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    Keep the bang average older players ✔️ Sell the younger lads with potential ✔️ Appoint pensioner as manager ✔️ Maintain a completely short term outlook ✔️ If that doesn't solve our problems then I don't know what will 👍
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    Pretty sure there were add-ons for the Forshaw & Bamford deals so at least we'll make some money from Leeds going up and can add to the kitty.
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    Would I accept the club selling Spence for £10 Million? Yes. Do I trust the club to reinvest that money wisely? No.
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    Norwich will be fine next season. In terms of player turnover I think the vast majority of their squad will stay intact, would be a big blow to them to lose their younger talents, Cantwell, Aarons, Lewis and Godfrey. But they have over the last few years made a real effort to have a clear pathway from academy football to first team, so they'll undoubtedly have another crop of youngsters to fill the void. Stuart Webber is very adept at bringing players that excel at Championship level, so even if they do lose their better players, I expect them to pick up players that are very capable. As others have said the biggest threat to that is whether Farke can motivate his players after losing week on week.
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    Fry leaves now and we are left with no CBS at all... I'd more inclined to sell Spence with a sell on clause. Spence is nowhere near £10million player. Good going forward but defensively he is shocking, yes he can improve on that but given that he was wanting a move back to London previously then I would take the money and rebuild the squad with quality and experience as that's what this club requires.
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    I'm always hesitant of accepting any value for a player when the argument is "We can use that money to replace them and better". Some of you haven't been paying attention to our transfer dealings, have you? What gives anyone the idea that putting money into our recruitment finances is going to lead to a net positive in terms of players in our squad? If we were smart, we'd be willing to sell players with a high value with a longer term strategy behind big money. As it is, we'll sell to give Warnock funds to work with. Then in a year's time when he's gone and those players aren't what we need any more, we can... keep them on the contracts we've given them because we can't get shot of them. Again.
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    Putting "stay in control" on the 32Red logo does nothing to change the fact wearing a replica shirt turns you into a walking advertisement for a Gibraltar-based gambling platform. Roll on 2023, when gambling advertising will hopefully go the way of cigarette advertising. Mind you, knowing MFC, they'd probably respond by signing a five year deal with Poundland or Sports Direct.
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    Id love something like this a nice tribute to the start of our most successful era. No doubt it will be white and blue or black and blue again though.
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    Sell at that price, with a sell on clause. He's been decent in a number of games going forwards, but I think he's largely looked better than he is because we've been so poor. Absolutely nothing special defensively. No real ties to the area and he's already had an attitude issue under Woodgate. We're only just avoiding relegation as it stands, and he's only been good in parts, so I don't think it's the same as the Traore situation where he was far and away our best player and could have been the difference in a promotion push.
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    Just had a read through this on my Twitter feed. Picks some good highlights (and low-lights). Love his understated sense of humour.
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    That's why i thought the Hammers would be interested
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    Red and white vertical stripes would be too Sunderland. I think a blue and black vertical stripe would be a good idea though.
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    I haven't used this years kit yet
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    He's good and has a lot of potential.. but is he so good a skint Champo team can turn down 10+ mil? No.. And I'd trust Warnock to bring in 3-4 good value players in return.
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    I want something a bit wild for an away kit. Hummel have done some really funky kits for some teams but ours have been fairly muted so far. Give us one of these!
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    please be green, please be green, please be green.
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    Can't think of many games where Spence has played well as a right back. Every single occasion people have raved about him, it's been solely because he looked vaguely threatening going forwards. Even though I'd be happy to keep him, I don't think he'd be that difficult to replace.
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    But that's why I say I'm hesitant. Some people would jump at the chance of taking money despite not thinking we'll spend it well. I'd arguably say we should be trying to spend within our means, instead of throwing away a good player in a position when we have no guaranteed quality elsewhere. We sell Spence and we have to buy a new RB on top of those positions too, we have to buy to put more pace into the side because we lose that with Spence leaving too. Suggestions from others that Dijksteel is ready to take that spot... based on what exactly? I can't remember a single good game he's had for us. That's not to say he's never going to be a good player for us but there's very little justification to say that will be the case if Spence goes. I don't think we have a significantly better chance of buying what we need with more money, I think we're just as capable of buying trash right now regardless of how much we have to spend and I think we're just as likely to fill all those gaps. I'd be worried if we got £50m plumped on our doorstep tomorrow because I think we'd just spend it recklessly, it's that bad. Until we change how we recruit players, there's definitely a part of me that looks at losing any decent player in our squad and I just become hesitant, regardless of fee. After all, it's not just the short-term outgoings that are the deal with bringing players in. It's also the wage bill, something that has killed us this past year or so too.
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    That’s what I meant, apologies mlord for the wrong terminology. I hope it does give us some more leeway, but I think not having big earners will give us some good wiggle room.
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    Barnsley lost. Can’t catch us anymore
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    I’m just doing it these days as I know it doesn’t fit with your fear of foreign footballers. What we need is definitely more overpaid british aaaard working cloggers. How about a handful of 30+ year old CMs from lower league?
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    Cancel last buddy. I didn’t realise you could still click the link even if you didn’t have an account 🤦‍♂️
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    He’s got the potential to be much better. Raw pace and very good technique.
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    Wasn't talking about now. Was talking about Fry being the last player to have been linked to a big money move, last year, which we ignored. And his value hasn't exactly soared. I'd have sold him then. Spence is the same thing. Take the money now. Bird in the hand.
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    Of course...I immediately noticed the complete lack of Dutchness. 😉 I'll amend the title to make it a bit more obvious though.
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    We're all aware this is nowt to do with Afernee Dijksteel right? Just some Boro supported called Alex who has the twitter handle @deadlydijksteel ?
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    I peel off my sponsor logo each year. After a couple of washes you can’t tell it’s been on there. Much better
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    Unpopular opinion: Spence is severely overrated 😬 £10million?! What’s he genuinely done to warrant such a fee. Last few games he’s been completely anonymous. Can’t defend either, and looks to have lapses in concentration all the time.
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    No way they'll be holding onto Buendia, Cantwell, Lewis, Aarons. They'll basically have a ton of money to spend on a pretty crap squad... not a guarantee of success as Stoke, Boro (and Villa kind of) can prove. Farke is way more competent than Monk though so that's in their favour.
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    I honestly disagree. I don't think we want to sell Djed and it would take a silly bid for us to do so. 10m IMO is getting into silly bid territory, so I wouldn't be surprised, but I don't think we'll sell for "much less".
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    Yeah that sponsor is pretty ugly. And completely pointless and ineffective imo. A betting sponsor is a betting sponsor, you can't make it more moral by adding a little meaningless warning.
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    I've just posted this in the Other Boro Stuff thread but judging by Rangers new shirt whatever design we get will be sullied by the sponsor logo: That said, Hummel appear to be moving away from their standard template for teams next season so I'd like to see something that leans into our heritage. It's probably too late now but something commemorating the Jack Charlton era would be nice.
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    I think Warnock agrees with you on that. A Sean Morrison type CB. Rob Dickie of Oxford might just be that guy...
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    I think we need some experienced heads in. Hard to do but need to import a captain
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    Thats probably the top and bottom of it
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    think we might get our first home win of 2020, well it has to come sometime, preassure is realistically off so 2-1 Boro win
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    It's true. Norwich admittedly look better placed than most, but every single summer the bookies and fans think a relegated side will make mincemeat of the Championship and it rarely happens.
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    I’m looking for the perfect 0% Alan. That way we get something from Cardiff and stay up. My reverse psychology is working beautifully 😀
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    TLF10 1 from 7 correct Durham Red 2 from 7 correct (ranks alongside smogsterking, glad I did not abbreviate his name as I usually do🤥) BD zip out of 7 Weasel 0 from 3 Uwe 1 from 3 BU just a cheating so and so but 1 from 2 so far! Sorry guys none of you deserve the DS Predictors Award!
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    Not in the know but, if we do stay up, then I think this summer will be a time of Gibbo investing again, especially if Warnock stays. There will be a freeing up of high wage earners; Gestede, Ayala, Shotton, Clayton plus the three year “Profitability and sustainability rules“ will hopefully have passed for us. We must get Roberts (the Championship Juninho) as our first signing, hopefully on a permanent. I agree with the Fry for Gibbo transfer if all parties are happy. We also must get a proper Centre Forward who can hold the ball up and score goals. Fletcher could be backup.
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    I don't think Norwich will continue to fall; they basically set themselves up to come straight back down this season, so I'd be extremely surprised if they're not promotion hunting next season again. There's a good article on the Norwich situation here.
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    Sammy Ameobi is exactly the level of player I would expect our scouting team to find.
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    We are in for Taylor but so are circa 26 clubs from around the World. He has some offers from America as well. Sammy Ameobi is someone we have looked at as well. I personally think we need some Championship grit coupled with some overseas flair.
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    damnit, that's what I get for posting while I'm meant to be doing work :(. Will change, thanks 😛
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    Not to mention signing the wrong championship players and overpaying for them both fee and salary wise so we had no money to revamp the squad and sort out the lack of creativity. Nor changing managers and styles so radically and expecting players to be able to fit in. Whether they were the right division one players is another matter, but I think under Woodgate they didn’t really have a chance. Possibly, just possibly, under Warnock we might see them able to be at least good squad members. Johnson certainly has limitations. However, as a squad player and not first choice, he is probably as good as we will be able to afford for that type of player, assuming he wants to accept a salary that reflects that. Also, he came as a winger and was then thrust into wing back and I doubt he got much decent coaching in that position. If Warnock And Blackwell offer him a contract then, I’m happy to go along with that. It would mean they probably think they could improve his defending over time.

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