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    • I can see it now. Three or Four linked players. No one signs. All go elsewhere for more money. Sign a total random player and claim he was number one target. Then after a couple of months throw him under a bus ūüėāūüėāūüėā
    • It got worse than that though, after¬†Bamford and Gestede we relieved ourselves of ¬£15 million for Assombalonga and¬†¬£7 million for¬†Fletcher neither of whom were fit to lace Paddy's boots and then compounded things by spending ¬£9 million on Braithwaite which meant we needed to sell Paddy to pay for all that sub standard overpriced dross¬†just a year and a half after signing him. I'd like to think that we had learned from all that but we all know the answer.¬† ¬† ¬†
    • Well I have zero faith in our entire first team recruitment department so nothing this summer will surprise me.
    • The summer signings will be as successful as the sale of season tickets.. The team will be fitted out with a set of retreads which while looking the part will hardly perform and likely deflate under pressure. Expectations may be high but they¬†will be as appealing as a Reliant Robin driven¬†in¬†wet¬†blustery conditions, unreliable,¬†¬†unpredictable and hardly much fun.¬† ¬†
    • Disappointing. I thought Collins would have been a good signing.

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