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    Just to add to this Johnson has attempted 17 crosses in our opening 2 games and has been successful with 1 so far (6% success). Spence has attempted 6 and 1 has been successful (17%). If we stick with wingbacks, those percentages need to be much higher.
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    Dude I had issues with his goals vs Barnsley but there is no way in hell you can blame this on him.
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    Warnock had a feeling about Browne, were going to play him at some point today anyway. Fletcher was taken off more as a precaution than anything. Warnock, Blackwell & Jepson argue a lot Thought we played excellently today, in our first two games says we out chanced two teams who will both be up there come the end. Gave special praise to McNair, saying he just gets better and better, as well as Dijksteel & Howson. Said still need a few more, the players you saw today is the extent of our playing squad. Disappointed in the way we conceded, but accepts that with the deflection sometimes that happens unfortunately. Said was happy with the way they defended all other set pieces. Moved to a zonal marking system today and were pleased with how it worked. Said that they don't want to provide any gimmes, any goal concede has to be earned. Was happy with the passing today and that "believe it or not" they do want to play football, only when it's right to do so.
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    I'd put Morsy on and move Howson into Savilles role personally.
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    Fans! Looks like most will be in the west stand upper
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    What on earth have they been feeding Dijksteel. Hes an absolute destroyer now!
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    Nothing i enjoy more in football than seeing united fail.
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    Rather than a left footed CB, we should be signing a left back. We're persevering with a poor left wing back rather than just replacing him with a genuine left back and then moving to 4 at the back, which we could do quite easily. Then you can add your wingers etc. It's completely daft to be forced into a system in order to accommodate a poor player, and that's exactly what I think we're doing at the moment.
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    Johnson and Spence are dreadful wing backs. We're going to get NOWHERE playing with these two comedians out wide. Couldn't cross the street.
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    Better than them, conceded a crap own goal which was largely lucky from Bournemouth. Final ball is still rubbish, Johnson has had so many wasted crossing opportunities this game it's unreal. One cracking ball from McNair and we're deservedly level, says it all really. It's still a case of a lot of hard work, a bit more constructive than last weekend, but lacking some quality in the final third. Generally, the team worked better as a unit and we pressed well as a team. We've earned the point as a bare minimum though I don't think anyone would be shocked we've only scored one goal. It's just frustrating that 1 goal really should have been enough today.
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    On a separate note, Djiksteel is a complete animal.
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    Humpty, I've made a note and I will absolutely raise this issue. I feel non ST holders haven't been given a fair shot and the club needs to address it.
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    He really said that? If he really meant it, I think he's being huuuuuuuuuuuugely over-ambitious, considering the squad we have. I know he has a record of getting promoted with fairly ordinary (on paper) teams, but getting Boro in the top 6 this season will be nothing short of a miracle IMO.
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    I’d prefer to see Walker as the 4th striker. As I’ve said before, he needs to sort himself out but hopefully he can. CB, AM most pressing for me.
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    This signing has grown on me. Happy with that, hope he proves a success!
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    Its unfair to single out any individual when the team as a whole isn't up to scratch. If it was just one or two players letting down an otherwise good side, I could understand it.
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    Think its stretching it a little calling Johnson a average championship player. Average league 1 player maybe. Imo another couple of reasons for the Johnson dislike apart from him being crap are he seems to have some sort of hold over Warnock where he'll play him anywhere to get him on the pitch. The other reason is that hes serving as a massive cockblock to Coulson who was our best youngster last season. Ofc those aren't really Johnsons fault, but I'm gonna hold it against him anyways 🙃
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    Johnson is an average Championship player. We’re an average at best Championship club because of the poor decision-making at the top of our club. If any serious criticism is to be directed anywhere for us having players not good enough to get us promoted such as Johnson, it should be at Gibson and Gill, and absolutely not at Johnson for playing to the level of an average Championship player.
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    Probably just his mate from Arsenal. Doubt we'd be capable of getting Nketia
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    You could see the shift in our targets early in the summer it was Murphy/Hoilett and a couple of wingers then around that time he went on TalkSport saying he tried to get Bolingoli on loan as a LB. Then a few weeks later Marvin Johnsons given the number 3, Dijksteels a CB and Warnock omits all talk of wide signings. He's not wrong to assess our squad as suiting the 532 and given Dijksteels form as a wide CB why sacrifice him to RB in a back four whilst exposing Hall? I think his problem now is to win games consistently with this system we need wingbacks that have consistency to their delivery because they get plenty of the ball in our attacks they're just ultra-wasteful.
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    I respect your opinion on how you feel our shortcomings can be addressed. And i agree with you. However, i feel we are all now wasting our time to say we need x y and z given what Warnock has said.
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    We are. I mean, watching the games tell you that, even without stats, which also tell you that.
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    52% possession. 18 shots. 7 on target. Certainly wasn’t expecting that.
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    Well chuffed I was able to oversee our first point of the season. Happy to hand over to DZ who will hopefully go on to secure our first win. I said what I wanted most of all was to see better organisation and work rate ( in short a decent performance). Well we definitely saw that today. The lads looked like the knew what they were supposed to be doing (most of the time). Technically we looked much better and the attitude seemed much improved. Like BU, I also have more confidence for the rest of the season. Definitely something to build on.
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    A well earned point, if only for the effort/work rate we put into the game. Improvement on the Watford game 👍
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    That was much better. Betinelli had a good game. Some great saves
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    We've played pretty well overall. Bournemouth's goal was a lucky deflection (OG) from a set piece. Ours was a well worked move. Teams fairly evenly matched and a draw is a fair result IMO.
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    What a ball that is by McNair, difference a quality delivery makes.
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    This is our second game though 🤭
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    Good bit of play from Spence again a minute ago. Not that anyone would mention it 🙄
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    Exactly. Definitely not the fault of Bettinelli
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    It didn't though, the pace was still on the ball when it came to the near post, and Johnson was on the six yard line. Completely the defender's fault.
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    Not a chance he should have saved that. Very harsh
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    Own goal from Johnson I think
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    Ooops, Fletcher 🤦‍♂️🤭
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    My audio is fine now, just without the commentary?
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    It's the sound of Gibbos helicopter. He's watching from above so he doesn't have to mix with the thousand unwashed
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    Just in case there was any doubt, Bournemouth fans have the same issue. They are also trying to figure it out:
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    The separate audio stream is about 10 seconds ahead of the video screen. Spoilers aplenty!
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    Worth twice that not to listen to Maddo.
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    I did not know Akpom was part of Hull team tham went up year we went up. He was also part of Brighton team that went up year after. He has 2 promotions from this league under his belt along with Europa league and champions league experience. For a lad who is 24yrs old he certainly has some experience under his belt. If he scores 10 league goals I will be happy. As long as his 10 is matched by Britt 15 and Fletcher 10 too.
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    I think Gibson heard Warnock’s message loud and clear with the speed that this one has been done
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    One of the telling factors of this team/squad is which player actually excites you on a regular basis when they gat the ball. I cant think of one!
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    We proper stitched up Browne and Coulson midweek like, feel for them.
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    There are some really interesting Danish teams that are worth following.

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