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    Besic was quality at this level, saying you would rather have Gestede, Guedioura ect back is absolute insanity.
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    The Evening Gazette will surely report on the story soon. It’ll be another opportunity to reiterate for the hundredth time that no one wants to buy us and how we should be eternally happy to have Steve Gibson in charge of us. After all, it has been a good few weeks since their tongue was that deep in there.
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    Shame if that's true, but can't blame Friend and would wish him nothing but the best.
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    Clearly we should have a more concise thread for these things.
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    wouldn't be a real window if we weren't linked to a Glazer.....
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    Just put Woodgate back in charge and that will do the trick.
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    Anyone seen this? American investors at our club? Anyone heard anything @Lurker @Raf smog @diggerlad07
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    yes he was a beast george, you really saw a difference when he wasnt in the team. fantastic player. only reason he wasnt at a top club was his passing/technical ability wasnt the best. often gave simple balls away. i say often, not as bad as the current lot. but enough to stop him playing at arsenal, man utd, chelsea at the time who had the likes of kean, viera, and makelele. even liverpool at the time had alonso and gerrard in the middle. thinking back there was miles better defensive midfielders playing back then. they are all show ponies now in comparison.
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    so my day consists of hitting the refresh button every 2mins waiting on @Lurker updates 🙂
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    You seem happy to point out AK ability to turn a mediocre team in to a half decent team but are you not wanting to do same for Warnock or is our boss not that good in your eyes? And bar Juke who they got you would take ahead of likes of Tav Britt and Fletch seeing as you are saying they got better attackers than us?
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    Lyle Taylor stopped playing because he was worried he would get an injury to stop his ‘life-changing move’ and ends up at forest 😂
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    If fans are to be sat in silence, effectively barred and banned from expressing any verbal utterances then why have them back at all? Apart from 7,000 x £30 there doesn't seem any point to me. Maybe fans can be given a pre recorded "supporter console" where they can press: Button 1. Cheer Button 2. You are my Boro Button 3. You don't know what you're doing Button 4. Come on Boro Button 5. Booo (there is a slight technical problem with this button at the moment) Button 6. We are going up, say we are going up (available from early 2021)
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    This ‘held on to the ball too long’ thing is a bit of a meme imo. Besic did tons of good stuff, carried the ball through the middle, assisted a good few goals and got a couple himself. Yet all anyone ever mentions is the handful of times he faffed on the ball.
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    I’m going to be cheeky and suggest a player from each manager in my recent time. McClaren era = Gareth Southgate - a leader and a rock at the back. Mr dependable. Southgate era = toss up between Johnson or Woodgate, but I’d have to say Woodgate for the same as Southgate. Oozed class and as much as I can’t stand him from his stint as manager. I can’t take away his defending quality. Special mention to Johnson for his natural width and quality at this level. Strachan era = Barry Robson. Hard working and always put a shift in. Not dripping with quality but the best of a horrendous recruitment period. Seriously, go back and have a look at some of the names...if you dare. Mowbray era = tough between grant or George. Both got at great prices and both did terrific work over their time with boro. Maybe Leadbitter shades it for his leadership ability which I feel friend lacked this season. Karanka era = Clayton in his prime. Played the holding midfield role to a t. Always felt like he had more to offer going forward but his responsibility reduced his impact further up. But I’d still say a Clayton in his prime with us is streets ahead of what we had this season. Monk era = Braithwaite. I’m coming round to the idea that Pulis painted him out to be a bit of a snake and it’s not actually true. Sure he could have worked harder and fought for the shirt a bit more, but playing Pulis ball didn’t suit him and rightly so, he called him out on it. He had good quality though and how a team of Braithwaite, Bamford and Britt didn’t get us promoted is criminal. Pulis era = Traore. When it was good, wow it was amazing. I’ve never seen a player as explosive and good at dribbling than him at boro. And we never will either. I also love how he grew under Pulis and was a player who you really wanted it to click for.
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    Has and always will be Tuncay. My sweet, Turkish Delight.
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    With a history in the regional divisions, Amora Futebol Clube will be purchased, for 350 thousand euros, by an American company. Mozambican investor, Zuneid Sidat leaves the scene. "SAD will be purchased by the American America Soccer, a company of American investors who are currently investing in Middlesbrough (England) and Benevento (Italy)", according to Mauro Almeida, the new general director of SAD Amorense, who should be led by Daniel Golpe, former administrator of SAD do Praiense. The company "chose" to invest in a club in Portugal because it is "one of the countries that best trains athletes and provides excellent conditions for their development". The objective "is to try to change the management paradigm of professional football in the Portuguese championship, with the future administration already working on planning the new sports season". With 99 years of history, the club that was born on a picnic on May 1, 1921, at Quinta da Princesa, wants "finally" to have a national dimension. And in the next season alone, the investment in football will be half a million euros. In October, the construction of a new enclosure is scheduled to begin. The Medideira Stadium will be municipal, but given by the Seixal City Council to the club for some years. The models are ready and the projects are in progress. The academy is also already planned and should be completed in three years. Time to get to professional championships and revolutionize Seixal Bay.
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    I should get some info tomorrow. If I don't then I'll just make something up when I've had a few.
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    Different types of leader. But Friends professionalism and personnel high standards makes him a leader. But I really can’t be ar**d having this conversation again 😖
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    Jude Bellingham money. Friend is a leader and exemplary professional in the dressing room despite his limitations on the field. Karanka will want his influence in and around the place.
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    We finished above them... They were 7 points clear of us when Warnock took over, and they ended 3 points below us.
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    Eh no they are not. They just about survived last season too AK has a massive re-build on his hands working under a regime who like getting rid off managers.
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    I'm so surprised if George leaves as I so expected him to go on to coach at Boro
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    George Boateng. We need a midfield general, and great though Grant was great in that CDM role, Boateng set the standard for me. Quite honestly, though, I'd have any of the players mentioned above back. We really have had some world-class talent here, much of it criminally mismanaged by incompetent managers.
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    Imagine where Lewandowski would be now if he'd got his move to Sam Allardyce's Blackburn in 2010... I checked Wikipedia and he's playing at some team I've never heard of called "Bayern Muenchen" maybe we should go for this Glazer and this Lewandowski guy as well 🤔
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    Maybe it’s worth putting in a bid to Everton for besic, clearly loved it here as he turned down numerous other teams to come back the second time. His second spell admittedly was underwhelming but that would probably come down to the fact that Pulis seemed to play him as an attack minded midfielder which was clearly not his position. I think he would be good sat in front of the back 4 in a warnock side. Plus Everton have been trying to sell him for years too
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    ----------------Bamford Adomah----Gaston-----Traore ---------Clayton---Leadbitter Friend--Gibbo--Ayala-Fredericks ----------------Randolph We'd go unbeaten wouldn't we jesus
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    I'd like the first poster to welcome our African overlords.
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    We need another David Armstrong, a non stop left sided winger who hardly ever missed a game.
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    I remember George Boateng the Midfield & Defence were rock solid when he played,He broke his big toe and was out for a couple of months we slipped from top quarter to bottom half
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    All we need now is stop this Wembley for semi finals *** and we have a proper cup competition again 😀
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    Its a shame if Friend goes but I wish him well. He has been a fantastic loyal servant but all things come to an end in football. Reality is that Karanka ill be awarded an OBE (Out Before Easter) when Birmingham struggle once again due to the incompetent senior management destroying the Club yet again.
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    There’s an obvious need for a lot of bodies in but as my Leeds supporter friend says a manager makes a lot of difference and warnocks record speaks for it self So chill guys if Warnock can get a team with bamba on ice promoted we may be ok
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    I reckon Mejias doesn't count. And Fry barely played. Friend feels like the last link to that era.
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    There is no chance of Friend being ahead of Kristian Pedersen at left back who was one of Birmingham’s best players last season.
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    I'll bare my *** in Binns window if Birmingham finish above Boro next season.
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    If they're offering him better terms / more playing time than we are, I don't blame him.
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    I saw improvement over the last few games that in itself is hope for better things to come. Players react to Managers and Warnock could be very good for Marvin. I am fine with this information
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    I don't think it's fair to give Marvin Johnson so much flack .. He has done what HE could to be a good servant of the club! Yes he is not a good defender, neither good at taking players on .. But come on, he fights and has a good pass/delivery .. Funny how some people need a booh boy .. If Warnock couldn't use him and/or teach him new tricks, he wouldnt have re-signed him!
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    Hey everyone -- hope everyone is good and how great it is to be amongst fellow Boro fans on this new website! I've been living in southern California since 2007 and although I get homesick I feel a bit better by logging on and also watching and listening to the lads playing live-- Maddo is my saviour-- along with lots of other friendly names I see on this board already! Anyway, here's looking forward to the new season under NW -- wow what a breath air this guy has pumped into our club-- it was needed, long over due you could say. I just hope we can get some decent players in and start to excite the fans once again. Onwards and upwards as they say!! All the best Expat Smoggie

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