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    Again, that is his ENTIRE purpose on that corner is to block Saville off. It's a pick play.
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    Although Warnock is an avid reader of this forum, he probably doesn’t read it during the match.
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    Its *** down here.. just walked past the stadium, so strange as the car park is a Covid test drive thru! Gutted I can't be there today, especially being so close. Hoping for a win but will take a point!
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    If we'd turned two of our draws into wins we'd be second. I think we are still a few players away from competing at the top end though. I know its not great to watch but the league looks wide open at the moment.
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    A win against Coventry and 8pts out of possible 12 is absolutely fantastic start. Like to see Akpom, Britt and Roberts start against Coventry and see if we can get some further confidence by scoring goals and creating further chances. One thing I worried about is playing teams who are direct, but I thought the whole team stood up to be counted and we dealt with the aerial duels and second balls.
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    A draw always feels like a loss after taking the lead but it was a fair result for both sides. I do think that Warnock will have us in the shake up come the end of the season
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    Fair result, neither team deserved a win.
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    Shame we couldn't hold on for the win, but I'll take a point away at Cardiff.
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    That was a golden opportunity with the defence pushing out. The right ball would have caught them flat footed.
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    As opposed to the free flowing passing game they've graced us with so far?
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    This surely cannot be correct... Bola as a forward??!!
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    I have been burnt too many times by the "formation looks like a 433" that I won't believe it till I see it.
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    I think it will be 433 with Dijksteel and bola as FB. Tav and Johnson either side of akpom
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    Well given the weather it’s not suited to a long passing game so today’s game can be anyone’s who shows want. Just hoping we press around the box and I think we can walk away with the 3 points.. On a different note I just watched Bamford hat trick , great skill and its no wonder Leeds are flying high.
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    To be fair, pulis was the making of traore. Monk and Aitor weren't able to manage him. The rest of the team he f***** up though!
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    Mojn mojn. Æ håbe å at Boro vinde i dau så vi ka få de tre point mæ os hjem te auten
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    That’s exactly what my toddler said. Well I day said, but I mean it’s what he spelled when he threw his alphabet spaghetti at the wall
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    Bamford's 2nd and 3rd were sublime. Still can't believe we got shot of him.
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    I thought he was walking funny..
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    I championed this lad last season when he was getting slated. I looked at his physical attributes and thought he would be worth a go in a holding midfield role but goodness me the lad has shone like a star playing in defence this season. He is strong and powerful with a great turn of pace but I've been extremely impressed with how he has held his own in aerial battles too. If you also add to that his reading of the game and how comfortable he is on the ball then it's even more impressive. I've noticed one or two weaknesses in terms of his positioning and concentration at times where he has been done with a little one two or a player running off his shoulder but that's being overly critical really considering he is learning all the time in his new role. I'd also like to point out that young Bola is making huge strides this season. The pair of them are looking like good signings so well done to Jonny Woodgate for identifying them and for the legend Warnock and his staff for improving their games and recognising their potential in different roles. Now let's see the same happen with young Browne who I think also has plenty of raw talent and physical attributes to make it. One final message for the scousers. Hands off Virgil Van Djiksteel !
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    Wasn't Woodgate a scout for Liverpool, before he took up a coaching role with us?
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    Maybe we need to offer Woodgate a scouting role! He can’t coach or manage but it does look like he’s been able to spot a couple of decent players from L1
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    Can we add George Savinelli to the title thread please 😉
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    Can I say *** sky for their highlights package. 2 minutes of highlight and our goal is the only one of our "highlights" they showed. Yes we didn't create lots but it was nowhere near as one sided as you'd think watching that rubbish.
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    Warnock is skilled in making the opposition look awful
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    We need serious attacking reinforcement in January, that’s what is costing us at the minute
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    Don't think so, he span to follow the lad he was marking and just ran into one of their players.
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    Absolutely take a point away to Cardiff. 6 unbeaten now. Coventry on Tuesday. Hope for 3 points there.
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    Fancied us to lose today. Despite being a Warnock team we don't really have the physical presence his teams usually do. I thought we'd play into Cardiff's hands today and get done over by bigger and stronger players more suited for the direct playstyle. We've actually done alright and were quite good value for the point, think it's a fair result.
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    Oh ffs, McNair, the ball was on on the outside.
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    I remember the short corner when nsue tried a rainbow flick🤣
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    We scored from a corner that he crossed in. Maybe they are just doing it cos they think it might work?
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    Short corner exasperate me. So often just a waste.
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    We are what we are I suppose.
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    My positive vibes worked midweek 🙌
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    Holy #### what happened..... dropped the wing on my air fix...
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    It shouldn't let you, if they've set it up correctly. The overseas pass shouldn't allow access to UK only video.
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    Suited for a very direct team - just wish we had a bit of height from set pieces. Cardiff don't play very direct nowadays under Harris so will make it a interesting game.
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    With Joe Bennett and Greg Cunningham both injured, Cardiff are down to their third choice LB, Joel Bagan, who is only 19 year old and has played two games for them, so I'm sure Warnock will have us well prepared to target him as a potential area of weakness. That's why I'm confident that Spence will play at RWB and Roberts will start up top with Akpom so that them two can combine down our right flank to target Bagan. It's going to be a really tough game so I'd be satisfied with a draw and no key injuries.
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    A tøws ow wi skal ha de forpulede trej point
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    Just think of the team he could have put out when he first came if he could just get the most out of the players he had. Randolph Fabio ayala gibson friend Howson Clayton besic Adama Bamford Braithwaite With Harrison, britt, leadbitter, fry, Fletcher, shotton, downing all on the bench. Could have still had Christie too if he fancied him. And you'll still find people who will say he did a good job here. That squad is better than anything in this league atm, potentially any squad I've seen in the league since. Its criminal he didn't make a better attempt at being promoted the money he was on and resources he had.
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    F***ING PULIS Bamford, Traore (and Harrison) were beyond what we could attract at this club, and he *** them up against the wall. C**T Argh it makes me so mad thinking about what we lost and what we could have had. Delighted Adama and Paddy are doing so well though.
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