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    • Forest have so many attacking options, IF we win this it'll set a great marker for where we are heading.
    • I can see Spence dropping to the bench and one of bola or Johnson stepping in, with tav on the right. I assume that was the purpose of the subs the other night. roberts back to the bench as well perhaps.... if no akpom, I’m comfortable with Browne starting, he has done everything asked of him so far. Midfield and defence picks itself, barring injury 
    • So I've seen lots of highlights recently where both penalties and red cards were given, I thought they'd moved away from red cards if it was a penalty, or is it still a red card for being last man?
    • Hopefully Akpom is fit and if he is I would go to a 3.5.2. I would also bring Coulson in. I want him to succeed here and NW said he looked bright in training. Betti Dijk Fry Paddy Tav Howson Morsy Sav Coulson Britt Akpom I would love a win but i rate forest. Would not be too disappointed with a draw.  
    • Nice to see Cardiff keeping up the Welsh tradition of "ramming" Rams
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