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    We have banned people for lesser offences than this offensive statement. 🤣😜
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    Good Evening All. Delighted to announce that Neil Warnock is appearing at the meeting on Monday. The MSF is looking for your burning questions for the boss. Agenda and notes will be published in due course.
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    Well if obafemi wants to nail a spot in the Ireland side he's going to have to learn how to play in a team that doesn't play football, so may as well be us!
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    Where does he see BORO strength and weakness and how does he plan to improve the situation.
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    He was number 1 on that list that someone put together for every major position we may need. Apologies for forgetting whoever it was!
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    They wouldn't upload them even if he was. If it's not confirmed, it's not confirmed.
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    There have been failings across all echelons of society this year, from top to bottom. But I had hoped after the catastrophic damage the first lockdown did (to the economy, mental health and children's welfare in particular) that our elected leaders would try to strike a better balance between protecting the most vulnerable members of society against a virulent pandemic on the one hand, and the incalculable health, social, educational, economic and cultural damage being wrought by lockdowns on the other. People will be dying prematurely for years - decades - from diseases not diagnosed or treated early enough, while hospital wards have stood empty for most of the year in case there's a resurgence of ICU cases, and four million people are now waiting for treatment on a list that lengthens by the day. The mental health ramifications of these lockdowns alone are too enormous to conceive, and yet all the politicians ever talk about is the R number. History won't judge them favourably.
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    Literally all they do is just recycle the information from other sources which is something any random fan could do. All that the 'journalists' seem to do recently is either rim the club because they're terrified of being told off or publish pointless garbage.
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    Agreed, let's be real the Gazette is as useless as they come.
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    The local papers have said it's done, they just need to announce it. There's no conspiracy
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    To be fair, they're all 30+ (Ayala's 30 next month), and I don't think any of them left here thinking they'd find something bigger and better, except maybe him. It was probably more to do with long term security or better wages than we could offer. If they were all still free agents, Ayala and Shotton would both be useful additions to our current squad.
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    I think this pandemic is highlighting the nonsensical nature of some of our county and council boundaries. It is ridiculous to have situations where restrictions can apply on one street, but not the adjacent one. I guess I'm pretty fortunate, living in Cambridgeshire...though according to the NHS track & trace app I am in a medium risk area. Most people I see out and about are wearing masks and comply with social distancing where physically possible. My local Sainsburys does a nice range in craft beers and ales, as well as some very decent IPA "selection boxes" which I like to grab now and again. A shiny new M&S opened up quite close to it when they redeveloped the town centre, but shopping there is noticeably more expensive. Still its worrying that daily positive test figures are now double what they were at the height of the first wave...even allowing for much higher levels of testing. Hospital admissions and deaths also creeping up to where they were about 3 months ago. Although living in a Conservative stronghold and being a Tory voter, I wouldn't agree the government has done the stellar job it likes to make out. BJ's over-optimistic, tub-thumping speeches don't really help either...raising expectations, instead of managing them. That said, I don't believe any government would have done much better. This has been one of those situations where people have had to learn as they go...and when you're in that kind of situation, you can always look back and say they could have done this or that better. I'd also say the public (at least certain sections) haven't helped either by ignoring lockdown & social distancing rules. Heard a few idiots on the radio proudly proclaiming they will never wear a mask or get vaccinated...because they don't trust the government. 🤦‍♂️ Even Matt Forde (comedian and staunch Labour supporter, who does some of the voices on Spitting Image) was on 5 Live's Adrian Chiles show yesterday, saying the people have a responsibility to do their bit to combat Covid. Sadly, too many haven't been...
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    Apparently all the money is going to the premier league and not sky/bt to help the clubs. The same premier league clubs that just spent the whole summer window spending how many millions on players. Surely there's something seriously wrong here.
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    Don’t think a Keane type personality would fly in today changing rooms. Whenever I see him on Sky he comes across as a joyless bully, society has moved on since the Keane era and management/leadership has to evolve with it
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    Well I live just outside Middlesbrough council and pay a Redcar council so not effected by the lockdown, yet. Why I don’t know because we seem to switch from one council to another and there’s only a street difference on the boundary. I don’t go out often at all but will be out tomorrow afternoon and it may be the last for a while as I think lockdown is just round the corner. I blame the next street who live in Middlesbrough. Ill upset a few but I don’t support Labour policy, we shop in Tesco, well the wife does and sometimes in M&S (discount my sister works there). I don’t wear tracky bottoms or training shoes and I don’t swear every second word.. well not in M&S.. 😀

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