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    I just can't work out how this club operates when recruiting players So we have a full season knowing that we're not going to offer Shotton a contract, Moukoudi will eventually return to his parent club, didn't replace Flint, Ayala 50/50 to sign a reduced deal and Fry will probably have interest from bigger clubs leaving us embarrassingly short at the back. We should be scouting hundreds of CBs all season long so whoever the manager in come the summer, they can pick who they like the look of and try and sign them. Yet who have we been linked with? Gibson (Ex player financially unlikely) Hall (Warnock recommendation) Goode (Warnock staff recommendation) Bamba (Warnock recommendation and absurdly short sighted) Maghoma (Relegated from the Polish league) So what do the people paid by the club to find players actually f****** do? We've started preseason, 3 days from our first friendly, 13 till the cup and 3 weeks till the league and we have 2 senior Centre Backs and an unbalanced squad so we're forced to play wing backs and so need 3 Centre Backs? Let's not even getting started on attacking creative players haha Remember us being painful to watch for a full season being the 5th lowest scorers and so the Gazette came out with a Gibson approved article saying the club "want to change tack" and play attacking football? And then now we're the lowest scorers in the league and have 0 recent links to forward players? The worst thing though is people try and defend all this for some reason
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    There's no project to sell really is there? Appointing warnock is so damn boring, unimaginative, uninspiring.. yes he's solid, yes he'll get us organised but why would a player come to us when a) we can't offer more money than other clubs and b) everything about us screams lack of ambition. I'm sorry to keep harping on and being so negative about warnock but it really is just a wasted, pointless year ahead.
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    Sacking Karanka would have been acceptable if we'd hired an actual manager to replace him. Instead we accepted relegation by giving the job to Agnew.
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    Yeah he’s currently at Rockliffe playing golf and is scheduled to meet Steve Gibson in the restaurant tonight before signing for QPR tomorrow.
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    Can we also point out that Klopp is a massive fan of Stewart? He didn't want to lose Stewart in the Robertson deal, but there was no other way to get it completed. Just googled to find the quote I wanted; this comes after an EFL Cup win against Spurs: "He was very important. I have said a few times, he’s the best challenger in the squad. One-on-one he is really ugly to play against. He’s a good footballer, good player and he had a good game. Very good.” In a *** poor Hull side, his stats for tackles, interceptions, and breaking up play are quite remarkable. Guessing the people who are against Stewart are also those who couldn't see the virtues of Adam Clayton in the Karanka system because he didn't score enough goals.
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    Anyone who says "If Karanka had stayed, we'd have got back up", I honestly don't think you remember quite how it ended. People remember the beginning of the end and the Charlton game and think because we got promoted after that, that all got swept under the rug. I think if you think back to the time leading up to January in the Prem and beyond, you'd think differently. I stuck up for Aitor a lot in that Prem season, I did. Because there's absolutely no doubt about it in my mind, Karanka's tenure was only eclipsed by McClaren's and nothing else post McClaren even came close to that. And I imagine I gave him a lot of the benefit of the doubt because I didn't want that taken away from me. But you have to be truthful to yourself; he went because he needed to go and with the benefit of hindsight, he didn't go soon enough. I will also say if I was in Gibson's shoes during that time, I don't know if I'd have handled it any differently, though that would have definitely been a fault on my part. He needed to go as he'd lost it, he was really struggling to handle it at that point. He was so *** off with the January window, as many of us were. But he was the manager, he needed to control those emotions and focus on getting the best out of the players he had. If there were a few bad eggs in the squad causing fuss, get rid of them. Whatever he could have done to better unite the players, he just didn't seem to be doing it. Then when he left (despite the nature of how we handled the aftermath), I think you felt a weight lifted. He was dragging those lads down despite how much I'm sure they didn't want to feel that way about him. Some of them, anyway. Some of them never have or will forget how good they felt working for him at the best of times, listening to Ben Gibson on BBC Tees the other day reminds you of stuff like that. At the time, I imagine it was like a relationship gone sour, no matter how *** it gets, it's hard to forget about the good times and it's hard to walk away from it. Aitor needed a break from football, he needed a break from us and we needed a break from him. I do wonder, given the last remnants of his squad at the time have now moved on, whether he would be capable of coming back here and starting it all over again. Maybe, maybe not, I guess it depends on what terms he really is on with the non-playing staff who remain at the club, like the chairman. But even if somehow that was true and he could, I don't think there's any doubt he would have failed to get us back up had he stayed on at the time. What was happening at the time needed to stop and prolonging it would not have helped, only hindered.
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    I'm guessing that all those saying "Being linked with Stewart shows how far we've fallen" have barely seen him play, and are basing that purely on one or two games they've seen him in against us. Honestly. The ****housery on here sometimes.
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    If you’re a footballer why on earth would you move to Boro to play under Pulis, Woodgate or Warnock? Pulis and Warnock aren’t attractive managers to the majority of players and Woodgate was untested. But again, would the excitement of playing for Woodgate be enough to turn your head? I doubt it. Karanka brought good players in due to his connections and stature in the game whilst also being helped by Kenyon and Mendes and Mourinho. We could also offer them higher wages / agent fees. Those days are gone now with our cost cutting and reluctance to haggle with Agents. As a result, we are struggling to get deals over the line.
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    How about Pulis as the Irish builder, he comes in to fix things but actually makes things worse. Woodgate could be the Moose's head.
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    And yet since Karanka has gone, we have nosedived beyond all recognition. There were clashes behind the scenes, but to put the blame at one person wouldn't be accurate. Especially as most of the problems have remained.
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    I remember this as I was on your side. I wanted to get rid of the players causing the problems and keep the management team in place, regardless of if we stayed up or not. We're seeing now that it's much more difficult to replace a manager and a philosophy than a few players.
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    Listen, no one wants Bamba. I think we've made that clear. And yes, he's barely played. I doubt Warnock wants him, more that it's the media putting together 2+2 and making 56 - but if he does, then it's Warnock's call, and he has to live by it. My initial point to you @LewisBoroPalfreywasn't about Bamba, it was about Stewart. So many on here who have said "I've only seen him play against Boro" and "targeting players like Stewart show how far we've fallen" just point to them being daft and basing their view off reputation and Football Manager rather than genuinely having seen them play football.
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    I suppose you can view in the situation in 2 different ways, you can get angry or see the funny side. I'm past getting angry anymore, I just see the club as footballs equivalent of Faulty Towers. Not sure who the characters would be? I'm thinking Gibson as Basil, Warnock as the Major and Bauser as Manuel.
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    I suspect judging by the frustrated tone and recent flurry of a lot of posts on here many contributors are perhaps too young to remember back to the 1970's Western TV series Kung Fu. David Carradine played the role of Kwai Chang Caine, a half-American half Chinese character trained as a Shaolin monk in China.
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    The world is going into a massive recession and the club has very little income. If we have to tread water for a few years by signing a few NW old boys like Bamba then so be it.
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    It just felt like Gibson was accepting relegation. Aitor's reign was the best we have had for year's. It ended sour but when it was good it was good and I'd do anything to get back to those good days. The winning mentality he created throughout the club and the togetherness before it unravelled is something I doubt we will see for a long long time. Giving Agnew the job was a disgrace.
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    In my opinion Aitor was 'working his ticket' during that January transfer window. It was if he was actually begging to be sacked. If you recall he had a go at the fans after the West Ham home game, he publicly criticised the physiotherapy team, he lashed out at the recruitment team and the club for not getting the signings he'd been asking for 'since one and a half months ago' (his words). In a tv interview after his departure Steve Gibson remarked it was a relief to Aitor and he'd been put out of his misery (or words to that effect). The prospect of him seeing out the season with relegation then bouncing us back at the first time of asking is for the birds.
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    Straight out of the Ayala handbook he’s was isolating from January 😉
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    Not sure if he actually tested positive for covid, but Fry showed symptoms when returning to Rockliffe so is now self isolating
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    The point is the choice shouldn't be that in a million years after having a season to scout potential signings That's why people are complaining
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    It’s very bad shout. 35 years old and played less than 100 minutes last year. I’d rather just play Hall and Fry and have Stubbs as backup.
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    Nope, looking forward to it as always. Might see some young players come through. I think whatever players Warnock has at his disposal he will get the most out of. Bring it on!
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    There seemed quite high percentage of people on here who did not want Kevin Stewart in 1st place but there is also a high percentage now getting angry that kevin Stewart might not be coming here. This suggests some people are having a meltdown about a player possibly not coming that they did not even want to come.
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    Guy's I appreciate that there is no transfer news, and respect that what you are discussing is important and linked to our current transfer issues. However, could you please move the manager and Gibson discussions to a new thread? All these notifications, with no transfer news are killing me with hope! thanks, no offence intended. Maz
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    The problems of people clashing behind the scenes have remained? That's rubbish, isn't it? Just because every big decision we've made since Karanka left have been mistakes does not mean the club sacking him was a mistake. With all the hindsight we have of the situation now, I can't for the life of me understand how anyone can possibly think a man who had broken down pretty much every relationship within and outside the club that he could have could possibly have gone into that summer and rejuvenated the squad and turned the ship around. Karanka had to go. Agnew, Monk, Pulis, Woodgate, they have absolutely sod all to do with why it was the right decision to sack him.
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    In the Premiership Karanka was more concerned with not losing than winning and consequently gaining points in the Premiership. The draws were looking ominous in our fight for survival and the fans were growing restless. The West Ham Home game at the Riverside was the tipping point for the fans, myself included. The break down pre Charlton seems to be have been as a result of internal cliques who believed they were more important than the Manager and had the Chairman's ear. That was an unhealthy backdrop for any business and totally unprofessional. The January Transfer was a cluster#### of the highest order not to mention an amateurish total waste of money. Come February I wanted a change in management as things were clearly not working. Like as not they weren't working because of a combination of Charltongate, the influx of Iberian washed up mercenaries in the Summer and of course Teesside nepotism. Never in a million years did I consider or want Agnew, that he was the go to choice of the Chairman maybe tells us more tales of what was going on behind the scenes. With the benefit of hindsight Karanka should have been backed 100% and given the opportunity to go again in the Championship without any "gifts" and interference from people in the Club whose Football knowledge was less than something Aitor would scrape from the sole of his shoes. Subsequent decisions and outcomes would seem to indicate that in the myriad of all our problems Karanka was seemingly the least of them and those who still remain in Office or who have since departed have been consistent in our decline.
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    Yeah, that's exactly what we should be doing. You use your financial resources to sign first team starters only rather than wasting lots of resources on 'squad players'. And then you use the best youngsters to bulk up the squad. The younger players did ok for us last season and will again if given the opportunities to play. If your actual transfer policy is sound then you won't be throwing lots of youngsters into the side at the same time anyway. When that happens it's either because of a significant injury crisis, which tends to be rare, or because you've been doing poor work in the transfer market, which is less rare unfortunately. Most managers won't do it by choice because they *** themselves at the thought of having to play youngsters a lot of the time. Better to stick with the tried and tested, even if they are tried and tested at being decidedly average or worse. Personally, I'd go further than that. No senior player would ever get a longer deal than say 3 years at most and they'd have to be pretty bloody good to get that. Younger players could have longer deals though if they are deemed to be good prospects. No manager and staff get more than 2 years and tbh I'd leave it at one year. Managers have to act based on an agreed philosophy in terms of style of play, giving younger players opportunities and things like that. Mould the club into the shape you want it to be, although I know that not everyone wants the same things of course. Those are just my own preferences. And now I'm rambling so I'm shutting up cos I'm nice now. Have a smiley face 🙂
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    It's got to be to do with Gibson and his refusal to work with agents, I simply can't see another reason why we would get so far in discussions but then someone else can easily come in and seal the deal. I do think we are quite unattractive as a prospect too but it's madness to think it's down to Bausor just simply losing deals, there must be an element of inflexibility to it too
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    A lower half championship club? We finished in the top 6 in our first season back down, narrowly missed out on top 6 last season and Warnock proved last season that this group can still win games. If it wasn’t for Gibson *** up by appointing Woodgate maybe we wouldn’t be sat here deliberating over Kevin Stewart and Sol *** Bamba.
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    Okay sorry I'll quickly give him a watch mate Wait there's only 99 minutes of footage Oh it's okay I've found footage of half of his entire season Wait he appears to have been at fault for the first 2 goals and then was subbed off at half time?
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    Oh no it's infallible Boro time... If you dont want a 36 year old CB who played less than 100 minutes in the league last season, is on high wages and would cost us a fee you're a spoilt brat! Like it or not people will criticise the decisions that have led to 4 years of consistent regression haha
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    That’s not going to make things better for people when he turns us down, Snowy!
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    Somehow you have now put the image of Leo in drag as Polly in my head.....not quite the same
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    I've said it before - it came from graeme Bailey. If there's a more clueless journalist out there I've not came across him
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    I would say we need as many left backs as it takes to keep midfielders or forwards out of the defence
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    Our recruitment is so shockingly bad we've gone from 'we need a long term vision not a short term fix' to thinking Bamba is an acceptable signing in 4 short weeks 👀 I'll keep praying the rumour isn't true
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    Like a Spanish manager who knows a load of players not necessarily aware of the plight if MFC. Sorry.
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    Back onto transfer news... I was told earlier in the week we were hopeful of having a midfielder sign on Friday. I had assumed it was the lad who went to Bristol City, but looking at it was fella from Hull. He hasnt signed. Maybe the facilities are putting the players off.
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    Its all part of the one decision. We could have sacked karanka and put someone better in charge, making it the correct decision. As it happened we sacked karanka and put worse in charge with no plan on how to get back to the same level. So it's the wrong decision no matter how you look at it.
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    It was the stupid managerial appointment that did us though. We signed 3 strikers with Bamford and Gestede already on the books. Karanka would have taken us back up.
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    I wonder if part of the reason we’re struggling to sign players is because Warnock is only here for a season. It doesn’t scream stability. Add in the fact we were just in a relegation scrap, it seems more like steadying the ship than ambition. No doubt we’ll get players in but hopefully it’s not bottom of the barrel. The thing I’m looking forward to seeing this season is us playing with a bit of fight in us, we’ve lacked that and hopefully Warnock can bring it back.
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    Why do all the fans put the blame at Neil B door without knowing all the facts? I am not 100% defending him as I am sure mistakes have been made along the way. However, for me. I was born in Boro and if i was a player right now and on a free and had other options I'd go elsewhere. Why? The pure negativity around the place. Why would we expect others to come here? This to me is the problem we need to solve.
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    I mean according to Neil Harris we outbid QPR/Stoke/Cardiff/Forest on a wage package for Kieffer Moore I really don't buy the argument we're a club spiralling nowhere with no pot to *ss in. If we start fielding Trialist A-G from every corner of Europe like the dark days of Mogga let me know but from everyone we've been in for we are challenging for the best available players in/around our division and it is true that utility/fringe players can always be stocked late in the window through loans the key now is getting in the 4-5 key players brought in for Warnock to work with before we kick off.
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    He hasn't played a full league game in over a year. He's over 35. The only thing to reasonably judge him on currently is his most recent form. No point whatsoever looking at what he was like years ago. That video is the most league minutes he's had - and he was awful. Flint was preferred to him, and Flint was bang average. What exactly are you using to make your judgement on Bamba? What is there more than his past season's performance that's worth consdering?
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    He’s not happy unless we massively overspend and outbid others. That’s how we should do our business.
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    And I was the one you accused of bed wetting a couple of weeks ago. 😂 I totally share your frustration though. Seeing Sol Bamba and Stewart linked shows you how low this club has fallen and how badly this club is being managed. If it wasn’t for Warnock having so much respect for Gibson I don’t think he would have stayed on. If he was at any other club and having a transfer window like the one we are having he would have walked. It’s an absolute bloody farce.
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    And if we don't go up this season? Which we obviously won't by the way, 12th is a more realistic target and even that might be pushing it. We've got a 36 year old CB who's probably barely played for us on god knows how much a week about to retire Might as well burn the money rather than sign Bamba in my opinion, end result is the same

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