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    It makes me smile reading this thread. We’re a small town club and unfortunately it’s increasingly difficult for small town clubs to go toe-to-toe with the big boys. We took some chances after we got relegated, if they’d have worked we wouldn’t be talking about Gibson’s failures. They didn’t work and I’m sure Gibbo is a disappointed as most of us here. Let’s not forget that we wouldn’t have a football club if it wasn’t for him. We wouldn’t have had our only silverware and we wouldn’t have had our fun in Europe. I’ve got used to the idea that Middlesbrough will never win the Premier League but that’s Ok, imagine being a Man Utd or Arsenal fan - they were used to dominating the league and suddenly they’re struggling despite their huge budgets. We need Warnock to stabilise the situation and anything more is a bonus. I think he’ll get us playing like a team instead of 11 individuals - that’s what we’ve been missing. Whether he brings in 5 more players or not the team has to rise to the occasion and all this talk of young players being too young - someone once said if you’re good enough, you’re old enough and I think that says it all but obviously you need the right manager and maybe Warnock is the one!
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    No this is a totally different scenario than idiots moaning about ridiculous things. This is the culmination of 4 years of terrible decisions, from the pathetic attempt at building a premiership team, putting our shot at survival in the hands of gestede, guedioura and Steve Agnew, spending £30m on strikers when we already had bamford, abandoning a £50m project after 6 months. All the way through to trying to pull the wool over our eyes with woodgate and a boatload of bad PR. We have the people spewing out the ‘gibson pumps money in to keep us afloat!!!’ And the ‘we have to get used to operating on a small budget!!!’ Lines out at us. They don’t stop to think WHY gibson has to pump millions in to keep us afloat, or WHY we have no money. It’s simply our own fault, gibson has to do that because we got stuck with gestede for 4 years on big wages, because we spent a fortune on players we didn’t really need. Not all of these decisions are ‘poor in hindsight’, no boro fan thought gestede and guedioura would transform the team, no boro fan thought woodgate would achieve ANYTHING. We knew at the time they were terrible decisions. BUT that isn’t why people are moaning, we moan now because the people that oversaw not 1 or 2 but 3 shocking periods of this club are ALL still here, the people that seen over £200m pass through the clubs finances are still here. Not only that but we continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over and when we make a poor decision we make sure we DOUBLE DOWN on it. People aren’t moaning today just because of the lack of signings or because we can’t afford any of the bigger names. It’s because we’ve been put in this position by people who continue to have positions of power. There are plus sides however, warnock is probably the most sensible manager we’ve appointed for a while, we apparently have made changes to the scouting set up and I don’t think our squad is as bad as made out, warnock will get a tune out of them. I just hope we can at least get 2 or 3 of the players he actually wants through the door.
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    Jesus Christ... There's some on here who make me genuinely embarrassed to be a Boro fan. There Birmingham fans down here who've read Boro forums, including this one, and regard some of the posts as absolute laughing stock. There's an inherent negativity in some who act like entitled, spoilt brats. Transfers are not the be-all-and-end-all of football. It's laughable. Genuinely laughable. Because I've been laughing at it with Blues fans.
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    Point is were just on the back of a very positive performance - whether you consider that based on attitude or ability - against a strong Newcastle side. After the dross of last season, a performance like that is a significant step. And came without McNair, Saville, or Fry - so from slightly depleted resources in an already depleted squad. Do we need bodies? Yes. Do we have time to get them in? Absolutely. Have the signs of an upturn in communication, understanding of roles, player performances, etc been seen? Yes. But there's a portion of fans who will always find something to moan about. They're the ones who wanted McClaren sacked. Who only remember the negatives aspects of Karanka's reign. Who would moan about Adomah/Kike/Bamford/Clayton/Friend/Leadbitter/endless list. The absolute nonsense spouted about "awful transfer window" etc is like watching the first 20 mins of a game and going "this is the worst game ever in the history of football." Calm down. "Give the kids a go!" Vs. "we need experienced leaders" "Why can't we find the next Vardy" vs. "we should be signing Julio Geordio" There's posters on here who've said both statements within months of each other. The club can't win. It's Boro. We love them. Stop being so inherently negative all the time for god's sake. There's more to life anyway. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    I've got to say I can never get on board with this train of thought. Now i'm not saying you are wrong as it's your opinion which is realtive to your mindset, something people regularly forget..... however The size of the town shouldn't set your position within the football pyramid. ignoring the fact that Teesside as a metropolitan area (include North Yorks, Darlo, Hartlepool where we pull support from) is equivalent to a small city it simply means it may make it a little harder to achieve success. Everton are limited by Goodison so pull in less than 40k but have never been outside the top flight, Leicester winning the league, Brighton coming from literally nowhere to become established, Bournemouth playing in a big shed in the prem, Hull coming from non-league and even Wigan who I don't belive existed early days but won the FA cup. Being a big city makes it easier but doesn't give you the right to be top dogs, that has to be earned with thoughtful, strategic planning which is then delivered upon. Likewise because you are a smaller town doesn't mean you should accept ineptness and failure as the norm. Now the notion that Gibson saved the club. Was he instrumental? Yes. Was he alone in this or the largest contributor? No. He helped save the club in it's current form but he has also massively benefitted from it also. From becoming a shareholder for a relatively modest sum (Moszkowicz put more in before being bullied out I believe) he managed to gain control for a lot less than what it is worth today. Also an area the size of Middlesbrough will always have a professional sports team, look at WImbledon for example. Yes it will take time to build up and reach similar levels but the notion that 30 years later we wouldn't have a club is absurd. Would we have won a trophy and went to Europe? Who knows, probably unlikely by 2004/2006 but given how poorly we've performed since then we may well have done by now? We don't choose to support Middlesbrough, we are fortunate to be born here and it's just what you do. If you like football you have a team on your doorstep to watch live and are taken down by the old man, locked in for a life full of misery it seems! However, some of us work in roles/industries that reward hard work, strategic thinking, shun nepotism and reward competent people that deserve the opportunties given and achieve regardless of background or social standing. So please forgive us for not sitting and accepting 'we are where we are' because the town is small, or because once we were almost wound up, whilst being treat with total disregard by 'one of our own'. The problem with aiming for mediocrity is if you put in 100% effort and everything goes to plan, you might just make it......
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    We're not a small town club. We have access to a conurbation of over half a million people on Teesside. Whilst i agree that we're never going to compete with the top 6 in the Premier League, there's no reason why a club of our size with our resources can't compete with the top 10 of the Premier League, if we're well run. We haven't been well run for a long time on or off the field. Gibson's made a good decision bringing in Warnock but the recruitment, commercial and ticketing element of this club is an absolute shambles.
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    The main reason why I don't post on here more often is the naval gazing that seems to permeate through many comments. Frankly its at times embarrassing and whilst I'm always keen to hear rational and objective debate (with a little passion thrown in too) it often borders on hysteria. We start will a decent squad and a manager whose track record is second to none, at this level. Its strange times and id rather the club operated sensibly, than threw good money after bad. We know the manager wants a few more in certain areas and its obvious the club ate working hard to achieve that. Beyond those facts everything else is guesswork.
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    I would like to announce the opening of the Sam Folarin fan club. We are now accepting new members
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    The Geordies have bottled it and cancelled the rematch on Monday, hahaha
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    I just wanna be sat there on a rainy Tuesday night, watching the opposing winger tear down the wing about to deliver a killer cross but out of no where Nathan wood comes in, sliding about 8 meters and gets the ball smashed in his face and instantly jumps up and grabs the badge screaming "come on, this is BORO!!!!!!" Is that too much to ask?
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    For any Boro fan moaning about lack of transfers - needs to read that article and quote from Warnock. 20k less than initially asked - by saying no. This is what I want rather than signing on a player for the sake of it
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    I agree with everything here apart from the last sentence. From a mental health perspective, being positive does actually make s**t things seem a bit less s**t. And a few positive comments on here might just persuade a prospective signing lurking on OB that the club is less of a basket case than some posters are painting it to be. If I looked on a forum for opinions on a prospective employer and saw some of the bile and vitriol I've read on here in recent days, I'd think twice about accepting their offer. And players do look at fan forums - just hopefully not COB in our case. I get the negativity to an extent - MFC is an institutional shambles, it's making a royal balls-up of this window, and fans haven't had much to cheer in terms of transfer news. But I think accentuating the positives adds some much-needed perspective. We thrashed a near full-strength skunks side 5-1 the other day, Warnock has been around the block enough times to know how to navigate the league, and we've still got players most clubs in our league would love to have. Look how happy Birmingham fans are signing two players many on here couldn't wait to wave off. Imagine if they'd signed Tav, or Britt, or Wing based on his YouTube highlights.
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    For what it's worth (very little) I think we'll be surprisingly decent this year. I'm not saying we'll be challenging for promotion, but do think we'll be an alright side. By Champ standards our manager has just gone from a 2/10 to a 9/10. Football management ability - not looks. Players we've written off will be better under Warnock than Woodgate - how can they not be? This guy got Cardiff promoted with journeymen and bargain bin buys. Our starting XI is pretty tidy in a wing back formation. We'll get Gibbo and a couple of prem loans in for depth before the window closes.
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    I've heard nothing from Warnock today that sounded any different to what Pulis was saying, and we know how that window ended up. He was still talking positively in public about bringing in the players he needed in the days before he ended up sat in the pub downing cider. We'll get some players in, of that I have no doubt, but I don't think many are going to be close to what Warnock actually wanted at the start of the window. We'll do well to get him Zohore, I'm sure he'd be fairly happy with that as a signing.
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    Starting to feel like déjà vu this Miss out on loads of targets ✅ --> Manager changes his tune about the squad ✅--> Loads of people start over-rating our squad 🔜 --> Reality check ⏳
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    hope he meant Beckenbauer of the 70s not Beckenbauer now
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    Have to say there have been some terrific and very well considered posts made, just goes to show how much passion we have for this shared subject otherwise know as Middlesbrough Football Club. Very little any of us can do about it save where ever possible to get behind Neil Warnock and those players who represent us in each and every game. We have something to follow and support through good and bad times which is a plus for me at the moment, in fact the uncertainty of it all is quite exciting as long as we folk feel that the team did their best, made a real effort and played as a team then everything else really does not matter at this time. I love the Boro, always have and always will until it is my time to go!
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    Stick to the football and keep disgusting stuff like this off of here. Sounds like something you'd hear at a local clan meeting. I'm not having it on here.
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    That bit is absolutely not true. Having a positive outlook achieves a hell of a lot for a persons well being and mental health.
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    Hey @SzilardNemethsCurtains Could you stop being so negative about our fans? At least they care enough to moan, it's better than saying nothing at all. You moaning about our fans being negative doesn't achieve anything and it's boring to read.
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    The mood will change after Friday because football will have started. As said before we have what we have, NW to get the best out of them and see where the cookie crumbles
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    I understand the nervy comparisons with last Summer but stop for just a second and think, Woodgate was a stooge, a Patsy, a Fall Guy and not all but most of us knew it at the time. Warnock however is most definitely not gullible or about to see his career reputation tarnished because of duplicitous goings on behind the scenes. He is pragmatic and will know what the club/he has to spend and as he has already intimated that he isn't going to be pushing for Gestede type contracts under the present circumstances. In football, as in life plans and objectives change, none more so than in 2020. Maybe the hope was 6 weeks ago that we could cash in on Britt and McNair but maybe the new reality is that here they will be staying unless a ridiculous late offer comes in. Either way its far better to bull up his Players both for the benefit of his team and just in case an offer does come in for a Player that is "highly regarded" rather than a squad outcast. Devaluing his assets would be a crassly stupid managerial technique in any walk of life.
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    I know I'm the new boy here but, after a short time following this and other commentaries, I believe I detect a certain amount of muddled thinking. Have we been through an extended period of poor recruitment, strange decision making, spending too much money on players who weren't up to standard, and too many dreadful match results?? I think yes. Not very many folk would disagree with that. But we can't change what's in the past. It's an entirely different matter to adopt positive mental attitudes now (sorry, I know it's a worn out old cliché), look forward to a brighter season ahead of us, put forward constructive suggestions where probs can be fixed and improvements made (positivity in action), and disregard the pessimistic and defeatist remarks that aim to drag us all down. I still expect us to be in the top eight at Christmas. A position we can build on. Onwards and upwards, as the man said...
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    No one is disagreeing about the mistakes and downright bad decisions the club has made but we dont need to keep going over it. We can all agree Gibson took his eye off the ball and we have spent both beyond our means for decades but this has only been excerbated by signings that were garbage in the last 4 years plus. 3 of our last 5 managerial choices were downright awful too. Going over the issues that have got us here is all well and good but its been done to death, we need to talk about what we doing now and what we can do now. Warnock has came into the club, by all accounts the scouting and recruitment has been looked at and Gill is being moved aside. Information tells us we can offer decent wages but probably not much transfer wise and Warnock has came out and said we are working hard for breakthrough and finding it difficult but the window isnt closed yet. But its clear we are trying to change which is what people have asked for. Unless people specifically want further members of staff (Neil Bausor) fired or the chairman to step aside, I am not sure what more can be done in this moment. Where it becomes negative is when the disillusionment and not expecting it to get better manifests in doom mongering and panicking when there is still time left in the window and where we have a manager who can improve us
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    If we are going to sign people just on names we should look no further
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    i've had enough of this negativity. i'm going to scour the world for players with totally cool names and suggest we sign them based on that alone. like a few years ago when i wanted marvelous and success to sign.
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    Fan loyalty is generally earned through the club having a clear business and footballing strategy...preferably one that produces results and either brings success, or at least some measure of stability. Something the fans can point to and say, "I see what they're doing there. It makes some sort of sense...even if I don't necessarily agree with it". For the last decade or so there has been very little evidence (that I've seen) that anyone at the club has had any sort of plan...either in a footballing or business sense. As others have said, its been a succession of polar opposite managerial appointments, alternately splurging cash, or cutting costs. Karanka was the closest we came to achieving any kind of stability and footballing identity, with some measure of success. In an area of the country where most fans are already having to think carefully about how they spend their money, why would they feel any loyalty to a club that seems to have no idea what it wants to do? Especially when the last big idea was to appoint Woodgate... Seriously, the Covid pandemic was probably a blessing in disguise for him.
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    Pretending things are good when they're not doesn't achieve anything either. Forums are there to discuss and vent frustrations.
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    Is that terribly surprising when our recent seasons include: The Karanka sacking & Agnew experiment. Relegation Half a season of Monk spunking money up the wall one and a half seasons of Tony Pulis football Whatever the *** Woodgate was doing, and an almost relegation, saved with a game or two to go. There hasn't been a massive amount to be positive about over the past few seasons.
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    It is a fact that we are inherently negative though, it takes two minutes of reading this forum to realise that
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    They've just been to the Promised land Cornwall...Jesus was going to be born there...But couldn't find three wise men or a Virgin
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    I'm gutted that Stojanović didn't get the number 1 shirt. I also dislike that some people have written Stojanović off already. We spent about 1 million pounds on him when we didn't have much to spend. The company our Senior Analyst used to work for was also involved in the transfer, so they must have seen something in him as well. He came into a team in absolute chaos, managed by an incompetent clown. His goalkeeping coach was someone who is no longer employed at the club. In our time with us he only played eight games, which to some of our fans is enough to write him off. Let's not forget that he came into a shitshow of a team from a different country, with a language that isn't his native tongue. Yeah he made a couple of mistakes in some big games but he's only human and was thrown into a stupidly tough situation. He also pulled off some very quality saves. Of course there's a lot to be questioned about his ability to collect the ball, but that always improves with confidence and a stable backline.
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    It does read as a mirroring of the Tony Pulis reign, particularly the exit of Bamford. The difference seems to be that Warnock is protecting the club, whilst Pulis was protecting himself. That said, I don't mind the likes of Wood, Browne, and Folarin being considered as competition for places. And we might yet get 3/4 in before the window closes. I'm happy to wait and see and just ignore and PR spin, positive or negative!
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    Really interesting article and it does seem to back up what we’ve been seeing with out of contract players not getting snapped up. If they think they can ask for a big signing on fee and bumper wages because there’s no transfer fee, it’s good to see it’s not only us being unprepared to pay. It might bring salaries down to a manageable level. I suspect that’s the issue with Stewart as well, rejected our offer expecting better elsewhere and now he’s sat without a club. Maybe things will get moving closer to deadline day. I know it’s frustrating but I’m pleased we’re not being held to ransom.
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    Geordies have cancelled the Monday friendly, Stevie Bruce didn't want the smoke...
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    People like to moan an I love reading their moans often the moan is exacly how many of us feel, but you are right and I intend not to moan too much becuase we have not played a game yet. One thing for sure we will not go through what we went through last season, no much worse things to worry about if finances go pear shaped but I live in a happy place with Blanco🙃
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    I think this new trend of not giving into agents and players wage demands is a refreshing change personally. The club feels like it's going through a reset and it may take a couple of seasons till we're ready to compete again, but if we can get the base of a cheaper squad together that looks like it can compete that's when we should be splashing out looking for those couple of players to give us that x-factor. At the moment we can't afford anyone that will make our starting 11 better and all of the players suggested so far seem to suggest they were targeted for depth. If that's the case then there's really no rush to get them in at the risk of being taken for a ride. The clubs aim for me at the moment should be sustainability, it's not sexy but it is necessary.
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    I completely missed that. What a strikingly disgusting take.
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    I don't live in the area either 🙂 Sign him up right now. I accept the situation of being a Championship team (hell I actually quite like the league and there's part of me that doesn't mind being eternally stuck here - at least in terms of the actual games that is). But the situation we are in now is almost entirely self caused and I don't think we can blame the fans for feeling disillusioned with that. We start with a decent first 11, I would actually agree with that. Our squad is not decent though, because it's not big enough. At the moment our bench is going to consist almost entirely of kids. We need better than that.
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    Creedence Clearwater Couto (born March 6, 1979), commonly known as Paulista, is a Brazilian association footballer who plays as a striker for Santa Cruz in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. A journeyman, he has spent the majority of his career in the lower reaches of Brazilian football apart from one loan spell at Lierse of Belgium's Pro League in 2005. He also had an unsuccessful trial at Stabæk of Norway in 2006.[1]
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    Hey Will, could you stop being so negative about one fan.. It.. Blah Blah Blah... 😂
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    I can't believe some of the stuff I read on here. I don't live in the area, so what is that causes such a defeatist attitude?? Something in the water?? If there's anything that really gets up my nose, it's a "no can do" attitude. Bahh!! 😐😐
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    Is it entitlement to want to be a competently run club? If so, call me entitled mate. I'm sick to death of jokers like Gill & Bausor holding jobs that they don't deserve for as long as they have, presumably because they're mates of SG. I'm not asking for anything major, just to have a coherent plan and appoint some people with the relevant knowledge, skills & experience to help implement it, rather than this short termism we have at the minute where we flip flop between ideals.
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    If I remember correctly the Karanka/Carayol bust up came to a head after a defeat to Watford. Gibbo was sent off after Ben was left high and dry by the midfield and the players were allowed to stay in London. Karanka took exception to the fact that Muzzy has his glad rags on ready for a night out without a care in the world least of all the result. Don’t think he played much after that Also he was nowhere near our best player either 🤦‍♂️
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    Normally I agree with you but this is a really bad post.

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