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    • Ashley Fletcher. The fact he’s overcome so much pressure and “down moments” with us, yet he has still come out stronger on the other side is really admirable. I think that’s a very under rated quality for a footballer to have. I bloody love it seeing him play with confidence and his hard work paying off. Go on LAD!
    • Fletcher.  I honestly think he is our best striker now.  He had a difficult start here, with fans on his back because of his price tag, but has persevered and developed despite all the inadequacies in our coaching set up.  I really like how he and Tav link up.  I am looking forward to seeing how he develops under a manager who knows how to coach players and inspire confidence in them.  
    • To be honest I find it difficult to pick a favourite out as we are at a stage where we have no consistently outstanding players though many are very capable in flashes...I like Johnson going forwards but he terrifies me near our penalty area...Fletch is improving all the time and with a partner that would pass to him, he could improve a lot more...Tav is beginning to show his potential ...but agree with Blanco, Saville very underrated and reminds me a lot of Mustoe...so probably one of those three depending on the game...."deep rums".?..I'll have one of those 
    • Friend also for sentimental reasons. I have a soft spot for Dijksteel  for reasons unbeknown to even myself and want him to do well. I really liked Ayala as I felt much more confident in our defence when he was a part of it but the way he departed left a bad taste. My favourite player growing up, despite my username, was actually Gianluca Festa. I like players who play in a way which shows that they care about this club as much as we fans do. Festa did that. There been more since him, George being one of them. His legs have gone but I know he gives a sh*t about this club just as much as the rest of us do.
    • Friend for sentimental reasons... I have a soft spot for Coulson as well.. I love those merauding deep rums he can make.. From wing back.. He can unfotunately not do it as a winger, yet... 
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