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    What’s so bloody frustrating is you say we can’t afford one yet we will happily *** away £25k on some bang average journey man. I remember some insider on here saying gibson couldn’t afford to keep Kenyon around full time, yet not long after that we’re paying gestede and shotton close to £75k per week! Does it not make sense to Gibson to sacrifice some crap signing and instead spend money on the running of the club? We’re told that building the foundations means buying good defenders, in reality it’s building a solid backroom team. As for our ‘recruitment team’ the fact that it’s headed by an ex salesman and a couple of lads from Teesside uni should tell us all we need to know. I remember last summer one of them had been let go and was hawking his services as a scout via a Facebook status. everything about us from the half time refreshments to recruiting is total amature hour. We’re like the football version of St. John’s ambulance. This whole post Karanka period has extinguished most of the passion I had for the club. The summer of Pulis when we had to sit and watch our best players drift away just killed it off. That was when I knew that we will never get anywhere as long as things stay how they are. I remember during Karankas time here there was always the excitement that he would help us get some class players in and at times he/we did. However now you just know any ‘exciting’ sounding story’s are just that, story’s. Nothing ever comes of it, every decision you just know will be terrible. The woodgate appointment being the perfect example. All the talk of interviewing jokanovic and ‘scouring Europe’, deep down we all had a nagging feeling it would be woodgate, but nobody wanted to admit it or give up hope that gibson wouldn’t be that pathetic. Alas we went there, You sit there watching other, lesser resourced teams than us setting up and being shrewdly operated, bringing in players that make sense, just running logically and it hits home just how bad we are. I have no doubt that if we stay up then we will spend the transfer window trying to sign Adam reach, Gunter and offering friend a 4 year contract. More pathetically unimaginative attempts to fix the glaring issues that we are stuck with season after season because the people tasked to do the job are so incompetent I genuinely believe a handful of our more knowledgeable fans could do better, probably for free.
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    The Evening Gazette has said that Steve Gibson is against a director of football because it would add another 6 figure salary onto the wage bill. I can't help but question whether that is the true motive as it appears to be more down to Gibson wanting to retain power. The best way to assess whether this 6 figure salary is value for money, is to consider how Steve Gibson and his loyal courtiers like Gary Gill and co are actually performing with the powers that they have which, if we were to appoint a director of football, would be taken away from them. Firstly, how much has our knee-jerking between managers of contrasting styles cost us through wasted transfer fees, wages and resulting underperformance of players not suiting the next managers tactics? I have our managerial merry-go-round as: McLaren (250 games) > Southgate (151 games) > Strachan (51games) > Mowbray (153 games) > Karanka (171 games) > Monk (26 games) > Pulis (80 games) > Woodgate (41 games) > Warnock. Considering the 3 and 4 year deals that each of them managers handed out only for them to leave shortly afterwards, it has left huge inefficiencies due to a lack of cohesion between what the current manager wants and what players he has which were bought by his predecessor. As an illustration (estimate figures), Britt Assombalonga was bought for £15 million in the summer of 2017 on a 4 year deal with wages of around £40,000 a week. The financials of that will cost us £23,320,000 (£15,000,000 transfer fee & £8,320,000 wages) over his 4 years here. This signing was thought to bring in a new era under Monk, however, he was sacked after 26 games and replaced by Pulis who did not rate Assombalonga as he could not lead the line as a target man, and wanted him sold in a cut price deal. Similar examples can be made about Monk's signings of Cyrus Christie & Martin Braithwaite who were bought for big money and wages only to be not wanted by Pulis as they did not fit his tactics which were in stark contrast to Monk's. My point is that this is the sort of extremely costly inefficiency that results from Gibson's knee-jerking between managers. Also, what about all of the settlements for sacking the awful, reactionary appointments to key positions like Monk, Woodgate and Bevington. If we had a competent decision maker at the top of the club then we wouldn't needlessly bleed money as a result of appointing people who are unprepared for the job and only got the job through their closeness to Gibson like Woodgate and Bevington. To give Monk such a huge transfer kitty, and sack him 26 games later is bonkers by Gibson. If we are terrified of adding a 6 figure salary onto the wage bill then this financial restraint is out of keeping with the lavish wages and financial packages Gibson is happy to give managers such as Pulis' £3 million a year a 6% of the transfer fees on all players sold. Equally, Warnock will not be coming cheap either and it wouldn't surprise me if he's on a similar sort of deal to Pulis. Them sorts of financial packages are more than enough to afford an excellent director of football and a head coach with the way Norwich have Stuart Webber and Daniel Farke. If we had a director of football who set the club culture, long term template of tactics, style of play, recruit players to fit that template, personalities we sign to fit into that culture, appoint a head coach who must implement tactics to fit that template, then we would not regularly be in states of transition. Considering all of that, my view is that Gibson's argument that we can't afford a director of football is absolute garbage. The utterly bonkers signings of Gestede and Gueudiora would have funded a director of football for many decades! The true reason why he doesn't want a director of football is that the only way one could be accommodated into the club is by Gibson giving up control of appointing the head coach, Gary Gill's "head of recruitment" role would become defunct and the director of football would be able to recruit player and sell players without Gibson's impulsive, reactionary input. Steve Gibson giving up that level of power to a director of football is never going to happen. Gibson's abhorrence to a director of football is not becuase of the 6 figure salary. It all comes down to the fact that Gibson wanting him and Gary Gill to retain their power.
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    I'm really curious.. people saying Howson, Saville and/or mcnair have had good seasons. What exactly have any of the 3 been consistently good at? I'd say all 3 have been average to below average at everything. I genuinely think this is a case of our standards being incredibly low. Based on this seasons performances, not one of those 3 would have even been in the squad in our promotion season. They just don't excel at anything. So I'd be shedding them and rolling the dice on someone who may make a difference. Because regardless of how much of a fan you are of any of the three, not one person can point to a tangible, positive way in which they have made any kind of difference to our form this season
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    I’ve always thought McNairs set pieces to be awful. Seems to over hit them all the time. Wouldn’t say his shooting is too good either.
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    In 2020 before Warnock, please tell me any Boro players other than possibly Howson that could come out with any sort of plaudits? The whole team has been shocking and results show that. Howson, McNair and Fletcher are the only players that have had a good season in my eyes, we should be using them as foundations and building round those sort of players and not selling them. Spence, yes people get a little bit excited because he has a bit of pace and is direct, but he's a RB that can't defend. We have moved him forward and tell me what he's offered in a more advanced role? £10million, I'd snap anyone's hand off for that sort of money.
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    Id happily take 10mil for mcnair and Saville from Michael o Neill (he loves them both) and keep Spence. Its far easier to find half decent midfielders for this division (we've had about 20 of them over the last 3 seasons) on a budget than it is a promising young wing back. Much bigger wage saving too and I don't think we'd miss either in any shape or form.
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    Did you buy Pulis’ PR BS? In no way did he stabilise the club. He was on £3m+ a year, he signed Flint, Saville & some very expensive loan signings. We would’ve made money on players whether or not he was in charge.
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    I’d probably be classed as a ‘poor fan’ as i most likely won’t renew if we go down. But tbh I’ve had enough, we’re at the mercy of a guy who can no longer run the club properly, employs hopelessly incompetent people in important positions and seems to be doing all he can to dismantle the club from the top down. The speed at which we returned to pre Karanka levels after the relegation is staggering. Why should I support such incompetence?
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    As it's looking a virtual certainty that Warnock is going to get the job for next season, it's worth noting both the significant positives and negatives that will result from Warnock being our manager, and also how accommodating his style of football will effect our long term direction once he inevitably leaves. Clearly, Warnock is a very effective manager who knows how to assemble promotion winning Championship teams on a tight budget. In simple terms he's the perfect manager to get us out of the situation we are currently in. I think the timing of us having so many players out of contract, which provides him with such a clean slate to build from next season, is only going to help us implement his style in the short term. I dread to imagine the short term mess that we would have made in such a state of flux under either Woodgate or another incompetent manager who Gibson fancied. I'm confident that if Warnock is here for two seasons then at a minimum he'll have us finishing in the play off spots, possibly even by next season if we can get some good business done this summer. They are signifiacant positives, albeit in the short term. Whilst I understand the short term logic for Neil Warnock, my key concern is how we will react when he inevitably leaves us. He's 71 year old, seems to prefer it down South and only likes to commit to one year deals; He's the epitome of why modern clubs have evolved towards a sporting director/director of football & head coach combination. Considering he'll probably only sign a rolling one year deal here, it's going to be naïve and short sighted for the club to authorise him to be handing out 3 and 4 year deals. It's why a long term vision within a football club is essential. It will be especially daft in positions such as fullback that are heavily dependent upon what the managers style of play requires from them. For example, in fullback positions Warnock is probably going to prefer more defensively solid fullbacks that are technically pretty limited (e.g. a younger version of Shotton), than say the requirements that someone like Karnaka would want (such as Nsue or Fredericks) as he required his fullbacks to have the engines to consistently overlap the wingers. It would therefore be naive to allow Warnock to sign them sort of fullbacks on a 3 or 4 year contract. However, the question remains of whether Warnock should be given so much short term freedom, despite the potential long term damage. Gibson's historically knee-jerks between managers with contrasting styles so, if we were to have this sort of "bigger picture" analysis of Warnock's short term transfer activity, this sort of potential limitation on Warnock's transfers is especially important. However, I don't think Gibson has this sort of long term vision of the club. In the past decade, taking Karanka's reign out, we've constantly been in a state of transition with an unbalanced squad and with many players who didn't fit into a new managers plans. That's why we need a more long term outlook. Giving Warnock free-reign would make a lot more sense if Gibson was completely open to appointing a successor who has a similar style of play and man management style. For example, someone like Dyche, Rowett, Allardyce etc. However, knowing what Gibson is like, whenever Warnock leaves us he will have us knee-jerking back to a manager with a more possession based style of play - which will again put us into a state of transition for 3 + years minimum - assuming he sticks with that next manager - due to having players that largely cannot play that way. Gibson acts in a very similar role to a sporting director in that the decision about manager and style of play from the manager are through him. That isn't even within doubt among fans with common sense. However, local media has had their wings clipped by Gibson over decades of censorship. He is primarily focussed upon acting like a power mad Tory politician and not an effective administrator of the power he holds. The Evening Gazette and BBC Tees have been suppressed by Gibson to the point that they're terrified of highlighting Gibson's incompetence. A proper sporting director would never deviate from the template in such drastic fashion that Steve Gibson does every time he appoints a manager. Whilst I'm incredibly appreciative about the huge funding that Gibson puts in year-on-year and I've got absolutely no doubts about his intentions, the application of his intentions has been absolutely pathetic. He just doesn't have either the long term outlook or self-restraint to see a vision through. That settled template and self-restraint is what seperates Steve Gibson from the likes of Stuart Webber at Norwich and the other successful football administrators. In the long term I'm an advocate of a sporting director and head coach format as it's key benefit is that, once implemented, when a head coach leaves the long term plan remains and all players still fit the template. That is incompatible with the way Gibson wants to rule as an absolutist King and does not want to vest any of his power into anybody but himself, and places power into underqualified but loyal courtiers like Gary Gill (basically the Chris Grayling of recruitment - absolutely useless), Adrian Bevington (he had zero experience in recruitment), Jonathan Woodgate (again, completely unprepared for the job) & even Neil Maddison (he's currently in charge of monitoring our players out on loan, which calls into question his impartiality on BBC Tees that is already like North Korean state media). Any seemingly disloyal people like Victor Orta were kicked out and had the kitchen sink thrown at him in an attempt to tarnish his reputation - typical medieval King tactics. Everything about it stinks. To conclude, maybe it's my passion for the mix of football, history & politics, but Steve Gibson through his combination of having a close circle of loyal incompetent "Chris Grayling" courtiers, his control of dissenters and his abhorrence towards vesting powers in others, strikes me as an - albeit well intentioned - incompetent King who is absolutely out of his depth but can't see the bigger picture. Until something drastic changes we're going to suffer in the long term despite Warnock's short term appointment.
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    He was the only player we had who stepped up to the Premier League without an issue. He was head and shoulders our best player that season, ahead of the likes of Chambers (who is a PL player), Negredo (who has been a PL player) and so on. His form dropped off after relegation, as did ours in fairness, but to say he was overrated is complete and utter ***. He had a smashing season in the Premier League when few of our players could cut the mustard and the other central defenders were well behind him so it can't simply be down to us being defensive. Things haven't worked out for him for whatever reason and it's possible that his window of opportunity to kick on has now gone but I don't get the negativity about him at all really. The best central defender, in terms of performance level, that we've had over the last decade was Gibson, not Ayala. Ayala never played at the level Gibson was playing at in the PL but Ayala was almost hero worshipped. Seems strange to me.
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    If it came down to them making a choice about which of us to relegate (hidden under the guise of the appeal decision) then I would fully expect them to relegate us. Gibson has been an absolute pain in the neck to them over FFP. There will be small print somewhere in an obscure rule which could be used to justify whatever decision they make. If it ends up that a possible points deduction might affect which team went down in 22 place and the outcome wouldn't be known at the end off the season, the fairest option - in my mind - woul be to just relegate the bottom two, play next season with 25 teams in the Championship and then relegate 4 teams at the end of next season. I doubt they'd do that, though. It is unreasonable to expect clubs to prepare for next season without knowing what division they are in.
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    Fair play to them at least they have kept going and trying all game, unlike some performances we have seen from Boro at home!
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    I think out of our entire squad I'll only be disappointed if tav goes.
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    Don’t think this is specific to Boro’s home support. Many home fans seem hyper critical to some degree. Whereas away fans tend to enjoy the occasion and feel they need to put on a good show of solidarity to the club they’re following to the one they’re visiting
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    I usually get the away kit because I get bored of red ones, unless they are white, I hate white kits. I'm firmly in the green away kit this season (every season until they give us one). Or pink.
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    If Stoke have an abundance of CB but no CM and we’re the other way around. Can’t we just smash the squads together with Warnock & O’Neil taking turns picking players. (Schoolyard football style) right up to the point where there’s one person left and then they argue about who doesn’t get McClean 🤪
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    Bring back the sash!
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    An incompetent buffoon hired an incompetent buffoon, who failed to get the best out of a lopsided squad that had been assembled by an incompetent buffoon and a lying ***? *** - child born out of wedlock
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    The biggest problem the club faces in my opinion is the same people that spent £11 million on Guedioura and Gestede to try keep us up in the Prem are still at the club about to guide us through the most important squad rebuild in recent years
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    I disagree. The clubs has 4-5 long term plans in the last 3 years alone 🤷‍♂️
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    This club doesn’t do long term visions. We have 6 months strategies and start all over each transfer window.
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    Non of that makes it right. GF has stood by us for a lot of years. Granted he is not what he used to be but his heart is still in it. I personally have the utmost respect for the guy.
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    https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/neil-warnock-obvious-choice-manage-18614026.amp?__twitter_impression=true "Gibson is a hands-on owner and Bausor is a hands-on chief executive. They are closely involved in transfers and have been part of the decision-making process for many years. " When you're *THIS* close to figuring out why we're in the financial and competitive abyss we find ourselves in...
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    They might have been looking at the new font they're using on kits these days
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    Karanka's agent is Jorge Mendes, we also had Peter Kenyon advising the club and established youth links to Atletico and Juventus I believe as well as obviously Chelsea when Mourinho is there, then we didn't back Aitor in the January Window sacked him and the entire approach was out the window. Even more so after Monk didn't work out when we appointed Pulis and fully ran with the British is Best approach or the overpay for mediocre players strategy, the worst bit though is the Gazette trying to unironically peddle it to the fans after we just watched Wolves copy what we did but with more financial backing and end up in Europa league
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    A beached blackburn beat Reading yesterday. A beached QPR also beat play off chasing Millwall. A already safe stoke beat automatic chasing Brentford. Sometimes clubs with nothing to play for are on beach but dont underestimate the mental side of the game where having nothing to play for allows you to make better decisions on ball and just play..well better.
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    With how poorly the EFL govern FFP, this mooted £18 Million salary cap is going to be a farce. I follow a lot of Rugby (Union and League) where salary caps have been in use for a while, and there is all sorts of loop holes and ways around the cap. So unless the EFL can come up with a water tight salary cap system we'll be back to square one in 2-3 years time.
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    Your money is not hard earned. You’re in the military 😂😂😂
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    I wouldn't be adverse to the change really, might be interesting to alternate between the two. I wonder what the rules around changing kits is
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    They are usually quite “Merry” by the time they get to the stadium too.
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    Totally agree Pmards, it makes no sense and honestly I can’t see how they expect us to believe it. We will 100% sign some crap player and pay him a 6 figure salary per every month never mind per year. It IS all about control and everything else is just excuses. What makes even less sense is a good DoF will SAVE us money in the long run by not spending fortunes on total crap, he’s literally costing himself more money. One thing I do wonder though is how much of it is down to trust, I have a feeling the monk stuff has only made him tighten his grip on things even more. Maybe he just doesn’t trust anyone enough to have a free reign and not do any dodgy deals.
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    Yeah saville has been good since November when we stopped playing him as a box to box. I actually really rate Saville as well, but fans give him stick because of his transfer fee and he had 1 good goal scoring season at Millwall.
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    I know that this is going to sound bizarre, but the thought came into my head... Huddersfield sack Cowley and obviously have someone lined up as they have said they aren't seeking applicants. Pearson has now left Watford before the last two games, although Watford have not officially announced it. Have Huddersfield lined up Pearson and Watford got wind of it?
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    Just not a fan of his personality and he seems a bit of a hothead. Would rather keep Warnock than go for Pearson.
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    He's scored 7, which is a decent return. Not started a game under Warnock, so I don't expect he'll add to it. Fletcher has 11.
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    A sellable asset that I wouldn't lose that much sleep over losing. Yes please.
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    I own the rights to having King in my username. I demand they downgrade their name to Prince at best.
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    It’s not “that” king again is it. If so maybe he might last longer by not repeatedly putting king in his new usernames and giving himself away instantly.
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    One home win in 2020 would have made this final day malarky impossible. One home win! What on earth happened, yes we watched the games but what on earth happened? With our home form we should be ashamed and under usual circumstances are plight would not be even alive. Thank goodness our away form gave us a chance
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    Ronald Reagan was 73 when he commenced his second term becoming one of the USA's most popular Presidents 😀
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    Given the amount of money we've spunked on transfers since relegation, to find ourselves potentially dependent on a points deduction to stay in the Championship is an unmitigated disgrace. How many of the players we've signed since relegation have (a) stayed more than 18 months, (b) justified their transfer fee or (c) improved the squad, let alone all three? Randolph is the only one I can really think of who emerges with credit. Yes, Pulis and Woodgate take a large share of responsibility for filling the squad with unnecessary CDMs and not coaching the strikers. But ultimately Gibson writes the cheques. We desperately need someone who understands the modern game to drag our recrutiment policy above its current pathetic standard, but I have zero confidence Gibson will do that. Instead, we'll continue to throw s**t at the wall and hope some of it sticks. It's profoundly sad how badly MFC has been run in recent years. And the one man who can improve things seems more interested in rewarding failure than cultivating success. No wonder we're staring into the abyss of League One. Do we have to actually end up there before Gibson realises what a hash he's made of the decisions which matter since Eindhoven?
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    I think our problem is more making the daft offers tbh 🤦‍♂️
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    Imagine what it would have been like today during that game and then afterwards. You think he'd have gotten a good send off? Quiet because there's nobody there has to be better than dogs abuse followed by quiet from a mostly empty ground because every bugger left long before the end. Nothing cruel about it, that's how it would have gone.
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    https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/neil-warnock-plans-steve-gibson-18616014 Good interview there with Warnock, never expected Warnock would be reading OneBoro though what a turn that was! "I shouldn't look at notice boards, I know, but when you look at the doom and gloom when we got beat by QPR and Hull." Also jokes about wanting an open top bus around Boro for himself to give the fans a chance to appreciate him tongue in cheek, also says the 'spine' needs 5 or 6 new players, I assume he's eyeing the 5/6 starting lineup and then filling out the squad beyond that number. Like him or hate him he definitely isn't Pulis who spent most of his press time groveling or complaining.
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    I just don't want the possible arrival of Ben Gibson associated costs to impair other meaningful transfer activity. We are not a club that needs or can afford a luxury!
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    It's not really about where the players come from. Brentford have a plan and stick to it. They extensively scout players starting who fit their criteria. They also aren't afraid to spend. I think they spent something like £30m this year. We go for "big names" and anyone with a connection to the club. There's no plan and no consistency but that sums up the entire club.

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