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    @TAPOUT 1. He has not suddenly signed a new deal. Club been confident he would sign since around Jan and all the itk posters said the same. He would sign a new deal. 2. He hasn't played all sorts of positions. He played RB for us last season for about 10 games under Pulis when we had a crisis with injurys n suspenions. This is position he continued to play this season with a handful of games at CB. Dont recall him playing in all sorts of positions. 3. Endorsement about Howson has not come from JW alone. Pulis rated him. Monk rated him and Warnock does too as he praised him post match yesterday. Whilst at Norwich he was a mainstay in their team despite them having a number of managers so a number of managers there rated him. And a big part of the rift between Leeds fans and then Chairman Ken Bates was his decision to sell Howson to Norwich which angered they fans. Howson is not and never has been a world beater. But he is certainly worth his salt imo. Whichever club he has been at in his career, managers and majority of fans alile have recognised his footballing ability, his consistency and his professionalism. 3 key ingredients you want in any footballer regardless of what level you play at.
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    Hull v Boro Details Teams – Hull v Middlesbrough Location – The Tiger King Stadium Competition – The Championship (only just) Date – Thur 2nd July 2020 Kick off – 17:00 Introduction Hi. The Last Games Boro: Stoke 0 – 2 Boro Boro beat the toothless Stoke 2-0 with goals from Fletcher and a peach of a strike from Tavernier. Jack Butland could only jump up and down and have a strange little tantrum as he watched both goals fly past him. Warnock’s Boro looked a lot more confident and refused to give up their lead, despite several gilt-edged chances for the toothless stoke, who made Boro look clinical in comparison. Hull: Birmingham 3 – 3 Hull Hull had a high scoring draw with mid table Birmingham and twice let their lead slip. Hull were 2 up at half time thanks to early goals from ‘Reserve player 1’ and ‘Reserve player 2’. Birmingham’s Gary Gardner pruned the advantage to 1 soon after half time. After Crowley had equalised for Brum, the auto-generated football manager player Herbie Kane scored for Hull. Then Gardner weeded out a third goal. Form (League only - most recent last) Boro: LW Hull: LD The View From The Other Side Hull City don’t seem to have a forum so dunno… The Un(ger)-Official Match Preview Boro should be looking to take advantage of Hull-light for another 3 points on Thursday. Warnock will have had a few more days to work with the team and we will surely win 3-1! If the tigers go down this season, they are sure to never financially recover from this... Those still at work, be sure to start saying you feel a bit peaky at ~3pm, then get sent home ill at ~4pm so you can make it home in time to watch the match at 5pm. Graphs. Graph 1. The last 5 Boro manager’s win rates. As you can clearly see from this data, Warnock is twice as good a manager as Karanka and is on track to win the Champions league with Boro if he keeps up his win rate. Graph 2. This graph shows the number of remaining games over the season. As you can see, the number of remaining games tends to drop over the season. Graph 3. This graph explores what wavelengths of light Stoke player nick Powell could see throughout the game on Saturday. As you can see, Powell looked to the sky in despair each time the Boro scored. Farewell
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    https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/former-stoke-city-manager-claims-18507875 "by all accounts"? So he didn't watch the game? "some of the fouls on him before his yellow card", what you mean the one where he kicked the foot of someone else, a definite dive & one that looked a dive.
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    I reckon the best match I've seen since our promotion year was when we played Brighton away when they hadn't lost in the league yet and we trounced them. That was around 4 years ago and nothing has come close except maybe at home against Sheffield Utd last season - and look where they and we are now 😡.
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    With the perilous positions of both teams I believe that we could see a very fast paced game because first goal will be vital and will certainly allow quite an open game, maybe similar to when Hull played at our gaff. What I do know that right now THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF THE SEASON.................so far!!!!!!!! and is applicable to both teams. Had it not been for Covid I understand that Hull City FC were going to erect a huge flashing neon sign stating "Huge Massive Game Here Tonight" on the main approach road to Hull with finger pointers stratigically placed as you got nearer the ground. But as fans are not allowed the club decided it was not worth tempting persons and fans to try and sneak into the game so they decided to just put up lamp post posters on any lamp post which was displaying someones missing cat instead!
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    Giving volatile players ‘special treatment’ happens on every pitch in the country at every level. I understand he’s protecting his player but as a professional Powell has no one to blame but himself.
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    If all goes well I would like to see what Neil Warnock could do here over the course of 46 games. Genuinely rate him much higher than Tony Pulis and his record in this division speaks for itself. I have no faith in Steve Gibson making the right call anyway he has lost the plot.
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    I take great exception to this and call for an immediate apology followed you losing your job (that’s how social media works right? ) and we’re not getting ahead of ourselves if you take our results from the past 17 weeks we have a 66% win rate that’s promotion standard we’re going up 😀
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    Is it as cunning as a fox what used to be Professor of Cunning at Oxford University but has moved on and is now working for the U.N. at the High Commission of International Cunning Planning?
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    Did you go from sober to drunk whilst writing this post? 🙂
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    I'm not making excuses, but... here's my list of excuses. Also, I'm not racist, but... *former stoke manager is swiftly gagged by his minders*
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    Personally I think we field our strongest team. If that’s what we Fielded on Saturday then we go again with the same lineup. We effectively have a World Cup competition whereas it is 100% about the result and momentum is key and needs establishing at haste. Only change I could see is maybe bring Wing in for his delivery of set pieces but who in midfield would you drop? Not Roberts as his delivery got us a goal, normally I’d say Saville but he played well. At some point in the future we will have to make changes but only for injury/fatigue not tactical just now imo
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    It's only starts to get quickfire after the Hull game. 3 matches in 19 days isn't a huge amount. They had 3 months off before the first match, then a week before the second, and they'll have had 5 days before the Hull match. He should put out whatever he thinks is the strongest side, this next match is the one that is the most important to win.
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    We've had a decent rest so same team for me. It's a definite must-not-lose - but I think we'll have too much going forward for Hull and get another win.
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    Great post as usual BU! Always a pleasure to read your matchday threads. A little nervous, given that Hull seem to have discovered how to score again (if not win). Hopefully Warnock will be watching the game footage to figure out how to negate their goal threats. As a few others have said, I hope and expect he will keep the starting lineup the same, barring injuries, tactical necessity etc. Hull will have taken some positives from their game, after an awful run of defeats, but Boro should be bouncing after our win. This is a great opportunity to bag another 3 points and I will be disappointed if we don't make it 2 on the bounce. Prediction: Hull 1 - 2 Boro
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    A typical meeting of the MFC board to discuss recruitment policy?
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    I think we need an unchanged team for this one. There's been 5 days rest so that shouldn't be a problem. This is a huge game. The following game is at home against a team that has more or less nothing to play for, so that should be an "easier" fixture to make some changes in.
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    Haha, I saw a few quotes on a Danish forum when Warnock was announced that we'd survive this season and he'll get us promoted next season 🙂 We know our stuff over here🤣
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    Howsons probably been our player of the season (?). The guys a model professional, never complains and gives 100% every game. Can play anywhere on the pitch and still get a solid 7 or 8 out of 10 every week. If you think about it, he’s a seriously good footballer. Not necessarily with his individual skill set, but the fact he just understands football. His game IQ is very high. There’s not many players at this level that can slot into pretty much anywhere on the pitch without experience, and not look out of place. His legs certainly haven’t gone, and he’s as fit as anyone in our squad. Probably one of the fittest.
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    It’s all perceptions and opinions. And where I hear yours, mine is the other end of the spectrum. Jonny comes across (to me) as a total pro. Always fit, been picked by every manager we’ve had. Willing to play in position, out of position and where as he’s not setting the world on fire he’s solid performer in all he does. Every team needs a Jonny Howson and we’ve got the original good business tying down a constant performer in this time of uncertainty
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    Agree @TLF10 Every team needs a player who gives a good hug 🤗
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    He was legit our star performer for much of the season.. and I thought he did the DM role very well at Stoke, plenty of pace and energy to clean things up, and carried the ball forward well from deep. The ball forward to Tav was outstanding. Trying to replace Howson is not something the club should be spending its time on this Summer.
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    The thing I love about the Boro is how we always have a foolproof plan for success 😏
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    Sorry BU but in the last graph you’re not taking into account the games when we sneak into the playoffs 😉
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    Its the Boro way; some promising points followed by a rocky finish
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    I would like to think that Steve Gibson can realise that the expense of a DOF is far cheaper than the disasters we have repeatedly witnessed by not having an experienced DOF. OK maybe its the equivalent of an expensive player that we will then not be able to invest into the squad but I'd rather sacrifice that one Player than witness the series of car crash signings that we have had to endure. Persistent failings have seen us gone from one extreme to the other. Paying highly inflated fees and wages for average journeymen footballers (some even worse than journeymen) at this level, awarded ludicrous contracts and wages meaning that we can't shift them and therefore stuck with them. To the the predictably ill fated knee jerk Golden Thread Committee buying cheap including a cheap Manager. Buy cheap you buy twice! Of the three players signed last summer, two of them went back to where they came from. One seemingly out of his depth and the other an ill disciplined loose cannon. The one who showed some potential is seemingly a Midfield player who only covered a few games as an emergency Right Back for Charlton but was signed as a Right Back. Trying to be open minded In time they may come good but they were signed for the present to fill gaps in the squad. The cost of those two extreme failed philosophies will amount to many, many millions and has almost (and still may yet) cost us our Championship status this season. The cost of a DOF would be a far cheaper investment than relying on the incompetent and unfit for purpose methodology that has failed MFC miserably and repeatedly.
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    Come on mate I think you are getting carried away. Brighton wont be in the Prem then.....
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    Agree with those saying don’t get carried away etc. But when you say “on another day if stoke had scored there chances we’d have lost 3-2”, you also have to factor in that on another day we could/should have had a pen, Britt was inches away from tapping in, and Saville should have scored from 10 yards out. We earned the win.
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    But we were made to suffer....we are Boro fans 😉
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    Some people just can’t allow themselves enjoy being Boro fans 🙄
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    Couldn't of said it better myself. Boro fans getting ahead of themselves already after what I thought we got very lucky today. Yes, we played better than last week and got the result, but we were playing a extremely poor Stoke side who could of easily beat us if they had taken the guilt edge chances. Few of my mates suggested we keep hold of Warnock and we will be promotion favourites next season. How can we jump from just surviving to thinking about promotion? Absolutely ridicilous and typical Boro fan reactions.
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    I am absolutely delighted with the result... and performance, in terms of togetherness, determination and spirit... but I think there are a lot of people on here getting very carried away. On another day, McClean puts away 2 of the 3 sitters he missed, Fry doesn’t block the one on the line and we lose that game 3-2. We rode our luck today, especially in the second half. If that luck goes the other way on Thursday, we suddenly find ourselves right back in the middle of it again. Yes we will be 5 clear if we win, but we could also be 1 point inside the relegation zone if we lose. Don’t get me wrong, the performance was so so much better than the shambles we seen last week but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There is a hell of a lot of hard work ahead.
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    Whilst we got very fortunate with how Stoke we’re playing, I don’t care because we got the 3 points. What I saw in comparison to a woodgate team and a Warnock team today was battling for the ball where the players actually looked like they gave a toss for the first time in a long time and didn’t want to lose a game. Added to this we had a plan of defending deep and hitting it up to the two focal strikers on the half way line. It’s not pretty, but it did a job. Players seemed to know what their roles and responsibilities were and it was simple yet effective and did the job. I thought the players were up for it a lot more. One player who stood out was Friend, sliding tackles and also putting in some good 50 50s. Special mentions to Saville, Howson, Britt and Fletch who kept going til the end. Some great last ditch tackles on the line and some great saves from Dejan. YES, Very fortunate but who cares.
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    Karanka didnt get money right away. He took over moggas team, signed ayala and brought us from relegation to top half of the table by the end of the season. He spent less than 5mil the following summer and has us in the play off final. People really underestimate the job karanka did here.
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    Brilliant result, good (not great) performance. Not out of the woods yet, but Warnock is a doing the right things. The Gestede call is part of setting the tone. No more freeloading, no expensive players who think they are better than the club, you work for 90mins minimum. Pick players on merit and effort. I think the club needs a season of this to fix the culture. I personally can’t stand Warnock, the excuses, railing at refs and sarcasm. However, he is vital to sorting the mess that has been allowed to fester imho - no bullshit, restore a bit of pride. Would be happy to have another year of him.
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    Oh it's brutal I love it. Listen Gestede the gymnast has had kid gloves treatment for 3 years from managers the blokes never had mobility, never had much ability with his feet and for someone who made his name with his head the past year he's headed 80% off his headers off target the man brought next to nothing to us took home 30k a week most of the time he wasn't available for selection or even training due to injuries as far as send offs go, and why would we want to pay him 30k a week for another month to extend that's financial madness in itself, I quite like Neil Warnock sending him off like this. The other out of contracts I'd resign Howson if it works but the rest can go put whatever your supposedly offering them towards a new contract for Fletcher. No ill will towards Gestede and I'm past the point of caring about money the club spends good on him for his wage but not every player is entitled to a nice sendoff some really do deserve the door slamming on them on the way out I'm glad Warnock did it our club needs someone like him talking to some of these players.
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    Interesting to hear Reading commentators views at Derby game at half time, they fully expect us to survive now we have got Warnock and to be in the top 6 next season if he chooses to stay on next season.
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    Yeah, was coming as DOF, got here and we wanted him to be assistant. Refused and was off. It was all a mess
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    We did Agnew, Monk, Pulis and Woodgate 😂
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    I’d like to see either Glen Riddersholm, Niels Fredriksen or even Brian Priske given the job.

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