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    Roberts does hold the ball too long yes but that’s one of the reasons he is available to a club in our position. With his quick footwork and technique if he made the right decisions everytime he’d be starting in the premiership. Just this once can we not expect absolute perfection from a player? Personally I’d much rather watch Roberts running at defenders than one of our current ‘forwards’ stopping at the sight of a full back and knocking it back to midfield. Roberts is likely the best we can hope for, better than most of us imagined as most thought we’d never get him back. He will make things happen more often than not and is 100% an improvement to our team.
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    I'm happy with Roberts coming back but he really needs to learn when to release the *** ball. Too many times he tried taking on one man too many or running into blind alleys. That said he does have the ability to change a game and he is a pain in the *** for defenders, perhaps with Britt being captain he might get shouted at to pass the ball a bit more 🙂
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    They are planning to start a film studio there....have lots of ideas for scripts Scone with the Wind...Scone in 60 Seconds ..Scone Girl ..Sconeheads ...The Scone Ranger Scone flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, Scones of Anarchy.. Star Wars : the Scone Wars , Tombscone...we could even hold a Eurovision Scone Contest....the possibilities are limitless
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    Anybody proposing a line up that doesn’t include Morsy is barking up the wrong tree I think? I reckon he’s a certainty for that holding role in front of the back 4/5 once he’s right up to speed.
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    I'm not convinced we do need them both on the pitch, certainly not at all times. I think the 3-4-1-2 can still work and offer us something a bit different with Roberts operating behind the strikers. But honestly, just knowing that, if this does go through, we can change the system up a bit to accommodate them both is a good thing.
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    Poor kid - his scones are probably a bit crumbly after that.
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    Warnock confirms he no longer looking for a 4th striker but more a no.10 in the Patrick Roberts mould. Also enquired about a unnamed centre back on loan. Asked about 3 or 4 players and is hopeful of adding 1 or 2 before 16th Oct.
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    So after improved performances (going forward anyways) Boro face the Reds of Barnsley for the second time in under 3 weeks. The last outing which was at the Riverside too was a poor display in a very short lived league cup run and Barnsley ran out 2-0 winners with relative ease But surprisingly their league form is twice as bad as ours, considering they’ve only half the points that we do. THE GOOD Barnsley uncertainty ahead of the game with Gerhard Struber 'on verge' of New York switch may affect their preparation for this game THE BAD BORO have not won a home game in the league in the last 11 attempts THE UGLY Our defending this season has been so ugly that on a dating website it works be described as having a ‘Great Personality’ BIG 3 Q’s 1) Will we win? 2) Should Johnson start? 3) Is scone pronounced S-con or S-cone A VIEW FROM THE OTHER SIDE just their score predictions so far but not much confidence in their chances https://boards.footymad.net/showthread.php?t=38266492 apologies for the shortness of this MDT thread but very busy at work and have to do this all on my phone Over to you guys and gal’s
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    Wolves are unlikely to lose Ruben Vinagre to FC Porto this window, with reports claiming the Liga NOS champions are unlikely to be able to afford the full-back. Portuguese outlet Record claims the 21-year-old should prove too expensive for Porto, with Wolves officials apparently seeing him as a big asset.
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    I think anyone suggesting we play a system with 3 central defenders is vastly over-rating our availability at wing back. That system demands a perfect balance or you end up all over the place. It's not easy to play. Our wing-backs do not have the technique or intelligence for it, and putting players like McNair or Howson out there is a total waste. We should sign a LB as a priority. We don't have a good one. It could really transform the team. At the moment I'd go with something like this. It's not ideal. Coulson isn't solid defensively, and Akpom is definitely not a natural number 10. There's some argument to be made that Akpom goes wide and Tavernier comes in the middle. But I think that's our best bet of organising our defence/midfield. McNair is our most creative central midfielder and he should be played there. Morsy can hold and break up play. Dijksteel has come on leaps and bounds and is our best RB option by some distance. Coulson can get forward and overlap Tavernier. Unfortunately I fully expect us to carry on playing Johnson and Spence as wing-backs and for us to pump it up to the top 2 in hopes of a lucky bounce. Alas.
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    I thought Roberts looked great when he first arrived, but when he came back after his injury with the team struggling, he looked like the only one likely to create, but was maybe trying a little too hard. Coming back in now, without the pressure of an end of season relegation battle, I think we might just see him at his best.
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    he was great for Warnock when we played Cardiff in 2019
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    2-0 win for me. We/warnock obviously wasn't fussed about progressing in the cup, so I'm not too worried about that game v Barnsley. We'll give a better showing of ourselves this time. Plus, how often does it happen that when teams play each other twice in a short period of time, the losing team from the first game always seems to win the second game! I'd pronounce it scon. Warmed up, with butter and sugar on. Mmm
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    Hi everyone. I am a long term lurker on all 3 Boro "main" forums and decided that Oneboro is probably the safest haven for me (I do not really have an opinion on politics etc and the other boards sometimes appear top heavy with that topic). My 1st memory of a Boro game was a FA cup replay against Wolves at Ayresome Park in 1981. I remember being scared when my dad got separated from me into a different queue because it was heaving. I mean i was only 27. (I do enjoy humour btw), i was really 9. I look forward to getting stuck into some serious Boro talk.
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    It was great to watch a proper mans game of football. Blood and thunder, got stuck into each other, no whinging or moaning, no pretending to be injured, no dull boring crab like side to side rubbish. Get the ball up the pitch and go at each other’s throats. Well done Dundalk and KI from the Faroe Islands. It was a pleasure to watch. 3-1 win for Dundalk.
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    It was from the telegraph initially to be fair, not fmttm or a Dundee Facebook group
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    A man with a very small penis went to the doctor. The doctor told him that following years of research they could now transplant the trunk of a baby elephant that had sadly just died at the zo, for only £10,000. He went ahead with the operation and after he had recovered found a very pretty lady and invited her to dinner. They were sat opposite one another and he could see her gorgeous cleavage, and felt a stirring in his trousers. Suddenly his new penis came up over the table, grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and disappeared. 'That was amazing' she said with obvious interest in her eyes 'can you do that again so I can have a proper look?' 'Yes' he said 'but you will have to wait a few minutes as I can only get one apple up my *** at a time'
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    I was gonna say he reminds me of Marcos alonso in his style of play - seems to be the furthest man forward half the time and not just on the right, he drifts inside too.
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    Can agree with this. Besides, if the lad has a good run of games in a team aiming to do something other than just survive, we might see something a bit more clinical developing over time. Either way, what he can do when running at players is something we don't have and given how we seem to struggle to recruit anyone like this, just let him do his thing and hope for the best. Beggars can't be choosers and all that.
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    Not sure he is what we need. Does not release the ball early enough, shooting is poor, bit of a dicky dancer. We certainly need something but whether its him we shall see.
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    ---------------------------Bettinelli ----------------Dijksteel - Fry - McNair Spence - Morsy - Tavernier - Saville - Coulson --------------------Fletcher - Akpom
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    Good news about Roberts but we need more then one creative player and we still need a defender or two in the door too. I'm more interested in who the player from abroad is and wonder if we'll have one more go for it.
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    Bailey back on his "yeah, I knew about this but didn't bother reporting it" nonsense again.
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    In what game has Johnson played for Warnock and not been awful?
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    Good thing about Roberts tho is he can draw fouls in and around the box so we will get more free kicks and penalties.
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    In all seriousness, I think we must have our eye on a proper LB
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    Yeah but he hasn't been anything better than meh at LWB either so hopefully the foreign lad he mentioned is a replacement Bettinelli Dijksteel Fry Hall ?? McNair Morsy Roberts Akpom Tav Britt That's not a bad team and there's plenty of depth with Spence, Coulson, Johnson, Saville, Howson, Wing, Browne, Fletcher for back up. We'd still need a CB though.
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    Not all Danes qualify with Grace.. FC Copenhagen did this to them selves... And lost.. No Europe League 🙃
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    Tav had Roberts on the pitch with him for most of those final few games. Getting Roberts back may well free Tav up a bit as he's no longer our only creative source.
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    It was an overseas player I think he thought would be in this weekend.
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    Well that statement just put the mockers on us winning.
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    https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/sport/18763242.neil-warnock-i-want-sign-number-ten-loan/ Also says the permanent deal we are trying for before Monday is/was a player from abroad
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    If they'd taken Bob Mortimer at least they'd have had a laugh instead of fishing
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    Is this your answer to Uwe's question 3?
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    They obviously can't handle their oatcakes in Sconethorpe... 😁
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    :::: IMPORTANT UPDATE::::: Due to the conflicting answers to the scon/scone debate I referred to the Cambridge Dictionary for clarification on the pronunciation (I’m not even gonna open the can of worms that is the jam then cream or cream then jam minefield https://dictionary.cambridge.org/amp/english/scone English- Skon US - Scone Another interesting fact is that in the USA they pronounce ‘Peace’ ..... G.U.N.S ✌️
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    I think you make a very compelling point when you added NW into the equation and you are right, these are games you expect him to eat for breakfast. Not winning these games says a lot more about the club then we would care to admit. I’m stating to frighten myself because I think it’s the first time in a very long time I have faith in our manager. In my eyes NW made one mistake and that is Britt as captain. For a player that misses so many chances I can’t see how he can lead. A captain needs to have a lot of attributes and not necessarily the best player. He needs to be someone who can see what’s happening so it should be someone central mid or back. A good mentor and leader. A good TALKER!
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    Don't the gentlemen from the North say "Scoon"...sure I remember someone mentioning a "Stone of Destiny" that was used for their Coronations
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    Well we've just dropped 3mil on a striker. So that means one of two things - A) Gibson has been extremely wreckless and gambled with the future of the club for chuba akpom. Or B) there are more factors at play beyond what the Northern echo are aware of from some very basic financial figures. I can bet my house on it not being option a, for all of gibsons flaws, he has always known when to cut back to secure the clubs long term future, often at the expense of the fan support he craves so much. So that leaves option b - which is why I'm not concerned about our club being at any risk of going under. I dont think there are many championship and below clubs that can say the same though.

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    • Merson, Gazza, Maradona and Best had their demons but were brilliant players. Jones is immature and has little natural talent to compensate for his indiscretions. Not much correlation between him and the others, IMO, and very little reason for us to spend money we don't appear to have on him.
    • He was banned from driving after a dangerous piece of driving around Glasgow which showed his decision making isn't particularly clever not to mention being irresponsible and selfish with scant regard to others. Thankfully he didn't kill anyone like others in the profession before him have. It's sad that the likes of Merson, Gazza, Maradona and Best etc. all had their demons but were still able to perform and function, the majority crash and burn, destroying their careers in the process.
    • Until we realise whatever another club is prepared to pay for them we can only estimate what we think their value is worth. McNair wasn't cheap and until this season he looked just about OK for the money we spent. We spent a million pounds Goalkeeper now out on loan replacing him with a nomad in footballing terms (Stoj is still on the books but not in the squad). Then there was the ridiculous fee paid for Saville (not his fault nor Britt's come to that). If you think that the squad isn't decreasing in value then you are entitled to your opinion but I only see a downwards trend. The sale of Bamford probably was the defining reality from which we haven't altered direction then we have Randolph's replacement who wasn't to the same monetary value (or ability). Without doubt we have some good prospects but that doesn't alter that we are now trying to buy cheap and sell high as oppose to years of buying high and selling low. I haven't a problem with following that business model, it's how we existed for decades before SG arrived, selling the likes of Souness, Mills, Johnson and later on Pallister etc. but to me the value trend of our squad is a diminishing one.
    • He was banned for 7 matches after attending a party, he's not even made the bench since. Before that he'd finally got back in to the side and scored. He's burned his bridges, but it's not just down to ability. Funny thing is, dozens of players have done the same thing in the top flight in England and gotten away with it without punishment.
    • I don't think Jones has the ability at this level so I wouldn't want to bring him back. Then the off field issues that led to him leaving Boro in the first place don't seem to have improved any at Rangers. We have had some of the best from the Old Firm that seriously struggled down here before in the Championship. That he can't even force his way into Gerrard's thinking tells me where his future level is.
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