us and Swansea as an example yesterday had relatively lesser known players than some of ours, yet they played us off the park. Why? Because their manager and coaching staff know what they’re doing. Gibson has put his faith into an unknown quantity with Woodgate and co and they have shafted it at all points of the season. I have no idea why they are still here or why they were here in the first place. We will go down, I think that much is for certain now. The decisions he chose to make yesterday were baffling and having 3 months to prepare to be down 3-0 down in 34 mins is horrendous. I really hope that when the season ends we reinvest more into a manager and back room staff who are capable. Woodgate should walk and hold his hands up and admit he is out of his depth. I think most fans could sympathise with accepting the job, but fans won’t forgive him for not walking before he takes us down. I know we talk about the Karanka regime, but how chalk and cheese is it to where we are now. It says a lot about Woodgate that makes me yearn for Tony Pulis back in charge! I was giving woodgate the benefit of the doubt seeing that team sheet and felt dare I say optimistic, but yesterday has sapped all of that out of me, well and truly .
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    Tbf we can probably just keep this thread open for when we’re bottom of league 1....
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    Are you sure you wouldn't rather go back to having the virus? 😁 Just kidding obviously! Happy to hear you got though it okay. 😌☺🤗
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    Hope your family have managed to get through the last few weeks okay (same for the rest of the OneBoro community). I think after yesterday we have our answer. Woodgate can say he wasn't prioritising the Swansea game, but pretty much ALL our remaining fixtures will be just as tough, if not tougher. Hull is the only game we have any real hope of winning. Stoke you could also say is winnable, but an away fixture, so not easy. We needed to restart the season positively and while beating Swansea would have been a big ask, we needed to see at least an improved performance. I watched the highlights on the EFL show last night and our play at the back (I can't bring myself to call it defending) was just utterly cringeworthy. We also won 10 corners, while Swansea had none - yet we failed to create any goalscoring chances from them. Its early days, but on the evidence so far (and the season pre-lockdown) Boro are simply ready for relegation...not a relegation battle. As I've said many times before, I would love to know what work Woodgate and the coaches actually do with the players, because we have got worse over the season, rather than improving.
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    Oh well. It'll be nice to have an NE derby again next season with Boro vs. Sunderland. Some exciting away days at Doncaster, Blackpool, Accrington, and Milton Keynes to look forward to too!
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    No one can really be surprised the one thing this squad didn't need was more time on the training pitch with Woody. The more input he has the less we look like we know what we are doing. The Hull game now looks massive.
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    Good to know you are doing well now BB, I think I just might take the mental health survey
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    Been locked down in the sahara desert for 6 months. Heard the football had started again so checked in. Saw this result and thought thanks a bloody bunch woody. Just what i need. Going back to the sand and bury my head as deep as i can. Probably see Gibbo while i am there. Any messages to pass on?
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    Glad you're feeling better, BB. Puts football, no matter how dire, into perspective.
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    I don't really get where you're going with all of this? He has no integrity because he won't play the games he's already been paid to play. He's an employee of the club, an employee that has already been paid for the work that he now doesn't want to do. I don't give a crap what's going on at the club in terms of the manager or staff, it's irrelevant to the issue of Ayala refusing to play beyond June after being paid for the past few months. If the stuff about him asking for a free transfer back in January is correct as well then it says even more about the bloke. The only thing Ayala is interested in is money and his next contract. I've got no problem with a professional athlete being interested in making money, that's what professional means, being paid to work. However, there's nothing at all stopping him from seeing out the season and moving on with his head held high and gratitude from the fan base. He's making the choice and the choice is a purely financial one. Why put players on a pedestal? He's done nothing in the past to be given a free pass on this, he just played football for us for a few years that's all.
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    Not to worry. It'll be much better in the next game if the fans can turn up. 🤦‍♂️
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    Exactly - who would have hired Woodgate apart from Boro? Nobody. Not even a league 2 team I reckon. I want the best manager we can possibly get. Even on cheap wages we could have done way better. Gibson wants to look at himself and ask - is Jonathan Woodgate the right man to manage us? This is his first full time appointment when the vast majority of the fans said it was a bad appointment from the start. Monk and Strachan had their backers. Sometimes Steve you have to listen to the fans. They watch the team more than anyone.
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    No idea, the plan all along apparently was to review in March international break and make a decision then. The forest performance regardless of the result and Charlton win was probably enough to save him from the axe this season. IMO Even if we're relegated this season then Gibson will stick with Woody as he won't want to lose face over his own decision making especially knowing how the fans currently feel. I think he said as much in the gazette article at beginning of lockdown that he wanted to stick with Woody. If we stay up, I heard he's wanting to give it a good go next season and that we will be in a lot healthier financial state given the players who are leaving on free transfers. (Not sure if that's still the case because of the current climate). Today, I seen that regardless of formations, starting selections we are just not good enough as a squad and that's down to woody and his coaching staff. Our pattern of play hasn't changed for years and we just clueless all over the pitch. Woody stated he wanted high pressing etc and we haven't seen a glimpse of it all season. We play just hoof ball and that's unfortunately become our identity.
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    Because he's a professional athlete and that's what he's paid to do? There's also the small matter of having some integrity. It's worth remembering that we were struggling with him in the side so it's not like he has no responsibility for the situation we find ourselves in.
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    Spot on mate, I can’t see us staying up either Now that we are allowed to play-in crowd noises I’ve heard that the club are trying to round up a few Teesside voices to record a rendition of “You only sing when you’re winning” to play over the tannoy.
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    I had a nice Barry’s Gold Blend tea this morning. I’m thinking of having a Lyons Green Label one this afternoon 😀😀😀
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    DZ, The Hazy O-G is great but they have really messed up Hazy Jane 5%. Not a great brew. Have you tried Triple Hazy? 9.5% of sheer indulgence. It was released in the Brewdog Online AGM pack in April and drinks so easy. Dan, One of my personal faves is Tonkoko by BrewYork. Also, please tell me that Push Pineapple and Shake the Tree are not by Williams in Aldi. Probably 2 of the worst beers I've ever tasted.
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    Good to see some beer talk! Im a head brewer for a brewery in York, you guys should check out Williams Brothers beers they are rare because they Scottish based but at the minute they have some good exclusive craft beers in Aldi for a limited time and there cracking!
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    Then it was a really poor gamble against the odds. Please don’t fall for the trap of thinking our squad is one of the worst 3 in this division, any manager worth his salt would have this team in 10th-14th with ease. If we had no money fair enough why not instead ‘gamble’ on Spence being good enough, pass on signing Dijksteel and put that money towards a better manager? Surely it’s better to be scraping around for some old right back on loan in January than deciding wether to change the manager.
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