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    *Boro don’t sign anyone* “why can’t we just sign someone for the love of god” *Boro close to signing Yaya Sanogo* ”What a stupid move why are we signing him?”
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    My companies health and safety record has been examplary since we started using Chernobyl as our barometer
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    I feel like, even given how poor we were last season, we shouldn't be judging players on whether they are worse value for money than Gestede and Nmecha. That seems like a fairly low bar to set in my opinion.
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    You know, if most players stood on the line next to the goalie, that could also be considered organisation and it would probably stop the majority of goals going in, I'm surprised Pulis never adapted to that to be honest. Karanka managed to concede even less goals than Pulis' first full season in both his full Championship seasons and yet we also managed to maintain an extra 23/24 positive goal difference vs. Pulis. And good work on reducing the entirety of our attacking inefficiencies this season onto a single player. 👍
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    One way to look at this for those sceptical, we bid 2 million and close to 20k a week for Moore instead we're getting Sanogo on a free on similar wages that frees up whatever money we allocated to Moore for his fee, hopefully we put into a creative wideman with pace. One thing today proves if Sanogo signs is perhaps Warnock is casting a far wider net than given credit for.
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    They probably misheard Warnock saying we weren't signing Yaya Toure. "Yaya's a no go"
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    Yeah but you still have to live in Wales🙃
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    I wonder if he's one of the players who come on here? And he sits there reading all of the posts slagging him off but he's still got a big grin on his face. However, there is one lone tear just slowly sliding down his face, which is the only way you can tell that he's proper devastated inside 😢 Stay strong Britt ❤️
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    Looking at Sanogo's time in the french league for Toulouse: 12 goals in 3664 minutes, Fletcher last season was 11 goals in 3224 minutes (with 7 assists) then Braithwaite at Toulouse in his last season there 11 goals in 2948 minutes. We paid what 7m for Fletcher and 9m for Braithwaite? I think his record is decent enough not to write him off, even if he comes in as third choice on a manageable contract I think it'd be good business given our circumstances, we really need senior players in for the squad. Who knows if he's given an extended run in a team he might surprise a few and he's different to the weapons we've currently got available.
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    Seems a decent signing and I'd guess on the cheap.. I'd rather this than 5 million on Jordan Hugill.
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    sanogo is one of them funny ones. hes crap but has the ability to be good but never is. however every now and then one of these sorts finds the right club and is brill for them. fingers crossed its us.
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    Benrahma was arguably the best player in the chamionship last season and he came for Ligue 2, Matheus Pereira came in with a poor Bundesliga record and once again was one of the best players in the league, Diédhiou from Bristol came for Ligue 2, Niclas Eliasson came from a swedish league. None of these players had stand out stats and have done very well in the championship, this ideal that they must have a glowing record to sign for a second division club is nonsense
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    I for one welcome the Yaya Sanogo redemption arc happening at Middlesbrough FC.
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    Britt was great in the run in. Fletch was standing out even in Woodgate's side earlier this season. With the right manager, no reason we can't get the best out of them. The problem we have right now is not with our strikers.
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    Do you reckon our recruitment team scout using a 5 year old version of FM?
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    I hope that's not true, can't see anything good out of a player reading a fans forum. We all have our own opinions but there's absolute nonsense spouted on Internet forums as well. In reality we couldn't lace the boots of the worst Boro players either if we ever got the chance 😂
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    Ah yes, the standard editing of Wikipedia. You'd think people would be over it by now.
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    Is Sanogo worse value for money than Gestede or Nmecha? Neither of the latter two proved to be of value contributing very little. I have no idea how much of Nmecha's salary we were paying but it didn't bear much fruit. I won't even pass comment on the other "Striker". Its one injury prone French Striker out and another injury prone French Striker in but at a hugely reduced cost which in the current climate makes a lot of sense. At 27 he may have a resale value at some future point with the potential that like Britt and Fletcher Warnock might be able to restore his mojo. If he arrives at least we know it won't be because of grossly overpaying for him.
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    I'm defenceless against this onslaught now that I'm nice and won't fight back. I'm like Gandhi really 🙏
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    Fletcher lead the line fantastically at times last season, even under Woodgate, he's much better than when he first joined us. So I don't know who's still asking whether there is a player in there somewhere. I think it's pretty clear what he's capable of now. Not bringing other players into games is nonsense too, some of his best play last season involved interchanging with other players. He might not be your bog standard target man but I'm glad of that to be honest. Britt, I'm closer to agreeing with you on that one, he had a pretty dreadful season under Woodgate and well, we definitely never saw the best out of him when Pulis came in, though the idea he needs a team built around him is hopefully not a thought process that comes from watching him play on his own for a year. Any striker needs creative players to support them, Britt isn't alone in that. But back to last season, where for so long he was poor... until Warnock came in and he was probably about as good as I've ever seen him play. Held up the ball, battled with defenders, lead the line really well and importantly scored goals again. We've had 'big men' lead the line for us and it's yielded probably less overall than when Britt and/or Fletch have been in the side. Hugill, though admittedly under Pulis again, did no better than Britt and well, we've had 3 seasons of Gestede on and off and he didn't really do a great deal either. Sanogo's scoring record is about as good as Gestede's is, if you discount his 33 goals across 2 years at Blackburn which so many would do since then and neither of them have been very well known for assists either. Pulis couldn't organise a *** up in a brewery. His teams weren't organised, they were chaotic bundles of players shoved in at one end of the pitch. After watching that *** for 18 months and having only a few years ago seen Karanka's defending, we should all recognise Pulis for what he is. He's a fraud. It wasn't organisation that kept our defences from being breached as much at others, it was just numbers. More numbers than the others. We still conceded crap goals, we still conceded goals from set-pieces and we still couldn't score from them. Karanka has more knowledge of defensive organisation in his left-thumb than Pulis has.
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    I have no information on wingers unfortunately but I was well informed that even though Warnock prefers 4-3-3 formation that he was really considering going wing back formation next season because we would only need 3-4 players whereas 4-3-3 it would take a complete overhaul. Roberts is an option on loan if a permanent doesn't materialise but I suppose he can play as a winger or number 10 Stewart - He's been given deadline by us to decide but he talked to Swansea over the weekend as well as 1 more team.
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    @Will. The French league outside top 4 cant be that bad given 7th placed Lyon reached semi finals of champions league. In process beating champions of Italy Juve and Runners up of PL Man City.
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    If Warnock can get Sanogo to perform for the team, with no transfer fee and reasonable wages what's not to like, Pukki had been a failed talent but rocked this league, why not Sanogo?
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    I watch enough to know that the talent in the teams at the bottom isn't significantly better than the championship. Best talent pool is irrelevant, Sanogo isn't a young unknown player. I'd be absolutely fine with this, he's a good option and from what I remember reasonably tidy with his feet. As a plan B I actually like the signing, as our starting striker I'd be worried.
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    Your Marvin Johnson hate is really odd. He was fine. He's a squad player. Absolutely no reason we still can't look elsewhere and find better.
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    I never said it did. I'm just contributing to the discussion as people don't seem to think our strikers are good enough. They're fine. They're not very consistent but then we're not consistently creating chances for them either.
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    I’ve not seen this forum happy with any linked players yet - just fantasy ones that we don’t have a hell in hopes chance of getting! I think we need a good season to re-establish ourselves as a decent prospect with promotion ambitions. Last season was horrific. Got to say I’m jealous of Swansea though. Two very good progressive managers since relegation and they seem to be building something exciting. Both very brave appointments as well. I read that we considered Steve Cooper last season but plumped for Woodgate instead 😩
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    I honestly think we can do worse as a target man, as long as he isn't on high wages I don't mind him as a different option to Britt and Fletch 16 goals 4 assists in 72 for Ligue 1 Toulouse isn't that bad, they were awful last season as well
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    Ideally you'd hope Gibson would take a look here. We'd quickly become the best run club in the world.
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    didn;t someone say he was self isolating after showing symptoms?
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    Jesus christ man, is this the footballing version of Stockholm syndrome?!
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    And yet despite Fletchers fantastic leading of the line we were the league’s lowest scorers? Interesting outlook. Nevertheless we all see things a little differently. As for Pulis, we had the best defence in the league in his full season. People can state their intense dislike of the man but to deny that takes a degree of organisation is just blinkered denial.
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    That's the thing, he's free and a different option. In an ideal world, he will barely need to play but I'd equally be delighted if he finds his level and is a good fit for us Now let's just get some wide players in
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    at least my hatred of marvin Johnson is based on actually having seen him play haha
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    Lies, damned lies and statistics, as the saying goes. yes we’ve cut wages a lot since then. But we’ve also had income cut drastically - this was second year of parachute payments wasn’t it? £35m of our income, or over 60% of it. So really the figures are meaningless as far as comparing us with some of the others.
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    We've also shed a lot of that over the summer, we must be down at around 50% now, at a guess? How is this sustainable for other clubs? This season could see a lot of clubs go bust if it continues the way It is..
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    true. And I think sanogo has the potential to be better than gestede (not difficult to be fair) so I'm okay with this if its on a low wage and fee so we can focus on the creativity in the side.
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    As the number 3 striker what's not to like, strong, pacy, different to fletch and Assombalonga, much like the blackpool lad most wanted.
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    Britt and Fletcher have contributed to some of the Boros lowest ever goals scored per game in the last 2 seasons. If people want to go with the same again then fine. I don't see a reason for that though.
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    How long before some rag runs with the headline Boro No Go for Sanogo
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    Yaya Sanogo. Haha I suppose beggars really can't be choosers. Oh well, he can only surprise us.
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    Copied from @Mr_Maz https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-middlesbrough-in-advanced-talks-to-sign-ex-arsenal-striker/
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    well that was poor timing given the link that was posted just before you 🤣🤣🤣
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    You've spent days whinging about us signing mediocre English players and you're now advocating exactly that. He had a poor season except for one game.
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    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. We did our best, that’s all I can say.

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