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    This thread isn't about the transfers... but the memories, friends, and enemies we make along the way ❤️
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    No one was excited when we signed George Friend from relegated Donny or Grant Leadbitter on a free from boring Ipswich but they turned out pretty well. Players like Stewart can thrive in the right set up.
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    Beat them 3-1 in the 3x30 minute friendlies. Howson, Browne and Walker scored.
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    I don't think you were almost laughed out of town mate, people are just a little on edge after that Thor guy and people randomly turning up raises suspicions. I hope you keep posting and become an active poster mate 🙂
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    Woodgate won't even know what Covid is. I'd be surprised if he could point out where America is on a map either.
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    Haven't really been a poster since the official boro forum went down (showing my age a bit 😂😂) and lost interest with the new school after the ridicule VB got after the Ross saga, but have a good lurk over the 3 sites, anyone who reads knows the guys are probably the same account rifle thor etc, I was just passing something pretty concrete on what I heard 👍
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    I mean I'm not one to take much from preseason friendlies and training exercises but does this mean we're going up?
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    1 is definitely already there. The other hasn’t shown up yet. Sanogo is still having talks today but club aren’t happy with how long it’s taking.
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    I'm sure Leo was one of those to have a big falling out with AK... it was around the time he got that bad injury.
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    What, like stood at the end of your bed? Bit creepy that, mate.
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    If somehow the club pulled off Gibson, Roberts and Shankland then everything would look much better. The club and fans need a lift. Showing just a tiny bit of ambition would go a long way.
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    I'd know that bicep anywhere. Definitely Gibson.
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    https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/head-hunted-koeman-trusted-woodgate-16980703.amp This is a gazette article from last year saying she was head hunted by Koeman. Maybe she’s going to Barca.
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    We’ve tried those before with Valencia and Man City. We managed to get Negrado and Roberts from it but we also ended up with their rubbish: Barragan and Nmecha
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    Warnock isn't happy. According to my source he is "miffed" at the amount of transfers the club have missed out on. He gave them a list of names at the end of the season and none have come to fruition except Grant Hall who he personally spoke to. Sanogo was supposedly done, but is now talking to other clubs. Dykes was high on the list. Stewart they expected to be done almost a week ago, now doesnt look likely. This is a Mowbray mk2 in Warnock where the club is unwilling to negotiate on very basic items. Only problem is, Mowbray had a big scouting network already which he brought into the club. Warnock has inherited a Pulis network which never really grew under Woodgate. Karanka was the one that ran with Mowbrays and expanded it. Pulis stripped it down to the bones after Monk had splashed the cash. This won't end well with Warnock.
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    Aye there was on the Boro website as it was then. It wasn't that long ago really, nothing on the internet is that long ago. About 15 years or so I reckon. There wasn't much Arsenal chat on it though 🙂
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    Did mention the 3 were doubtful this morning and was almost laughed out of town 👍 stick to what I was told though Scottish lad has / is travelling down but I don't have a name.
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    Look, either way he's from foreignland, let's leave it at that.
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    I don't think Howson has a chance of being captain now personally, he's said himself he's not a particularly vocal person in the dressing room or anything, he leads by example more than anything and really that's something we should expect most our senior players to do. I'd look for more out of a captain than that, though. I thought after the faff on going on about leaders and bringing in someone else's captain that Hall had it in the bag, as it is maybe Warnock sees Britt as the balance between being generally a good leader on and off the pitch whilst also knowing a fair bit more about the club than many of our other players.
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    I owe Thor the Troll an apology if that guy from Ross County is genuinely coming down. 😅
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    I have been reliably informed that we have all been unreliably informed. ITK
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    thankfully, i can;t remember a club that Warnock has left in a bad place - and definitly not as unballanced/unorganised as what he adopted here.
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    I can only remember White teeth grinning
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    Looks like one of them old bathroom suites. Not a fan
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    I gave Gibson 2 out of 10. The main reason is because there has been an absolute absence of a long-term plan - that is exactly the crucial role that he should fill. In the incredibly competitive environment of professional football, the smaller clubs like ours need a long-term strategy if we're to achieve success. I look at similar sized clubs to ourselves (taking Premier League money out of it) like Burnley, Norwich, Brentford, West Brom, Sheffield United etc and get so frustrated about how we are so far behind them, not due to anything unavoidable such as they're a far bigger club or have something else that means that we are incapable of competing against them, but due to sheer awful decision-making at the top of the Club. Whilst some of them teams listed are within the Premier League now, they got there through being well run and that is what we completely lack. There is nothing preventing us from being like them. Forget the Evening Gibson articles about how we're inherently inferior to others - we're here through sheer incompetence from the top. It has held us back for 14 year and it's going to continue to hold us back unless something changes. Steve Gibson fundamentally lacks the knowledge and self-restraint for the role that he holds. His knee-jerking between: McClaren > Southgate > Strachan > Mowbray > Karanka > Agnew > Monk > Pulis > Woodgate > Warnock demonstrates no long-term plan. All are contrasting in many ways, most notably tactically as each manager had a completely contrasting style of play to their predecessor. That's why during this 14 year period we've generally been in a state of transition, aside from Karanka's progressive reign, with the every new manager have a glut of unwanted players with several years left on their lucrative contracts. If you've overseen the 14 year drift from a Uefa Cup final to the position we are today, then something has drastically gone wrong. That's all the more stark when you consider that we've actually spent some huge money. The problem is that it has been spent in an incredibly wasteful manner - and that comes down the way that Steve Gibson has made awful, short-term focussed decisions for the past 14 years. When you're out of your depth, you delegate to someone who is better capable than you. That's true leadership. Surrounding yourself with your incompetent mates like Gill, Woodgate and Bevington etc is what incompetent people do. To conclude, if I was Steve Gibson I would get on the phone to Peter Kenyon and ask him to oversee the recruitment process for a new director of football or sporting director in the mould of Stuart Webber. I'm sure that there will be lots of credible candidates from foreign leagues, Championship, League One etc. However, that would require Steve Gibson to give up power - and that is something that I cannot see him doing anytime soon. If not, we'll probably still be on here in 10 to 20 years time discussing the same problems with Victoria Gibson as our chairwoman making equally bad decisions.
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    This incident. Thing is Dyche has been rumoured to have fallen out with chairman too. I am surprised they think freezing him out is a good way to get a any value back on him. It makes them much weaker in negotiating a fee
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    Apparently Bauser has scuppered 6 deals this summer. The last one over £500 a week. And in other Boro news, Robbie Keane/Woodgate may be heading to the MLS (LA/ATL), I wonder if that frees up any cash.
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    In this this morning picking up my home & away shirt
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    My shirt was delivered on time with no fuss, but didn't need to contact them
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    I was in there yesterday. I saw 3 staff. Maybe they dont have access to email there.
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    She has worked with Ronald Koeman before at Everton, he personally headhunted her. Could be off to barca in that case. Or she could just be getting sacked 😅 EDIT: and I see someone has already posted this, fml
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    Britt captain again.
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    I think she might be going somewhere slightly sunnier 🙂
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    With all the redundancies it'll save on the write up. We're doing 2 for 1 deals...
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    On twitter yesterday some Millwall itk was asked about Sanogo going there and he said definitely not Edit: Found the tweet. Turns out he didn’t say ‘definitely not’ and he might not even be that itk
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    Heard gibbo has got them on bunk beds at rockliffe with matching boro duvet covers and boro pyjamas along with a free Rory gnome each, directly from the club shop. If that doesn’t sell the club to them then nothing will!
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    reminds me of mushy peas
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    Dan and Wilson above sum it up perfectly for me so I won't repeat it all. I voted with a three, purely on the basis that a two seemed too harsh and a four was way too generous. I doubt the Gazette lads will be picking up on this debate and running a similar feature in the paper anytime soon. I do however suspect that they already have a pre-prepared piece for when Gibbo departs that will highlight the highs and lows of his tenure just sat gathering dust with a paragraph or two being reworked or tweaked each year. Hopefully things will end on a high note but right now its very difficult to see. Perception amongst the over 45's is very different to the younger fan base.
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    SD...New CT has seen the light and will forever dispense sweetness and harmony to all...............oooo look a flying elephant being chased by pigs

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