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    It means even more now or we would just be left for dead. At least we might be able to keep up the pace now.
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    Apologies to @Brunners. I missed that they were sold off in June. (Thanks @Changing Times and @wilsoncgp).
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    I quite seriously believe if we lose to Hull, we deserve to go down. They're basically fielding their reserve team at this point ffs.
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    Its been a long time since I actually looked forward to a game with a day and bit to go, but this one I am actually excited too see what Warnock does next and can we get the win which would give us a cushion over bottom 3, probably dump Hull into the bottom 3 in the process. No matter what the result I am sure we are going too see a really hard working team that will fight for the win, which is great too see.
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    I'd guess Spence is the player he spent 45 minutes with working on his mistakes from the Stoke game.
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    We deserved to win but this is all true. Stoke couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo, they made themselves look like chumps on a few occasions. If they could finish chances, they could have won the game regardless of how much they deserved to or not. But then we did have missed chances and did make some good goal line blocks too as RB mentions.
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    We weren't dire, we weren't lucky, and Hull are an even worse side than Stoke. We fully deserved to beat Stoke, even though we played okay at best. Absolutely huge match coming up, potentially decisive.
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    Warnock will be giving our lads the direction and confidence they were lacking under Woodgate's poor leadership.The performance on Saturday was chalk and cheese from the Swansea game. If players aren't putting It in Warnock won't hold back, but judging by the effort in the Stoke game I don't think he'll need to. I fancy us to turn Hull over. I honestly believe with Warnock in charge this team is not a bottom 3 team, I really can't see us going down, that's from the head not the heart.
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    I'm actually looking forward to games again. You know whatever happens, that the players will have been given a solid foundation to work on and will try. Warnock's brutal honesty combined with all his experience is a breath of fresh air. Is it the most entertaining football ever? No but we don't have the players for that. I'll take a solid hard fought win than any of that tripe Woodgate served up.
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    No they haven't but looking from the outside we look very poorly run. Just look at our massive decline over the last 4 years. There hasn't been anything remotely calm about the club as we've gone from manager to manager, style to style, massive turnover in players and backroom staff and employees in higher positions ie. Bevington. It just looks so clueless without any shape or plan whatsoever so yeah to me it's a bit of a nuthouse because we had every chance to build on promotion/parachute money yet everything has been spunked away to the brink of relegation to league 1. Even Leeds look better run these days🤢
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    With several players with contracts expiring and several of our plans loans along with Ayala and Gestede who've already left the club is massively short in several areas and this transfer window is probably the most important in recent times and we simply have to get it right, I must admit I'm quite excited at the prospect of us finally sorting some of the issues we've had for the past couple of years Contracts Expiring Ayala - Gone already Shotton - Can't see an extension Friend - I think a years extension eventually leading to a coach role Gestede - Gone already Johnson - Can't see an extension been linked with other clubs Browne - think we have ability to trigger extension as part of the deal when we signed him? Loan Players Leaving Nmecha - Looked poor/average Morrison - Barely played Moukoudi - Would like to get him back next season Roberts - Would love to get him back next season Squad for next season currently Goalkeepers - Stojanovic / Pears / Mejias Right Back - Spence / Dijksteel / Howson Left Back - Coulson / Bola / Friend* Centre Back - Fry / Stubbs / Wood Centre Midfield - McNair / Saville / Howson / Wing / Clayton / Malley / Liddle Right Wing - ? / Tav / Browne Left Wing - ? / Tav / Browne Attacking Midfield - Tav / Browne / Walker Strikers - Britt / Fletcher / Burrell What do we need? Goalkeeper, the Full Backs and Centre Midfield look our strongest positions but remains to be seen whether we look to offload any of the centre midfielders or not and whether Coulson is defensively sound enough to play in a back 4 or whether Bola is good enough for the championship. I think under a good manager they could be. Centre Back we're very weak following Ayala and Shotton's departures, Wood is very young although full of potential and I don't really know how good Stubbs is. We need 2 new Centre Backs for next season at a minimum for me will Ben Gibson be one of them? Or Moukoudi back on loan or even permanent? Right and Left Wing - Will this window finally be the window we sign the 2 wide players we've needed for the past few seasons on permanent deals? I'd love Roberts back as well as 2 permanent additions for the flanks. Could be an opportunity for Isaiah Jones or Sam Folarin to stake a claim for a first team spot Attacking Midfield - I think we need a real number 10 ala Lee Tomlin for next season with doubts over Browne's temperament and Walkers still very young Striker - Britt is probably the most divisive player we have and the club may look to cash in before his contracts up, Fletcher has had a good season but doesn't score enough to be the clubs number 9 imo and even with them 2 we look a striker short with Gestede and Nmecha gone even if Burrell or O'Neill make the step up Ideal Window Ben Gibson - Permanent Moukoudi - Loan/Permanent Young Prem CB on loan or could look at the free agents Roberts - Loan RW - Permanent LW - Permanent #10 - Permanent/Loan Striker to replace Britt if he leaves and/or a 3rd striker for competition - Lyle Taylor? How many signings do you think we need? And who if anyone would you want?
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    As a result of Wigan Athletic confirming they have entered into administration, the Club will be subject to a 12-point deduction and, in accordance with EFL Regulations, the timing of the sporting sanction can only be determined once final league placings in the Championship are determined. If in the event the Club is relegated by virtue of their final position following the conclusion of the Championship season, then the deduction will apply in League One in 2020/21. However, if the Club is not in the relegation places following the final game of season, the sanction will be then be applied to their season 2019/20 total and final league standings amended as appropriate. The EFL is awaiting formal notification from the Administrators and once the League has received this it will commence discussions with the relevant individuals with the aim of achieving a long-term future for the Club.
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    Not that I trust our scouts at all either
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    Brutal for Wigan fans... genuinely feel for them. But from a purely selfish perspective:
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    Don't give Mel Morris any good ideas🤣
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    I think the recruitment will depend on what division we are in. If we go down, I see us going with youth players and bedding them in. I think it would also be harder to keep your players like Howson, Clayton, Britt etc who are “championship standard”. I agree with your areas for recruitment by and large but it entirely depends on how the new manager wants to play. The club can’t buy the players and expect a manager to work with it because it might not be how they want to play. Additionally, if we hire Warnock full time, then we are going back to the Pulis era of a certain type of team and players. Then when Warnock goes, we’re back to square one again. Get survival > Get rid of players who don’t want to be here > hire a manager with 3 years in mind of being competitive in the championship > let him build a squad for a promotion push in year 3
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    I think the entire defensive line is quite weak and needs looking at. Getting Moukoudi would be a good start as he is young and will develop and has excellent physical attributes. Both full back positions need strengthening IMO and a couple of players who are now free agents would be ideal, Chris Gunter and Morgan Fox. RB and LB, both have stacks of experience in this division, Fox especially is a very good age and has been one of Sheff Wed's best players for a while now. We have had interest in Gunter in the past and he still has a few years in the tank so would be a shrewd signing. Further forward I would love to get Roberts back on loan or even permanantly if he was willing and cheap enough. After that I would move Heaven and Earth to try and get Eze from QPR. Might be out of reach but if rumours of Gibson willing to have a go again are true then I would put as much as realistically possible into signing Eze. Outstanding player.
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    Basically if Wigan finish in the bottom three at the end of the season, the 12 point sanction will apply in league one. If they don't, the sanction will apply to this season and will be taken off after the final game.
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    A lot of teams could be in big trouble, partly due to the COVID mesures taken. It would be incredibly unfair for the league to start docking points from teams in these unprecedented times. I know it would help us as a club, but it’s so harsh, especially as other teams may well go the same way.
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    If I was Warnock I'd be trying to instill some professional pride and tell them that no one wants a relegation on their CVs. If he's staying beyond the end of the season he might be able to sell them his vision of the future. It's been a shambles up to this point though since we were relegated so I can understand where someone like Ayala is coming from if he has an offer of a better club.
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    Welcome to the forum Thor and I hope that we can "hammer" Hull now that you have joined us😀
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    I wonder how the players feel about the way the club is being run right now. I don't think it's a huge shock that some players are just not producing the same performances you'd expect from them. They have to do better but there's an air of "What's the point?" when the club is a shambles from the top down. Players who have been there at the height of this club's recent history must recognise the downward trend for what it is and how little they could do to affect that, especially when transitioning to Woodgate.
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    This is the most telling quote from Warnock in that Gazette interview, and it's tucked away at the very end like an afterthought: "They [the players] have all got to do a bit more than they have done." Pretty much sums up the Woodgate era, doesn't it?
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    I really don't think Pulis did anything. At least I've seen nothing to suggest otherwise. Came in, spent a lot of money on nothing, aliented himself with the majority of the fans due to anti-football and left our backroom with nothing. I assume the problems Warnock is talking about is the lack of qualified staff members to coach the players. Seriously how much quality have we had this season. We've had two friends without qualifications as manager and assistant. We're well and truely shambles.
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    Breath of fresh air reading that from Warnock. I got the feeling that Woodgate really did think football was as “simple” as he described in his early interviews - “score goals, play well, make chances” and that was about it! He told Spence to “enjoy it”, maybe fair enough for his first senior match, but I never got the feeling it progressed much from that. Our new young recruits last summer, where was the evidence of improvements and top coaching? I get the feeling it’s been a complete naive shambles. Wonder what Gibson makes of it? Pulis was supposed to have done a massive review and he also recommended Woodgate. I think Warnock’s feedback will be very different. Real egg on Gibson’s face.
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    Wow, Wigan's run in is great in comparison to most. Maybe they really are all but confirmed out of the picture, though there is a potential for teams to drag them back into it too because of who they're playing. It's interesting, this season is already joining 2016/17 as one of the outliers of recent years in terms of highest relegated points tally. 6/7 left to play and Huddersfield's 42 points is higher than every other season since 2013/14, Doncaster's 44. And unlike 16/17, there isn't currently a team miles behind at the bottom, any team in the bottom 3 could definitely still survive. Right now it doesn't even look like it'd be a huge shock if all the bottom 3 survive and one or more of the teams who felt pretty safe, like QPR or Reading, get dragged into the picture. They're in the bottom 5 of the form table since the return from lockdown despite playing all 3 games, Barnsley and Luton are in the top 7, despite being the current bottom 2.
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    I dont think so. Think Nmecha 3rd choice but i feel Warnock will try and get as much as he can from Fletcher and Britt until we are mathematically safe. I get its important to rotate squad but that will need be balanced to making sure your best players are on the pitch in these last 7 critical games I think Warnock mentioned you need players willing to go to trenches right now in reference to telling Rudy he can go if he not committed. And that is where we are at now. Every player needs to give blood sweat and tears to ensure we stay in this league. And in some cases play with a slight niggle when ordinarily you might not.
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    Congratulations to Wigan who are now safe. Incredible run they been on. Think whilst Brum and Reading been on poor runs they are probs just about safe needing a win each but they will be nerveous but imo they safe. I think its 3 from 7. Luton Barnsley Hudds Stoke Charlton and ourselves. So hope we win on Thursday to give us a 5pt cushion on bottom 3rd which will be Hudd or Hull if we beat latter. COME ON BORO.
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    Sheff Wed apparently not paid their players. That plus a potential points deduction could really mess with their plans. Players can refuse to play if not paid I believe.
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    As much as I dont want Leeds to go up, they play Stoke, Barnsley and Charlton. Least they could do is win those along the way.
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    With so many players out of contract who in there right mind will gamble on a move North. SG can I’ll afford to rebuild with a inexperienced manager so I guess it’s going to be a older guy, but there again who can predict SG given the howlers for the past years. Probably some young local lad from Greggs who produces a decent presentation nails it.
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    I've always believed that you make your own luck. The table at the end of the season won't lie, and if we win games, we'll stay up.
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    In what way were Stoke unlucky, missing chances isn't unlucky, we also put some excellent blocks and tackles in, to keep them out. Spence made some excellent runs going forward, Saville should have scored, and Britt arguably should have had a penalty bundled over with no attempt to play the ball. We played some good football for the 1st time in a long time. I think your the only Boro fan I know who doesn't think we deserved to win. Their player was also sent off in frustration after they ran out of ideas. Everyone to their own opinion but we've obviously watched an entirely different game.
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    Someone retweeted Kike's letter the other day. God I miss that man. That away day was outstanding, 😔
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    laughing at myself nere. such a positive post ..then.....1-0. my optomism married(sorry KM) with following boro for yrears wont stretch to predivting 3or 4- 0 deep inside i think 4-2 btw.
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    Meant to say before, Welcome back KM. I am sorry (for what is the only logical explanation of your return) that you are going through a divorce 🤷‍♂️
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    If all goes well I would like to see what Neil Warnock could do here over the course of 46 games. Genuinely rate him much higher than Tony Pulis and his record in this division speaks for itself. I have no faith in Steve Gibson making the right call anyway he has lost the plot.

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    • In the newspaper report  for this game the Boro team is given as:   Williams, Woodham, Jones, Stiles. Spraggon, Boam, Downing, Mills, Hickton, Vincent, Laidlaw.  Subs - Gates, McMordie, Stone. Williams and Woodham mean nothing to me. I assume that Williams is a misprint and that it was actually Whigham (especially as David Mills is also referred to as Hills) but does anyone remember Woodham?   Hibs' team was - Price, Brownlie, McKewan, Stanton, Black. Blackley, Stevenson, Hamilton, Baker, Cropley, Duncan.  Subs - Pringle, O'Rourke, Graham. A future Boro player in there!
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